Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 313 - Turned into a Loyal Dog

Chapter 313: Turned into a Loyal Dog

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Back at the Ye residence.

Ye Sijue, who just walked out of the shower, sneezed suddenly.

The female servant who stood at the side expressed her concern, saying, “Young Master, are you alright? Have you caught a cold?”

Ye Sijue smiled sinisterly, and he mumbled as if he had a premonition, “Is someone speaking badly about me?”

On the other side.

Having heard Mu Xiaoxiao, Yin Shaojie smiled. Not only did he not let go of her, but he also hugged her closer.

Placing his chin on her neck, he said in a magnetic voice, “It’s late. Let’s sleep. I’m also very tired.”

With that, he retracted his arms slightly and closed his eyes.

Tired of resisting him, Mu Xiaoxiao could only let him hug her as she slowly fell asleep.

The next day.

Han Qiqing met Mu Xiaoxiao at the school’s parking lot.

Seeing that Xiaoxiao had arrived in Yin Shaojie’s car instead of the Yin family’s car, she went up and hugged her arm as she asked meaningfully, “Have you made up with him?”

Shooting a glance at Yin Shaojie from the corner of her eyes, Mu Xiaoxiao said softly in a tsundere manner, “Who’s making up with him!”

Unless he would take the initiative to be forthcoming about the matter regarding the clothes, she would not forgive him.

After all, he had bought the clothes for her, so the clothes belonged to her. Without her permission, he should not have passed her clothes to someone else.

Especially if he was giving it to An Zhixin.

That was the point that Mu Xiaoxiao was most concerned about.

Noticing from a quick glance that Yin Shaojie was about to step out of the car, she quickly pulled Mu Xiaoxiao aside to speak privately.

“Xiaoxiao, for this afternoon… Can you accompany me to the hospital again?”

Mama Mu knew that she wanted to see Lu Yichen again. Recently, Lu Yichen had not been to school, taking a leave of absence because of her mother’s hospitalization.

She knew that Qiqing wanted her to go along because Qiqing was afraid that Lu Yichen would not meet her if she went alone.

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded and said, “Of course.”

Relieved, Han Qiqing smiled and hugged her affectionately, saying “Xiaoxiao, you’re the best!”

Holding the keys as he approached, Yin Shaojie looked curiously at the two girls and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Han Qiqing said nothing, acting dumb.

On the contrary, Mu Xiaoxiao said openly, “We’re going to the hospital to see Lu Yichen’s mom in the afternoon.”

Han Qiqing stared at her, astonished. Wasn’t she always afraid to let Yin Shaojie know about that? Why was she so bold today?

She thought that Yin Shaojie would get angry and stop Xiaoxiao from going like a tyrant.

However, though Yin Shaojie frowned slightly, he did not get angry and only said begrudgingly, “Okay then, go ahead if you like. But let me take you there, alright? Is that fair?”

“I’ll think about it, then I’ll inform you again.” Raising her chin, Mu Xiaoxiao was acting like a princess, pulling Han Qiqing as they walked toward the hallway.

Han Qiqing looked at Mu Xiaoxiao in disbelief.

“Did Yin Shaojie hurt his head? Or did you feed him some drug? Why is he… so agreeable today?”

He was totally a tyrannical boss turned loyal dog!

“I don’t know.” Mu Xiaoxiao smiled gleefully.

It was afternoon in a flash.

Before school dismissal, Mu Xiaoxiao and Han Qiqing were already holding hands as they walked out of the school gate.

In the car, Han Qiqing was puzzled as she asked, “Didn’t Yin Shaojie say that he was going to send us there?”

Mu Xiaoxiao smiled innocently with her hands open as she said, “I only said that I would think about it. I never agreed to have him send us.”

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