Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 330 - Yin Shaojie, I Don't Want To Like You Anymore (4)

Chapter 330: Yin Shaojie, I Don’t Want To Like You Anymore (4)

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In this world, her dad was the only person who truly loved her and would not hurt her.

Papa Mu had never once heard her cry like this. Hearing her cry pained him. How could he possibly refuse her?

“Okay, okay, okay. Anything you want, Daddy will agree to it. If you want to come back, then come back. If you don’t want to be engaged, then don’t be engaged. Whatever you want. Don’t cry, baby. Daddy is so worried for you.”

“Daddy…” Mu Xiaoxiao was moved as she kept on crying. It was true that the only people who would unconditionally accommodate her and pamper her was her family.

Now, she only wanted to return to America as soon as possible, to return to the person who truly loved her.

“Daddy… don’t say anything to the Yin family… nothing at all… alright?”

“Okay, Daddy won’t say anything. Daddy won’t ask anything. When you’re back by Daddy’s side, you can talk to me about it anytime you feel like it.”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s grief-stricken heart was feeling a little warmer from her father’s love.

Papa Mu said that he would arrange the earliest direct flight for her to America and that there would be someone to pick her up in some time while she packed her things.

After hanging up the call, Mu Xiaoxiao hugged her phone as she gazed with tear-filled eyes at the pitch-black night sky.

Thinking about how she would be leaving the skies here, leaving the city, she could not help but feel sad and reluctant to part.

However, she really could not stay here any longer.

Tears uncontrollably trickled down from the corner of her eyes.

She clasped at her painfully wounded heart as she ruminated. Was this what love is? Was loving someone such an awfully painful thing?

She had never fell in love with anyone before. This was her first, but she had never expected it to hurt her so deeply.

The first person she had fallen in love with had also happened to be someone very important to her.

But, she had fallen into such a defeated state instead.

Mu Xiaoxiao just sat on the grass, curled up as she hugged her knees and dug her face into her knees.

If loving someone was such a painful thing…

Then, Yin Shaojie, I don’t want to like you anymore.

She said repeatedly in her hoarse voice from all the crying, “I don’t want to like you anymore… I don’t want to like you anymore… Bastard, Yin Shaojie, I don’t want to like you anymore… I don’t want to like you anymore…”

As if it could lessen her pain if she kept repeating it…

And eventually… she could recover her bruised heart.

When Lu Yichen had found the small park, Mu Xiaoxiao had already washed her face and calmed her emotions a little.

She sat at the long bench in the park awaiting his arrival.

Actually, Lu Yichen had arrived pretty quickly. In less than 20 minutes, he had run all the way to the park after he had gotten out of the car.

When he finally appeared before her, he squatted down in front of her, still panting as he asked worriedly, “Xiaoxiao, what happened?”

Even though the it was dark there, he could still clearly see her swollen eyes from the crying.

Mu Xiaoxiao twitched the corner of her mouth. Initially, she had wanted to smile, but she simply couldn’t force a smile.

Looking exhausted, she shook her head gloomily and said nothing.

Lu Yichen was considerate to her as he said gently, “It’s okay. If you don’t to talk about it now, then don’t. I’ll be here to accompany you. Whatever you want to do, I’ll do it with you, okay?”

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded her head.

Lu Yichen stood up and sat by her side.

And the two really just sat there without exchanging words.

Mu Xiaoxiao stared at the night sky, and Lu Yichen joined her to stare at the night sky.

It definitely felt better to have someone accompany her.

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