Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 329 - Yin Shaojie, I Don't Want To Like You Anymore (3)

Chapter 329: Yin Shaojie, I Don’t Want To Like You Anymore (3)

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On the other side, Lu Yichen immediately heard from the sound of her voice that something was wrong. Anxious, his voice became tense as he asked, “Xiaoxiao, are you alright? Are you crying right now? Where are you? I’ll go find you immediately!”

Mu Xiaoxiao had initially not wanted to let anyone see her in such a sorry state, but his anxiousness for her made her feel warm.

Looking around her, she said helplessly as she sobbed, “I don’t know where I am either…”

Lu Yichen calmly said to her, “Okay. If that’s the case, send me your location using WeChat and just stay there. I’ll go and find you. I’ll be there right away, alright?”

“Okay…” Mu Xiaoxiao sobbed as she replied.

Then, she hung up the call and sent her location to Lu Yichen via WeChat.

Just as she was done sending it, her cell phone started vibrating.

Anticipation filled her heart uncontrollably. Though it was obvious that she did not want to see Yin Shaojie, she still wished for him to call her.

However, upon checking her phone, she was again disappointed.

It wasn’t him.

It was Han Qiqing calling.

As Mu Xiaoxiao stared at the name on the screen, a tear fell and splashed on the screen surface.

Pain gripping her heart, she cried out loud.

So was he so involved with An Zhixin that he did not even know that she was hurt?

Mu Xiaoxiao did not wish to let Han Qiqing know that she was crying, so she didn’t pick up the call.

She sent Qiqing a WeChat message, saying that she was unwell, had to go back home, and that they could continue having fun without her.

Qiqing was still worried. She asked Xiaoxiao where she was feeling unwell and to inform her again when she reached home.

Mu Xiaoxiao sent a smiley and replied ‘Okay.’

Staring at the smiley in the chat window, Mu Xiaoxiao only felt that it was mocking her.

It was mocking her for her arrogance, to think that Yin Shaojie would truly only have feelings for her alone and for being so gullible by believing his honeyed words.

To have only kissed her and her alone…

Men’s words cannot be trusted!

They’re all liars, fat liars!

As Mu Xiaoxiao let her tears trickle down her cheeks, thinking about how Yin Shaojie was plucking at her heartstrings on one side and hanging out with An Zhixin on the other, she burned with hatred toward him!

Suddenly, her cell phone started vibrating again.

Mu Xiaoxiao was already deeply hurt by Yin Shaojie. She didn’t want to pick up his calls anymore.

Opening the screen, she was about to hang up the call when she saw that it was her dad who was calling.

Mu Xiaoxiao felt a surge of sadness.

Heh, ain’t I pathetic. I thought it was Yin Shaojie who had called.

He was still busy being lovey-dovey with An Zhixin. How could he still have time to care about her?

In an instant, her tears surged forth again.

She answered the call. Sounding hoarse and helpless, she cried out, “Daddy…”

Papa Mu was startled, “What’s the matter? Baby, why are you crying? What happened to you?”

“Daddy… I want to go back to America… I don’t want to stay here anymore. Can I go back to America? Daddy… let me return to America, okay?” Mu Xiaoxiao pleaded as she cried like an abandoned kitten, sad and helpless.

Papa Mu was completely shocked, and he asked frantically, “Baby, what exactly is the matter? Tell Daddy, alright?”

As the cause of the matter was brought up, Mu Xiaoxiao cried even more terribly. However, in front of the only family member that she had, she cried without reservations as if she had finally found a way to relieve her pain.

She cried and sobbed in spurts, choking up as she said, “Daddy… I don’t want to be engaged with Yin Shaojie anymore… I just want to return to America now… Let me go back, alright? Daddy… I miss you… I want to go back to your side…”

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