Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 179 - Who Are You, Really?

Chapter 179 Who Are You, Really?

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Mu Xiaoxiao recalled the words Yin Shaojie had said the previous day.

“Which class do you want to kick her out to? Her original class in Class A, or Class F? Both are fine by me; it’s all up to you.”

Yin Shaojie said all these casually. However, it had never crossed his mind that a single command of his could decide the fate of someone else.

The difference between Class A and Class F was phenomenal!

Bai Meijiao was an extremely vain girl. If she was transferred to Class F, wouldn’t it be her equivalent of death?

Even so, Bai Meijiao would never leave Shangde High. No one would be willing to do so, even if they were assigned to the worst class, Class F.

This was because it was extremely honorable in the elite circle of society to just be labeled as a student of Shangde!

Mu Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but laugh. Did that mean that she had Bai Meijiao’s fate in her hands now?

This was her first time experiencing the power of being able to control someone’s fate. It felt like there was an unspeakable weirdness about it.

Unconsciously, she shot a look at Bai Meijiao.

Bai Meijiao noticed her glance, and her body froze a little uncontrollably. She opened her mouth, pretending to be brave as she said, “Mu Xiaoxiao, don’t think you’re…”

Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head in amusement. “Bai Meijiao, can you shut up? Nothing good ever comes out of your mouth.”

Still trying to incur her ire? Was Bai Meijiao’s nickname really Bai Chi?

Having been thoroughly lectured, Bai Meijiao was stunned for a moment before she replied, ashamed, “Aren’t you only given such special treatment because you’re Young Master Jie’s pet? I don’t know what kind of tricks you pulled to charm Young Master Jie out of his senses, but don’t get cocky too early! Just you wait, Young Master Jie will be sick of you one day, and you’ll end up like me then!”

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless. She was his pet? What was this nonsense!

Her relationship with Shaojie wasn’t like that.

However, she felt no need to explain this to anyone. Whatever they wanted to think was their problem, and it didn’t hurt her anyway.

Bai Meijiao’s voice was too shrill, and it hurt her ears.

Mu Xiaoxiao furrowed her brows in discomfort and shot a sharp look at her. “Bai Meijiao, shut up, or I’ll send you to Class F. Choose one!” she warned.

Bai Meijiao froze, instantly stunned.

Her subconscious felt that Mu Xiaoxiao was borrowing the might of her association with Yin Shaojie, for who was this slut to threaten her like that?

However, she was still afraid that Mu Xiaoxiao really had the power to do so. Wouldn’t she really get transferred to Class F then?

She was scared sh*tless just thinking about it!

Thus, Bai Meijiao chose to harrumph and turned her head away after she had recovered from her shock, as though continuing the argument was beneath her.

Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head in amusement.

In front of her, Yu Zhe looked at her, the emotions in his eyes complex. “Xiaoxiao… You…”

What kind of person are you really?

He had initially thought that she had just been Yin Shaojie’s childhood friend, but now, he understood that her identity wasn’t that simple after witnessing the morning’s events.

Even the son of the mayor, Song Shijun, acted pleasantly towards her. How powerful was she really?

Yu Zhe suddenly didn’t want to know.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at him in confusion. “What’s up?”

Yu Zhe stared blankly at her little face. The smile that hung on her delicate and pretty face was of the most innocent sort, and it was as though nothing had ever been different. Even though her status had appeared to be elevated, she had not changed one bit.

He seemed like he had hit upon an epiphany, and he smiled at her as he said, “I wanted to ask if you already had breakfast. I have a fruit sandwich here; do you want it?”

“Yes!” Mu Xiaoxiao happily replied.

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