Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 341 - She Wanted to Cancel The Engagement (3)

Chapter 341: She Wanted to Cancel The Engagement (3)

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What have I been doing!

Yin Shaojie was so angry he punched himself.

But it was not helping in the least. Xiaoxiao was already hurt. He must get to her quickly to explain things clearly.

This time, he was not going to be afraid anymore. He must let that silly wretch know his feelings.

Whether she rejected or accepted him, it didn’t matter to him anymore!

In any case, he had already decided that no matter whether she would agree or not, he would not let her go!

Mu Xiaoxiao can only belong to Yin Shaojie!

Yin Shaojie looked deeply resolute as he pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

“Arrange a private plane to the States for me. I want the fastest one!”


After flying for more than ten hours and with the time difference, Mu Xiaoxiao reached America at past nine o’clock.

Since she took a private plane, it was faster than normal airlines. Otherwise, she would only have arrived around two or three hours later, which would have been about twelve o’clock at night.

Though Mu Xiaoxiao should have been tired after crying for a long time, she could not fall asleep on the plane because her mind was constantly dwelling on many thoughts that she couldn’t get rid of. The more she thought about them, the more she felt stressed and stifled inside.

In the end, she simply took a sleeping pill and fell asleep. Moreover, she slept continuously for more than ten hours, and she woke up just when they reached America.

Sitting in the car arranged by her father, Mu Xiaoxiao leaned her head against the window as she stared at the scenery outside.

Though she had stayed there for four years, it felt unfamiliar to her after just leaving for about a month.

But as she kept looking while on the road, it gradually started to feel like she was returning home.

The long Lincoln car entered the big garden and stopped. A servant wearing a female maid uniform came up to open the door for her, and she bent at her waist and said respectfully, “Miss, welcome back.”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s eyes were so badly swollen that when she smiled, it would pull on her skin and be a little painful. But she still smiled to the servant.

“Lisa, it’s been a while.”

Many escorted Mu Xiaoxiao as she walked past the garden and toward the white villa.

“Miss has returned!” someone shouted.

As Mu Xiaoxiao looked around the familiar house, her eyes became watery.

Following that, her father’s familiar voice was heard. “Baby!”

Mu Xiaoxiao looked in the direction of that voice and saw Mu Zhengbo. Her tears immediately fell as she ran to him, sobbing as she cried out, “Dad!”

Mu Zhengbo held her in his embrace lovingly, and he lightly patted her on her back, his eyes filled with concern for her.

“Baby, it’s alright. You’re home now.”

Mu Xiaoxiao seemed sorry as the corner of her mouth turned down, and she nodded her head, pressing her face on his father’s chest. “Okay. Daddy, I will never leave you again.”

Mu Zhengbo smiled, rubbing her hair gently. “Okay, okay. Daddy is also unwilling to let you leave.”

The two hugged for a long time before Mu Xiaoxiao embarrassedly let go and wiped her tears.

Mu Zhengbo signaled the domestic helper to bring him a hot towel.

He picked up the hot towel and tested the temperature, then placed the hot towel into her daughter’s hands. “Wipe your face. Baby, why are your eyes so swollen? How long had you been crying? Was it Shaojie, that boy, who bullied you?”

Just the mention of Yin Shaojie’s name made Mu Xiaoxiao feel a sharp pain in her heart.

Speechless, she shook her head, and she pressed the hot towel on both of her swollen eyes before unraveling the towel to wipe her face.

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