Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 340 - She Wanted to Cancel The Engagement (2)

Chapter 340: She Wanted to Cancel The Engagement (2)

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“Got it, got it. I’ll go right away!”

When he finished speaking, Song Shijun quickly hung up the phone and called Yin Shaojie.

Upon getting this clue, Yin Shaojie immediately responded to it.

As he was anxiously looking for Mu Xiaoxiao, he was subconsciously hoping that she was still in City A so that he would be able to find her in the shortest time.

Of course, Yin Shaojie also knew that the Mu family had their own private planes. He was just too anxious and stressed that his usual calm judgment was lost, making him completely miss this basic line of thought.

After hanging up on Song Shijun, Yin Shaojie quickly sent people to investigate regarding the Mu family’s private plane.

Indeed, news came back quickly that the Mu family had a private plane that took off at around eight o’clock, and from the looks of the air route, the plane should be heading toward America.

Though Yin Shaojie had already confirmed that Mu Xiaoxiao took that plane, he still wanted to be a hundred percent sure.

At this moment, he needed to find the videotape monitoring the passageway to the plane. However, this was classified information belonging to the airport. It would not be hard if he talked to the people in charge, but it would take a lot of time for the command to take effect down the chain.

However, he didn’t have the patience to wait any longer!

Thus, Yin Shaojie entered the study. Opening his computer, his well-defined fingers typed furiously at the keyboard.

Within a few minutes, he had already infiltrated the airport’s surveillance system.

However, the videotapes for the VIP passageways were password protected. Thus, he spent some additional time decoding the password and gaining access to the protected videotape files.

There were many surveillance cameras to the VIP passageways, and he did not know which passageway the Mu family’s private plane had used before taking off.

Because of this, he extracted all of the videotapes and opened them to be shown on the screen, skipping to eight o’clock in the videos, and he played them at eight times the original speed.

His dark and sharp eyes did not blink as he watched those videos, rapidly searching for that familiar figure.

Finally, after ten minutes of searching, he looked grave as he paused one of the videos.

Upon maximizing the window to the video, Mu Xiaoxiao appeared clearly on the screen.

Yin Shaojie’s tensed heart finally began to relax.

He allowed the video to continue playing as he watched Mu Xiaoxiao walk through the passageway and turn into the plane.

Upon confirming that she had really boarded the plane, Yin Shaojie could finally relax as he fell back into his chair, but his dark gaze was still riveted on the small figure in the video, unwilling to look away.

Though she had only been missing for a few hours, he felt like he had gone mad thinking about her.

He sat up straight, skipped to the start of the video, and played the video from when she just appeared.

He attentively watched the figure in the video, not missing even a second of it.

The video was quite clear, as he could clearly see her little face.

Yin Shaojie noticed that the wretch’s eyes were very red as if she had cried. She was wiping her tears away with her hand as she walked past. With tightly pursed lips, she appeared to be very forlorn.

He only felt as if someone was punching ruthlessly at his heart.

How long has this wretch been crying for?

He could not imagine how much pain and sadness she must have felt to have ended up in such a sorry state.

Suddenly, Yin Shaojie hated himself to death!

He should have stayed far away from An Zhixin, and when she called him, he should not have even met up with her!

Because of an unimportant person, he had instead caused hurt to the one he cherished, the one he absolutely did not want to see suffer.

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