Eternal Melody

Chapter 106 - It Doesn’t Matter What I Say

Whenever he has an attack Yuhi felt somebody is forcibly taking his soul from him.

It feels as though something will come crashing down...

It's like that. It feels as though somebody is pulling him into a pitch black world.

His deep thoughts broke off, when the doors opened. A familiar voice rang through his ears, " Can I come in...Yuhi?"

The curtain was pulled open, revealing a certain brunette and amethyst coloured eyes girl. The person whom he had been waiting for to arrive, the person whom he returned for. "Aika said I should come so..."

He watches as het gaze fell onto his wounded arm wrapped in bandages.

Tears automatically fell from the girl's eyes, causing his own eyes to widen. Yuhi instantly reached his left arm towards and the brunette came rushing forward, and at the same time they embraced each other.

His single arm wrapped around her and both her arms wrapped around him.

Yuhi felt the girl trembling and the tears in her eyes clearly hadn't stopped yet, as she said with her voice shaking. "Yuhi."

Ah, why are is she crying?

'I don't want to see her cry anymore. But seeing her expressionless like a doll either isn't something I want anymore.'

"No matter, what kind of painful things happen in the future. Don't run away from them. Take them as they come. It'll be difficult yes, that is if your alone. But you don't have to worry about that, because I'll be there with you."

His brown coloured eyes went wide for a split second.

It took a few minutes for him to calm down even then it took awhile for him to relax. So he managed to pull Sumire onto the bed with the arm that didnt hurt. She immediately landed in his arms which made it easier for him. Yuhi buried his face in her hair and inhaled her sweet scene.

'I missed her so much.'

To think not seeing Sumire would lead to this situation.

"Yuhi-san, have you calmed down?"

"Hm? Yeah, probably." Yuhi said. He still felt a bit sluggish but he was a lot better now. "Why whats--" He paused when he saw how red her face was.

I didn't even do anything yet, why is she red? Or rather it isnt like her to loose her calm like this.

"I haven't seen a guy cry in awhile… so.."

Yuhi blinked. "So innocent."

"Don't tease me, anybody would get flustered seeing that."

The last guy that probably cried in front of Sumire is most likely Mamoru. None of the other guys who like her would dare show their weakness.

Yuhi wondered if Sumire is thinking of Mamoru right now.. His gaze fell on something, it was a dark mark on her shoulders. Yuhi frowned. "Hey, what is that?"

Sumire took a deep breath. "I guess I should tell you. I ran into Sano before I came here."

His gaze dimmed even more when he heard that. He felt the blood rush to his head until Sumire placed her hand on top of his. It seemed to have a healing affect. "Tell me everything."

Sumire nodded. For the next few minutes, he listens to Sumire explain everything.

He already heard from the others that Sano was harassing her quite badly until Soujiro interfered. To think that guy would try to take advantage of her again.

'How careless of me.'

Yuhi brushed his lips across her forehead. He had no words. What could he say to her? Sorry? Sorry for what? For not being there to protect her? Asking her if she is okay is stupid too. Sumire still looks visibly shaken from the encounter. Sumire is normally so calm and collected. For her to get this upset and shaken up.

Nagawa Sano, it seems like his affect on her is still so strong.

It's no wonder that man is confident that he could get her.

"I will thank Aika later."


"But you did a good job yourself." Yuhi extended his hand out and patted her hair.



A complicated look appeared on her face. "So one of the main reasons why I allowed that guy to harass me for so long was I wanted to confirm something." She trailed off. "You see, he wears that badge everyday right?"

"Huh? Yeah."

"I didn't notice it before since I didnt pay attention to him. But now that I have, it looks familiar. That day, the accident…" Sumire turned quiet.

She saw a badge similar to something Nagawa wears before she passed out?

"According to the reports, when they pulled you out of the car you were already unconscious. But are you saying you saw somebody?"

"That report was wrong. Me and Ru were already out of the car, somebody pulled us out. But that person wasn't an ally. My vision was very blurry then and my body hurt so much due to the injuries. I couldn't even see Ru. I don't even know if I was the only one they pulled out, however there was somebody there."

The report was wrong? It seems like somebody intended to cover this up from the start.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Yuhi asked, but he already knew what she would say.

Why would anybody believe her when she was covered in wounds and delirious?

"It doesnt matter what I say. People think what they want, and they believe what they will. Humans are stubborn creatures. Once they believe in something, it is hard to change their minds even if you have evidence."

"Did you try?"

Another pointless question, of course she tried. While Sumire relied on Mamoru a lot after the death of her parents, she had other people she trusted too.

"I tried but nobody wanted to listen. On one side people were still grieving, on the other people thought I had gone crazy. Everybody was careful whenever they said anything around me. They treated me like some ticking time bomb that was on the verge of exploding. I couldnt blame them too much there. It did feel like my emotions were going crazy." Sumire sighed. "Back then, I couldn't process my thoughts very well. So even though I remembered that, I couldn't be sure if I was making it up. An accident is an accident. I should accept that statement and move on. But I always felt that it was too much of a coincidence to be an accident."

She went through so much. He needs to have another go at Atushi and heck maybe even Asuka. Yuhi always imagined that those two would remain calm and rational no matter what happened. Sure Mamoru died and it affected everybody. But surely those two could have helped her?

'Whenever I think of it, I end up feeling frustrated. Why wasn't I there?'

"Your way of thinking isn't wrong. If you consider his circumstances before the accident, anybody would think it was a set up. I am surprised the police didn't find anything."

"If they did, they covered it. Somebody wanted Ru dead and that somebody has ties to the police force." She tapped her fingers against the railing of the bed. "Say Yuhi, could I ask for your input?"

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