Eternal Melody

Chapter 11 - Everyday

February 10th Tokyo 2015- 4:30 pm

Ever since that day, he and Sumire have gotten closer. Yuhi liked the current situation, but it still made him feel uneasy. Sometimes he couldn't tell what Sumire was thinking. She would end up with that blank look on her face. His everyday life has changed because of her. He no longer stayed after school to practice. Instead, he would take her home every day. It was a silent agreement.

"By the way, Yuhi, you didn't bring your bike today?" Sumire commented. Yuhi intended to walk her back home today, but he ran a bit late. So he made Sumire wait for him nearby.

"Akatsuki took it." Yuhi said irritated.

She chuckled. "You two seem to have a good relationship."

"Don't even joke about that," he said with a sigh knowing what she was implying. His gaze fell on the wooden sword and picked it up. "You were training?"

The brown hair girl nodded, "Un, just for a bit."

He raises his eyebrows at her reply. "In a place like this?"

By the ocean? Next to a road.

Sumire chuckled when she saw his expression. "Yuhi, that's quite the face, you know. But this is quite a carefree place."

Carefree huh? Yeah, he understood that. Because he would often come here whenever there was something on his mind, he placed his bag on the wall and sat down. "We still have time. Come," he said and extended his hand out.

Her gaze softened, "You saw right through me, huh? Yeah, alright, Mr, gentleman."

Yuhi brought Sumire over to the wall. Thankfully hardly anybody was around right now.

"Ah, I wonder if I'd be able to reach the water from here," Sumire said, peeking over.

"You better not. You'd fall in." Yuhi advised. Rather when his girlfriend was still living around, she tried that too. Since she couldn't swim, then he and Akatsuki had to go get her.

His face color goes pale at the memory, now that was quite the ordeal. However, just as he thought that the brown hair girl loses her balance.

Crap. Yuhi grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her towards him swiftly. "You all right?"

"Ah..." she said bewildered. "Yes, that surprised me....."

At that, he noticed something. The girl's shoulders trembled. Is she afraid of water? From her reaction just now, he could tell. Then why was she trying to touch it? For a while, they remained in that position, and he could feel the girls breath against his chest.

Man, this is bad even for him. Sumire is cute, Not in the same way as before too. It's true that even after he left her, he still kept watching over her. But meeting her again in person after that time. Yuhi realized how much has changed since they last met.

'Her appearance for one.' For a seventeen-year-old girl, Ibuki Sumire is prettier and looks more. So much has changed since they last met.

But the reality is perhaps not much has changed at all. The traits that remain the same are her weak side. Sumire is still as fragile as he remembered.

Sumire drew away from him. "I-I'm alright now... Thank you." she stuttered. His eyes widened when he the blush on her cheeks, causing his own to turn red.

He scratches his face. "Your welcome." Yuhi felt awkward with her thanking him this way.

As Yuhi said this, he saw passing by males stopping to stare. They kept staring and whispering until they saw him. It's not like that, but maybe they should think that. She attracts far too much attention.

It's no wonder Mamoru said those words to him then.

'Those words. Did he know that this would happen?' Yuhi observed the current situation with her old friends.

It all seemed like too much of a coincidence if you asked him. Somehow he had a feeling that Sumire's meeting with the members of the band EMMA was something that guy. Now that he thought about it, 'those guys will transfer in April.' Their timing is too much of a coincidence. For now, he can have Sumire to himself like this; however, in a few months?

His thoughts broke off when she suddenly spoke up. "Yuhi, hold your hand out."

Yuhi raised his eyebrow. "Huh?"

"Just do it."

The black hair boy does so. He found cookies inside a small bag with a silver lace ribbon tied across it. " this for me?" Yuhi wondered.

"D--don't get any strange ideas. I just happened to notice it yesterday. That you tend to get hungry before a job..."

Oh, is this what Tsueno meant? When her heart is filled with worry, she ends up being twice as nice when it comes to those around her. She uses it as a distraction.

"When you don't say becomes rather unpleasant," Sumire commented.

"Then, I'll give you a reward." Yuhi reached over and knocked her forehead lightly. "A good luck charm."

Sumire looks down. "That's unpleasant.."

Yuhi noticed the girl's lips curve into a smile. He supposed this was fine for now. He was spending such peaceful days with her like this.

"Was Nakara-san that mad?" Sumire asked.

Yuhi shuddered at the thought even though that guy is usually so timid.

"You have no idea."

Sumire chuckles. "Well, you know, despite what it seems like. That guy can be quite serious when he wants to."

"I'm surprised you haven't hit him yet."

The look in her eyes suddenly changed, and for a split second, he saw it, something completely different.

"You could say I'm quite used to it."

Yuhi ran his hands through his hair. Did he say something bad again? He needs to be careful with his words when it comes to her. Then again, if he is overly cautious, wouldn't it make her uncomfortable?

Used to, huh? "Nanairo feather is doing quite well in the rankings," he commented, swiftly changing the topic.

Nanairo Feather was the male idol group Sumire was supervising before she became an idol. Due to her connections with this group, though, he could make the link regarding her identity.

"Everybody is trying their best. When I saw the results the other day, I was looking at the picture I painted for them. " Sumire closed her eyes. "Somehow, when I saw their group ranking drop, I felt crying. Yet when I saw their individual ranking, that's when I cried. But this time around, it was tears of happiness."

"So, in other words, your still a crybaby."

The girl hits him, and he sighed. "Shouldn't you contact those guys? I'm sure they are worried about you being here."

Sumire shook her head. "There is no need. Those guys don't need me anymore."

"Your right, they don't need you." Yuhi agreed. "But I do."

At that comment, Sumire's cheeks turned red. He chuckled. "It's easy to make you blush."

"Quit with the teasing. Ah, I'm not used to it." Sumire rested her head on his shoulders. "But, you know I'm very comfortable these days."

"With me?"

Sumire nodded. "When I'm with you, I'm at ease. Yuhi, thank you so much."

Why is this girl even thanking him for? That's his line.

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