Eternal Melody

Chapter 107 - He Has To Feel Pain

"Go ahead."

"In the scenario that it was an accident, normally people would hit the car and leave. They would even drive the vehicle somewhere else and hit it against a building to make it look more affective. The perpetrator could say something like, even after they hit the car the breaks kept going, hence the second crash."


"But in this case they left the vehicle, didn't run away immediately. They spoke to the cops and then left without being detained." Sumire trailed off. "I was barely conscious but I saw the person with the badge. He was talking to somebody on the phone about the job being completed, and something about personally calling the police. Don't you think that's strange?"

"I do. What was strange was there was nobody else who witnessed the accident. Sure it was late at night but you were taking a public road. No matter how late it is, somebody should have seen you. No passing byers or even somebody out on their balcony and looking out. That street had apartments with balconies alongside shops on a main street. Somebody should have seen."

"There was nobody, it was like a ghost town. Ru even joked about it."

Now that is stranger.. If Mamoru noticed the place was like that, why did he not say anything? Why didn't he stop the car?

Yuhi voiced this thought out and Sumire paused. "Do you think he knew …"

"It's highly-likely. Why he would allow them to go through with that I am not sure. We can rule this out as one possibility. Mamoru may not have known."

Yuhi knew that sounded stupid. Tsueno Mamoru was a genius, he excelled in everything. His intelligence did not know any limits. From educational intelligence to military, and even politics. That man was amazing. It can't be possible that he did not find anything strange about that situation.

"Now about what you said regarding the badge. First thing is first, you most likely saw a subordinate not necessarily Nagawa. That emblem is the symbol to a certain organization. Second that phone call. If we look at it this way, the police knew about it and that was why the area was empty. Only the police can issue a statement like stay in doors and don't open your windows or evacuate people temporarily. I think if we ask around for statements from the residence that lived in that area we could hear something. But there is a chance they were moved to be silenced."

It would explain why there were no news reports from the residence. No news that the area was vacated that day for a drill or anything. The report made it looked like people were there. It was clearly covered up.

But would the police be that stupid? Sure Sumire lost her parents. But everybody knows she is the heir to the Ibuki family fortune. Nobody would dream of touching her, would they?

It seems they did not expect for Sumire to be there. According to what Sumire described earlier, they pulled her out of the car. The perpetrator must have been flustered and called their boss on what to do. It would explain why Sumire's injuries were minor, since they got her out quickly and stopped the bleeding.

The ones who caused this did not want to hurt Sumire, it was only intended for Mamoru. His thoughts broke off when he felt Sumire's gaze on him. "What?"

"I was just thinking for somebody who called themselves a hunting dog before, you sure act more like a detective."

"A detective huh."

"Anyhow, thank you for helping me clear my thoughts."

His lips curve to a smile. "Those are only possibilities."

"I know and there are things you worked out but aren't telling me either."

This girl is far too sharp, he has never met anybody like her before. Somebody who could understand his thought process so well.

Back when he was still working in the underground world, other people said to him that understanding him is too dangerous. They all stayed away from him just because he could understand the mind-set of criminals so well.

Yuhi tugged on her hand and brought his lips to her ear. "Enough of this talk for now. Let me kiss you."

"I have a feeling that will be dangerous Yuhi-san. You haven't kissed me in a few days after all."

"Mm, punishment."

Sumire rolled her eyes and yet nodded. She brushed her fingers across his lips. "But since your injured, I shall be the one doing the kissing."

Yuhi chuckled amused at her words. "Well once in a while it is nice to take it easy."

"Lazy." She mumbled softly against his lips. "But I don't dislike that at all, in fact that is one side of you that I particularly like."


Yuhi glanced down at the girl fast asleep in his arms. He noticed it ever since she came in, how exhausted she looked. So even though he edged her on to kiss him. Yuhi hummed a melody and the girl went to sleep in seconds.

'It seems like I wasted a good chance for Sumire to initiate the kissing.'

But it was worth it. Sumire felt comfortable in his arms and he also felt a lot more relaxed. He pressed his fingers onto the bruises on her neck and shoulders. That Nagawa ….

He held back this entire time because he knew Sumire did not want any problems. But now that guy has done something like this, he won't hold back anymore. How dare he touch her? How dare he even breathe the same air as her.

That guy should die. Yuhi thought so when he first heard the story but now he is positive. Everybody goes through painful break ups. Some people wake up one day and realize that they no longer want to date the person beside them.

It is harsh but that is the reality of the situation. A bad break up is fine, that happens to everybody. But harassing the person after the break up is something else entirely.

Why does that man think he can get away with this?

Yuhi's thoughts broke off when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his neck.

"Sorry, did I wake you?"

"Mm, you did. You were making a scary face." Sumire trailed off. "I know what you're thinking. But Yuhi, I don't want you to do that anymore. You're not a member of the underworld anymore. So if you kill somebody, it would be hard to save you. Nagawa is a cruel man, but he does not deserve to die. Scum like him deserve to be punished but not death. Death would be letting him escape, he has to continue living in agony. He has to feel pain."

Yuhi blinked when he heard her words. It seems like she is giving this more thought than him. Then again the one who despises Nagawa Sano the most must be Sumire.

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