Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 310 - She Only Has Eyes For Him

Chapter 310: She Only Has Eyes For Him

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Under his incessant attacks, Mu Xiaoxiao finally woke.

Her long and fluttery eyelashes blinked, and she opened her blurry eyes to see him very close to her.

Yin Shaojie?

How did he…

Perhaps she was still muddleheaded from sleeping, wasn’t quite awake yet, or was kissed by him into oblivion, but she couldn’t understand what was going on.

She looked at him wide-eyed and in confusion and had no other reaction.

Yin Shaojie thought that she looked cute as h*ll. And he didn’t mind going to h*ll to see this.

Also, because they were only separated by such a short distance, he could almost see himself reflected in her eyes. This made his tyrannical self feel satisfied.

He was the only one in her eyes!

Worried that she couldn’t get air, Yin Shaojie moved back a little and parted his lips slightly, allowing her to breathe.

Unexpectedly, Mu Xiaoxiao’s little brow knitted as if she was displeased. Her little hands grabbed onto his neck and pulled him back towards her.

Yin Shaojie was stunned. He had thought that she would be angry or hit him once she was awake.

After all, this girl really loved her sleep and would flare up a little when she was forcefully awakened.

Her passionate reciprocation didn’t exist in the infinite possibilities of his imagination.

The pairs’ lips met again, and this time, it was Mu Xiaoxiao’s initiative.

Her kiss was very clumsy, like how a little kid would do it. Her sealed lips stroked his gently but with no technique, fumbling around.

However, Yin Shaojie’s gaze only deepened and became more heated at her clumsiness, and his breathing became rougher.

Mu Xiaoxiao quickly became displeased after kissing him for a short while and pouted as though she was complaining.

Yin Shaojie lowered his head and noticed her dazedness. It was then that he suspected that she was still not awake.

This girl didn’t even realize what she had been doing!

She was totally oblivious to the fire of desire that she had lit in him.

Mu Xiaoxiao lifted her gaze and looked at his handsome face. Her hands reached out and cupped his face. “Yin Shaojie, if you don’t come home before 12, then I’ll… I’ll…” she mumbled softly.

“Then what?” Yin Shaojie’s magnetic husky voice asked as his lips moved closer and pecked hers lovingly as she tried to speak.

So it turned out that this girl was still thinking that she was dreaming?

“Then I’ll ignore you in the future!” Mu Xiaoxiao huffed and said.

“Uh-huh, and how are you going to ignore me?” In the darkness, a particular demon’s interest was piqued, and his voice dropped to a sexy, muffled whisper.

It was really cute when this girl’s brain was muddled.

When she was wide awake, she fiercely acted fierce towards him, not like a demure woman at all.

It was rare to see this cute side of her, and Yin Shaojie really didn’t feel like reminding her that she wasn’t in a dream and that he was really home and already back by her side.

Mu Xiaoxiao mumbled in reply, “I’ll ignore you and not talk to you anymore.”

“Only that?” Yin Shaojie laughed and his chest shook a little.

Mu Xiaoxiao met his eyes. That pair of dark, obsidian eyes looked like they were sparkling with stars. Their mesmerizing look drew her in.

“Next time… I’m not letting you kiss me anymore…” she pouted as she continued.

This time, Yin Shaojie’s laughter deepened.

So this girl had been very willing to let him kiss her then?

It looked his previous efforts hadn’t gone down the drain.

She had feelings towards him, and her feelings weren’t those felt towards a childhood friend. Her feelings towards him were the same he had for her — the most unique affection for one another.

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