Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 180 - Mu Xiaoxiao's Treat

Chapter 180: Mu Xiaoxiao’s Treat

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Bai Meijiao could finally let go of the oppressive burden and heave a sigh of relief at the ring of the after-school bell. She had been on pins and needles throughout the rest of the periods, suddenly regretting her choice to sit a mere seat away from Mu Xiaoxiao!

Just as she was about to pack her things up and leave the classroom quickly, she heard a sudden sharp scream from outside.

“Ah — Young Master Jie! OMG, it’s Young Master Jie! He’s so handsome! How can someone be so good-looking? I can’t take this anymore — I’m going to die from looking at him!”

“Why is Young Master Jie here? Eh? He seems to be going into Class S!”

“Could he be here for Bai Meijiao? I heard that they’ve reconciled; is that true?”

“That’s OLD news! You must’ve missed that magnificent parade this morning.”

“Young Master Jie is so handsome! I want to have his babies!”

Under the scrutiny of a large crowd, a tall, handsome figure stepped into Class S. A cynical smile was spread over Yin Shaojie’s handsome face, making him look wickedly charming.

The girls nearby all held their hands to their chests, their hearts collectively galloping at a wild speed. He was so d*mn handsome that they could all die!

Even though Bai Meijiao had dated Yin Shaojie before, she was still not immune to his charms. Her gaze, like the other girls’, was uncontrollably fixated on his being.

He… Was he here for her?

She couldn’t help but think this and blushed, her heart beating wildly. She could almost see imaginary flower petals surrounding his silhouette in the most romantic way.

“Young Master Jie…” she crooned as she saw him heading in her direction.

To her surprise, his inky black eyes ignored her completely as he brushed past her.

The expression on Bai Meijiao’s face froze.

Since the moment he entered the class, Yin Shaojie had already fixed his gaze on Mu Xiaoxiao. “The place we’re eating at has already been booked; I’m taking you there.”

Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she surveyed the entire class, astonished by the scene he had caused.

So this guy had that much charm?

“Let’s go, let’s go.” She waved goodbye to Yu Zhe and hurried Yin Shaojie out of the classroom.

“What about Shijun and the rest? Are they already there?”

“You’re the only one left.”

The pair conversed, moving further and further away.

Bai Meijiao stood frozen on the spot. She had only realized an incredible thing from their conversation earlier — Mu Xiaoxiao had, surprisingly, dared to call Song Shijun without any honorifics! And in such a familiar tone at that!

She sucked in a sharp breath. Who the heck was Mu Xiaoxiao, really?

Mu Xiaoxiao was surprised that Yin Shaojie actually brought her into the Student Union’s building.

“Are we eating here?” she asked, puzzled.

Yin Shaojie hung an arm around her shoulders and led her in. They walked past the spacious lobby with the humongous chandelier to a room on the side.

“We called a five-star hotel to send some dishes over. It’s too troublesome to travel out to eat.”

“What did you order?”

Pushing the door open, the pair walked in on the rest, who had all been waiting.

Noticing Mu Xiaoxiao’s arrival, Song Shijun stood up hurriedly, his chair scraping the floor. With the air of a gentleman, he pulled out a chair for her, smiled, and said obsequiously, “Xiaoxiao, do you know how formidable you looked this morning? I was surrounded by all the rich scions I knew the first thing I stepped into class, and they all wanted to know who you were! But don’t worry; I didn’t breathe a single word!”

Knowing that the Mus preferred to keep a low profile, he made sure to refrain from revealing her identity casually.

Yin Shaojie gave him a look that said “glad that you know” and pushed his hand, which was on Mu Xiaoxiao’s chair, away. He shot him a look and cautioned, “If the slightest hint gets out about this, you’re going to get it!”

Mu Xiaoxiao ignored them. She was more concerned about what had been ordered.

Song Shijun changed the subject hastily. “Xiaoxiao, didn’t you say that it’d be your treat?”

Mu Xiaoxiao grinned as she seized Yin Shaojie’s wallet, slapping it onto the table. “I said that it was my treat, and it is!”

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