Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 312 - He's Particularly Clingy Tonight

Chapter 312: He’s Particularly Clingy Tonight

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If she heard him say another embarrassing word, her heart would definitely beat so quickly that it would explode.

She quickly pushed him away to escape from this suggestive atmosphere.

Yin Shaojie was not going to let her escape as he grabbed her slender waist from behind her, his slender lips sticking close beside her ears as he said, “What’s wrong with saying sweet nothings to my wife?”

Mu Xiaoxiao pushed against him with her elbow. “Who’s your wife! Get lost! Weren’t you fooling around outside? Why did you even come back? Go away! Go away! Don’t think about sleeping here tonight! You’re sleeping on the sofa!”

Yin Shaojie was unsure whether to laugh or cry. Was he going to be punished from just a single disagreement?

He immediately hugged her even tighter as he did not wish to sleep on the sofa.

He then explained, “I wasn’t out fooling around! Sijue came back and pulled me along to drink with him. You should blame him instead! He forced me to!”

At this time, he should, of course, push the blame to someone else.

Hearing that, Mu Xiaoxiao stopped moving, and she turned back to look at him and asked, “Ye Sijue? That guy? He’s back?”

Yin Shaojie nodded. “Yeah. If you don’t believe me, you can call him. You don’t have his number? Well, you can use my phone to call him. Otherwise, you can give a call to the Ye residence. He only got off the plane at seven o’clock at night.”

He was immediately called out to have drinks right after Ye Sijue got off the plane.

Mu Xiaoxiao believed what he had said. If he wanted to lie to her, he wouldn’t have come up with such lies.

It simply did not seem right chatting in this posture, so Mu Xiaoxiao nudged him so that he would release her.

“You cannot run, okay? You cannot punish me to sleep on the sofa either.” Yin Shaojie took the chance to bring up his terms.

Mu Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes at him as she nodded.

Yin Shaojie then smiled as he released her, and the two sat face-to-face.

As Mu Xiaoxiao recalled the kiss earlier, her face flushed uncontrollably. His expression as they looked facing each other felt like he was going to eat her up.

“Okay, time to sleep!” She turned around to switch off the lights by the bedhead and got under the blanket.

Yin Shaojie immediately got under the blanket as well, and he reached for her slender waist with his long arms and hugged her under the blanket.

“Hey, what are you trying to do again? Let go!” Mu Xiaoxiao slapped his vile hand. She just got aroused from his kissing earlier, and her body was still in a sensitive state. As he touched her, she began to feel the area that was being touched burning up.

Yin Shaojie said mischievously, “I’m hugging my wife to sleep. What’s wrong with that?”

Moreover, he had even deliberately stuck his slender lips close to her ears as he said that. The deep, titillating voice that reached her ears made her heart go soft.

Mu Xiaoxiao had never thought that this jerk could be so roguish!

Her heart was not just beating excitedly; it was totally acting off the charts.

It was no concern to Yin Shaojie as he stubbornly wanted to hug her to sleep. He was even coquettishly rubbing against her while hugging her, but he just wouldn’t let go.

Though the two had always hugged each other in their sleep, that was only the posture when they were waking up. Whenever they slept, they always started out separately. Only when Mu Xiaoxiao had fallen asleep would she dig herself unconsciously into his embrace. Thus, they would find themselves in a hugging position when they woke up.

Baffled, Mu Xiaoxiao asked, “Yin Shaojie, what’s gotten into you? Why are you so full of energy today?”

He seemed particularly clingy tonight and especially roguish!

Was he just drunk?

Why did it seem like he had eaten some dubious things to be acting like that?

Mu Xiaoxiao was berating Ye Sijue in her mind. It’s all his fault. If he had not forced Yin Shaojie to drink with him, Yin Shaojie would not be so roguish right now.

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