Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy

1304 Goodbye

“Your Majesty, are you leaving already?” Old lady Yao asked.

“Yes,” Alex said. “Why? Is there something important you need to tell me?”

“Yes,” the old lady said. “The Scale Legion’s commander, Long Jianyu came over again. He said he wanted to make sure our promises were being kept.”

“About the Alchemy exchange? Of course, it’s being kept. Why would he have to ask that,” Alex said. “Besides, why is he even here? Did he not leave yet?”

“He has left a few times, but the army itself hasn’t. They just haven’t done anything that would be worth mentioning so we haven’t reported it to you,” the old lady said.

“Hmm, we’ll talk about it in detail when I come back in a few days,” Alex said. “Oh yeah, I will be bringing a lot of my friends, including my master, so make the best preparations you can.”

“As you say, your Majesty,” the group nodded. 


Once Scarlet landed on it too, the three of them teleported away, arriving back on the Western continent a moment later.

Lang Shun made sure to not blink this time around, but with all the bright light, he couldn’t even tell when the teleportation happened. He was in one place in one moment, and in the next moment, he was in another place.

‘So quick,’ he thought.

“Since I’ve made the teleportation platform, I think it’s time we make sure who’s coming and who’s not,” Alex said.

Alex wasn’t going to give the opportunity to everyone. Only 5 people were given this opportunity.

Wan Li, Zhou Mei, Fan Ruogang, Zhou Mi  and Kong Yuhan. Kong Yumin would also come if they accepted as well.

After returning to the sect, he immediately asked them for their opinions. He didn’t tell anyone about the teleportation platform just yet and instead made them think they would be going with the rest.

Kong Yuhan and Zhou Mi decided to go on the spot. They had been thinking for a while, and they decided it was the best thing for their daughter. 

Wan Li had nothing to do in the Hong Wu sect, so he was ready to leave. However, because Fan Ruogang was still hesitant to just up and leave, they couldn’t immediately make any decision.

It was only after a long night of argument and decision-making that they finally decided to leave.

Zhou Mei on the other hand refused to leave. Ever since she was an orphan, it was this sect that had taken her in and raised her. 

Her sister had a family and had to do the best for her family, but she herself had no such obligations. The only obligation she had was to the sect.

Also, after one of her masters had killed the other one, she had been a wreck at that time too. It was the sect that had helped her get through that time in her life.

As such, she always knew that her fate would be tied to the sect. So, she decided to stay behind.

Alex respected her decision and did not coerce her with any hopes or dreams. With the saint spirit veins, the Western Continent would also soon reach the same status as any of the other continents. 

Alex had thought of extending the invitation to Luo Xing as well, but Luo Mei’s parents needed at least one daughter to remain in the empire with them.

Once the final group was selected, everyone was ready to leave. Alex had them say their goodbyes to their respective sects.

It wasn’t just them. Helen and Ronron were going to leave as well.

Since they were leaving for good, Alex returned back to her master’s grave for one last goodbye.

Everyone that wanted to come here had already come here, so it was just him remaining.

“I sometimes think that you’re still looking after us from the afterlife, Master, but I hope more than anything that you’ve already left it and have been reborn again,” Alex said.

“I’m leaving, master. I no longer have any connections remaining in this empire, so I most likely won’t be returning any time soon. So I hope that in our absence, you aren’t alone either.”

Alex knew that with nothing keeping him tied to the sect and the people here, even if he did return, he wouldn’t care to visit them anymore. 

The Hong Wu sect and the Tiger sect he knew were no longer around, so there was no longer any reason for him to remain here.

Alex bowed toward his master’s grave one last time and left the alchemy valley. Once he was outside, he left the sect and arrived outside the Scarlet City with everyone. 

“Sister Hao, you have a boat right?” he asked.

“Yes,” Hao Ya said. “Are we using my boat?”

“Please take my family to the Beast Realm. I’m going to take the rest to the Southern Continent,” Alex said.

“Huh? How?” Hao Ya asked.

“Hehe, I made a teleportation script that connects to the Southern Continent,” Alex said. “Anyway, I’ll see you guys later then.”

Alex brought out his own boat and placed all 10 people on it before flying away. He directly flew to the edge of the continent where the ocean met the sand.

Some of these people hadn’t known such a place existed at all. To them, the unending ocean in front of them was something they had never seen before.

Most of them gasped in surprise when they saw it. 

“Everyone, grab these,” Alex said and handed over a bunch of tokens that were required to get in through the barrier. None of the people aside from Lang Shun even realized that there was a formation there because of how well it was concealed. 

The platform inside was quite small but just big enough that all of them managed to fit inside of it.

“Everyone ready?” Alex asked.

A few heads nodded while the rest were too nervous to give any sort of answer right away.

“Here we go,” Alex said and activated the formation. A blinding light covered them all and in the next moment, they teleported away.

They arrived on the other side, the Southern Continent in the blink of an eye. Shock and surprise filled the faces of everyone that had teleported for the first time. 

Soon enough, Linlin and a few other elders arrived very soon after their arrival and brought them into the palace.

The 10 people were like villagers, finally seeing a big city for the first time. Everywhere they walked, they stared at the things for at least a few seconds before moving on to the next amazing thing they saw.

Alex introduced everyone to the elders. “Linlin bring some refreshments please.”

“Yes, your majesty,” Linlin said and walked away.

“I thought I understood how it was when you said you were a King, but this…” Wen Cheng looked around in awe. “This is beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined.”

Alex smiled. “You haven’t seen anything yet, master. Come, there is so much more for you all to see.”

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