Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 301 - Her Kiss Stirs Something Within You

Chapter 301: Her Kiss Stirs Something Within You

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She said to the guard furiously, “We live here too. Why aren’t you greeting us as well?”

The guard knew how to read the mood and instantly understood what was going on.

He forced a smile and replied to Wang Shiyu, “Oh, I remember now. One of you is Young Master Yin’s guest, isn’t it? That would make you Miss Mu’s guest too. Sorry about that. I only have a vague impression of you, so I forgot to greet you.”

“You — ” Wang Shiyu’s face was dark with fury now.

“Shiyu.” An Zhixin cautioned her before grabbing her arm and pulling her out. “We’re here, let’s go.”

She then forced an awkward smile at Mu Xiaoxiao and said, “Sorry about that. We’ll be going back first.”

The lift doors closed.

Wang Shiyu shook her hand off in a rage and said furiously, “Zhixin! Why are you such a coward? Why did you stop me? You should have let me punish those sluts!”

An Zhixin sighed, “I’m not a coward…”

Wang Shiyu pulled on her hand and said, “Didn’t you hear what the security guard was saying? He was literally hinting at Mu Xiaoxiao being the hostess while we’re only her guests! I think that Mu Xiaoxiao must have bribed the security guard to say that!”

An Zhixin’s expression fell a little. She had obviously heard those words too.

Wang Shiyu continued her tirade, “Pooey! Who is she? She’s only a leech in Young Master Jie’s house, and she already thinks of herself as a host? If I have to say, the person who has the most right to play host is you, Zhixin!”

An Zhixin was silent. Her gaze was deep as she stared at the doors of the lift, her thoughts incomprehensible.

At night.

At Royal Jazz Bar.

There were only two people in the enormous SVIP room, and they were drinking in silence.

Beside Yin Shaojie sat a charming and unbridled youth. He was drinking unrestrainedly, hitting back glass after glass, but his posture still looked noble and elegant, and he emanated an aristocratic aura.

Ye Sijue put down an empty glass and shot a glare at Yin Shaojie. “I’ve just come back and you’ve already dragged me out here to drink — let me guess: someone broke your heart?”

Yin Shaojie frowned and glared at him in displeasure. “You’re the brokenhearted one!”

“Tell me then, what’s going on? It’s my first time seeing you like this. If you didn’t get your heart broken, could it be… that you’ve lost your virginity?” Ye Sijue’s lips curled mockingly in a smile.

Yin Shaojie ignored him and leaned back onto the sofa. He tilted his head and knocked back an entire glass of wine before speaking faintly.

“Remember I told you that I’ve been trying to find a girl?”

Ye Sijue nodded. “Yeah. So you’ve found her?”

“I don’t know…” Yin Shaojie’s dark eyes seemed a little confused, and his brow was knitted tightly together. “I feel like I’ve been wrong on so many things,” he said.

Ye Sijue poured another glass of wine and swirled the red liquid around. “You said you wanted to find that girl because her kiss stirred something in you seven years ago and that’s why you’ve remembered her for so long. But now you’re saying you’ve been wrong… So what things are wrong?”

“How should I put this!” Yin Shaojie brushed the hair off his forehead in frustration.

He looked down for a moment and admitted shyly to Ye Sijue, “Did you know, Xiaoxiao came back recently and I… kissed her.”

Ye Sijue was extremely shocked. His charming blue eyes widened, and he exclaimed, “What? You’ve kissed her?!”

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