Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 309 - The Gift of a Kiss

Chapter 309: The Gift of a Kiss

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Yin Shaojie’s handsome face leaned forward and gave her lips a peck. “I’m home; you’ve waited long.”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s little lips pouted as though complaining about how late he was coming back in.

Yin Shaojie laughed lightly. He stretched out his long arms and picked her up by her waist.

Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t wake up but rested her little head on his shoulder, his eyes still shut. Once settled in that position, she curled up in his embrace and continued her slumber.

He carried her into the bedroom gently.

The lights in the room were switched off, and it was dark. However, Yin Shaojie didn’t feel like turning them on for fear of waking her up. Instead, he guided himself by the faint light of the hallway, groping his way to the bed. Once there, he put her down gently, making sure she was settled properly.

He pulled up the blankets to her stomach and was about to straighten up properly when her little arms wrapped around his neck suddenly, preventing him from leaving.

Yin Shaojie also thought he heard her tell him not to leave.

He lowered his head, his handsome face moving closer to hers, and he said in a gentle, coddling voice, “I won’t leave; I’m not going anywhere, but I’m just going to change into pajamas and I’ll be right back, okay?”

His magnetic voice seemed to have a pacifying effect. Mu Xiaoxiao seemed to understand what he was trying to say, and she released him.

Yin Shaojie smiled. If he didn’t know that she was indeed sleeping deeply, he would have mistaken her for pretending to be asleep.

In a few short minutes, he was clothed in his pajamas and already getting on the bed.

His muscular arm reached out and gathered her in his embrace.

Upon snuggling into a comfortable position on his chest as per habit, she leaned her face into it and continued her slumber.

Curiously, however, she frowned again, as though she was unhappy about something, and lifted her face.

The pair were originally already very close to each other, and this action of hers practically positioned her lips right by his.

Yin Shaojie’s gaze deepened.

Wouldn’t it be a waste to give up a dessert that was delivered right to his door?

He wasn’t an uptight gentleman in the first place anyway, so how could he not kiss her when she had already offered her lips?

Thus, Yin Shaojie leaned forward for a kiss, taking Mu Xiaoxiao’s soft, jelly-like lips into his mouth.

The aromatic fragrance of the young girl entered his nostrils, and the sweetness made his heart uncontrollably itch for more.

Yin Shaojie flipped around and pinned Mu Xiaoxiao onto the bed. His hands cupped her face as he deepened his kiss.

He pried her mouth open and snaked his hot, wet soft tongue into her sweet orfice, wantonly licking all the spots that would pleasure her.

After a few kisses, his technique had improved considerably, and he gained a deeper understanding of where her pleasure spots were.

Just as he had expected, Mu Xiaoxiao started to moan sweetly. Her hands caressed his chest in a dilemma — it seemed as though she wanted to push him away but couldn’t bear to at the same time because of the strong arousal she was feeling.

Yin Shaojie entwined her soft little tongue with his, rolling it round and round as though he couldn’t have enough of her.

The soft sensation was felt better than the mouth-feel when eating jellies, and he enjoyed himself so thoroughly that he forgot to stop.

Mu Xiaoxiao felt like she almost couldn’t take his kissing anymore. Her mouth was full of his masculine scent as he lingered there tyrannically, such that the only thing she could feel was him.

When one is asleep and is harassed by something, one will usually be frustrated. Thus, she unconsciously waved her hands around to slap him away.

Yin Shaojie grabbed onto her hand with his speedy reflexes and used the momentum to pin it above her forehead.

He then kissed her again deeply, and again, and again as though he couldn’t be satiated.

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