Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy

1305 Return

“So, what’s the deal with Long Jianyu anyway?” Alex asked.

After his master and friends were settled in, Alex had come to the throne room where he learned what was happening in the period he was gone.

It hadn’t been long, not even two months, but due to the massive change that had happened, he needed to listen to the reports.

“I think he’s worried because so many people left the continent at once,” One of the elders said. “That was why he came to confirm that the Alchemy Exchange is still happening.”

Alex nodded when he heard about it. It was a normal suspicion to have with so many people missing in such a small amount of time. 

“They should know what’s happening, so there’s nothing to worry about. Besides, we have plenty of alchemists remaining for the exchange to happen,” Alex said. “Anything else happens in the time?”

“Hmm, the Sundering Sanctum is about to open soon. Would you be interested in that?” another elder asked.

“Ah, the sanctum,” Alex thought. “I need to go there, but it will have to wait for now. What about the Forbidden Orchard? When is that opening?”

“We… are not aware of that,” the elders said. “The last time it opened was 2 years ago, so it should be soon.”

“Hmm, I wonder if I can make it back in time to go there,” Alex thought. “Probably not. Have the people gather as much as they can. Tell the alchemy association that they must make sure to grab the Divine Devil’s fruit that might have reached maturity. I’ve left them a list of their ages, so it shouldn’t be a difficult task.”

“What else have you got for me?”

The elders gave some detailed information on the things that were happening. Because so many people had left, the continent was in a bit of a shamble when it came to being productive.

That was to be expected after all.

“It will only be a year. Most will return, maybe even more. Have them deal with it for the time being,” Alex said. “If that is all, I’ll let the rest for you to deal with.”

Alex left the elders to deal with whatever else problem there was and went to meet up with his master and the rest.

“How are you guys doing? Are you fitting in well?” Alex asked.

“Fitting in… I’m not sure that applies just yet,” Luo Mei said. “Just the Qi alone is so thick in this place that I don’t think we can fit here for another few months at least.”

“Everyone in the palace is so strong,” Wen Cheng said. “I just saw a couple of servants and each one of them was in the True Emperor realm. Hell, a few might have even been saints.”

Alex smiled. “It will definitely take some time to get used to it all then, I suppose. I’ll have Linlin gather some cultivation books for every one of you so you can get started with better techniques. You can also ask for some weapons, but I’m not sure what you can get.”

“As for a place to stay in, I don’t know if it’s right to keep you all in the palace but do stay here as a guest until I return. I’ll ask the others to help you get settled in,” Alex said.

“Until you return? How long will that be?” Kong Yuhan asked.

“Hmm, probably a year from now,” Alex said. “I’ll make the most I can back in my homeland and return.”

“A year huh?” Wan Li thought. “I doubt we can get used to everything before you return.”

“I’m sure you can,” Alex said. “You all have quite the talents, so it shouldn’t take that long. Go around the city and see what you like. I’m sure you’ll find things to do soon enough, and that should get you to become familiar with this place.”

Alex spoke with them for a while longer, while trying to explain the most important things to care about in this place.

It took them a day to get settled in the palace. The next day, Alex took them through the city under disguise, letting them get a feel of the people that lived there.

Seeing strong people at every turn made them feel like ants, but Alex assured them that they would reach great heights soon as well.

After returning, he handed them various pills to cultivate while he was gone. He didn’t tell him anything about how good the pills exactly were, other than the fact that they shouldn’t try to sell it.

“I’ll have Martial Uncle, Brother Wan, and sister Fan join the Royal Alchemy guild. Little Yumin should remain here and learn what she can for now.”

“I’ll have the elders search for some small auction house to accept senior Cai to become an auctioneer there. You’ll need a lot of knowledge for that though.”

“The rest of you, I suggest you don’t try to do anything and just cultivate for now. I’ll have some of the elders help you train. Linlin should be able to help in regards to that as well.”

The group nodded. 

“Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll be leaving soon. Ask the elders for anything you want, they should give it to you,” Alex said. 

He said his goodbyes again and went back to the Western Continent through the teleportation platform.

After arriving back, he directly flew toward the beast realm. 

Arriving near the beast realm, Alex watched in surprise as he saw people being escorted onto the teleportation formation before being sent inside. 

Most of the people were scared of the beasts surrounding them, so none of them acted out or was defiant at all. They all followed the orders of the beasts and were sent in one by one.

‘So it’s already started,’ he thought.

He went in after a group was sent and arrived inside the palace. He quickly sensed everyone and went up to them.

Most of them were in the upper garden, talking to each other with nothing else to do.

“It sure took you some time to come back,” Bai Jingshen said as Alex walked into the garden.

“I had to help settle in master and the rest in the palace,” Alex said. “Scarlet must’ve told you about the platform then.”

“She did,” Bai Jingshen said. “And I’m surprised you could even do that.”

“If those saint demons from so long ago could do it, then surely I can as well,” Alex said. “Is Pearl not out yet?”

“Doesn’t seem like he’ll be doing that anytime soon,” Bai Jingshen said. “But I’m not worried. I’m sure he’ll be able to do it.”

Alex nodded. “I’ve faith in him,” he said. “He can take all the time he needs.”

“I hope he does it soon,” Bai Jingshen said. “At least, before this Alchemy Exchange of yours that I hear about.”

Alex said nothing. If possible, he wouldn’t want to take Pearl to the Eastern Continent. After all, his mother had been attacked and nearly killed by possibly someone from the Royal family. Who knew what danger lurked for Pearl there?

However, he wouldn’t stop him if he wanted to go. That was his decision to make after all.

“When are we leaving, sister Hao?” Alex asked.

“Once everyone has been brought in, we will leave,” she said.


After enough time passed, every player from both empires was in the beast realm.

To Alex’s surprise, there were only about 40 thousand people here, a far cry from the hundreds of thousands that were on the other continents. And this was with most people wanting to return.

It only went on to prove just how much the Western Continent was ignored when the senior was teleporting people around when he first made the game.

Hao Ya went on to do her work. She flew into the sky and started explaining everything they would need to hear before going back, just as she had on the other continents.

“You’ll be returning to the Southern Continent in a year’s time, right?” Bai Jingshen asked.

“Yes,” Alex said.

“Hmm, come here once you return and settle things there,” he said. “You can take the sword that’s there at that time. You will most likely need it to find out what happened in that continent that led to my granddaughter’s death.”

Alex nodded. “I’ll make sure to find out the truth no matter what.”

Bai Jingshen nodded. “Thank you,” he said. “See you later then.”

He turned around and walked away to be with his wives. Alex bid his farewell and walked to the top of the teleportation platform with his family.

They, along with many other people, were the first ones to be teleported. The formation activated and in the next moment, the entire group vanished.

They arrived back in the field where they always arrived. Hao Ya quickly told everyone to move away to make room for the other people that would be teleporting soon.

Helen looked around at the familiar buildings that she only remembered in her memories of memories. “Finally,” she said softly. “I’m finally back.”

The cities were ready for them all to return, so when they did, everyone started finding ways to go back to where they belonged.

“Should we visit the senior first?” Alex asked. “We can return home after we meet him.”

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