Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 302 - Who Was It That Kissed Him Then

Chapter 302: Who Was It That Kissed Him Then

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It was understandable that Ye Sijue would be so shocked.

Ye family was one of the Big Four Families. Ye Sijue was like Han Qiqing. Thus, they have seen how Yin Shaojie and Mu Xiaoxiao felt toward each other since they were young.

However, Mu Xiaoxiao had gone to America in these four years and had lesser contact with them.

Thus, when Yin Shaojie suddenly told him at this time that Mu Xiaoxiao had returned to China and that they had kissed, how could Ye Sijue not be shocked?

It was extremely shocking, okay!

Ye Sijue’s interest was roused as he asked Yin Shaojie hurriedly, “How exactly did this happen? You two… are together now?”

As he recalled the events that happened recently, Yin Shaojie’s gaze became distant in thought as he said, “She came back to China for some inexplicable reason. Then, my family forced me to be engaged with her for some inexplicable reason. Then, she started living together with me… Then, I have no idea what the status of our relationship is now.”

More than friends, less than lovers?

“You two are engaged?” Ye Sijue asked.

Yin Shaojie replied, “Yeah.”

Ye Sijue was organizing his understanding of the situation, saying, “So what is your problem now? You said that you suspected that you had made a mistake. You kissed Xiaoxiao. That was because you had feelings toward her, right? Now, that girl appeared coincidentally, but you don’t feel the urge to kiss her, right? Thus, you suspect that you have made a mistake.”

Yin Shaojie nodded. “That’s right.”

Seven years ago, Xiaoxiao saved him from drowning, and he fainted after that. When he had regained some awareness, he felt a pair of soft lips blowing air into his mouth.

When he opened his eyes as he woke up, he saw An Zhixin’s face.

Thus, in his memory, he had associated that kiss with that little girl.

He was still young then, and he did not doubt his own memory, not to mention being able to consider that his head was in a state of confusion which might have led him to remember things incorrectly.

As people grew older, their memory of events when they were young would be remembered by their feelings at the most significant moments, but the details would be blurred.

Ye Sijue leaned back on the sofa as he smiled and helped him to come to a conclusion, “So what you are suspecting is that the person who performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on you seven years ago was actually not that little girl but Xiaoxiao, right?”

It was understandable for Yin Shaojie to be acting this way. After all, who would doubt his own memory for no good reason?

He had always believed that that little girl was the one to have kissed him. Thus, he had carried that belief as he grew older.

Only when Yin Shaojie realized that he had feelings toward Mu Xiaoxiao when he had kissed her and also felt no urge to kiss An Zhixin did he start to suspect that he had made a mistake.

Yin Shaojie nodded again contemplatively as he said, “Yes.”

When the seed of doubt was created in his mind, it was as if it had taken root and was overgrowing as he found the urge to understand the truth from seven years ago.

This time, Ye Sijue smiled mischievously and said, “I’ll give you a suggestion.”

Yin Shaojie looked at him. “What suggestion?”

Ye Sijue said, “Go and kiss that girl. See what kind of feeling you have toward her and whether it is the same as what you had felt when you were young.”

However, upon hearing the suggestion, Yin Shaojie frowned, clearly disliking the idea.

Seeing his expression, Ye Sijue seemed to have understood something as he smiled even more meaningfully.

He said deliberately, “What’s the big deal about that? It’s just a kiss. With that, you can confirm your suspicions. It’s very worthwhile.”

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