Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 1027.2 - You Have to Come Back Part 2

Chapter 1027 You Have to Come Back Part 2

She knew that Xiao Ru was afraid of Mochuan the most. As long as Mochuan said no, Xiao Ru wouldn’t dare to say another word.

Who knew that Mochuan would look at her and say, “You can follow along, but you have to serve Ning’er carefully. If she becomes ill or lose weight, Zhen won’t spare you when you get back!”

Xiao Ru was overjoyed. She immediately smiled and kowtowed to Mochuan again and again. “Nubi thanks Emperor. Rest assured, Emperor. Nubi will take good care of Xiaojie.”

Chen Ning didn’t expect that Mochuan would actually let Xiao Ru go with her. She was extremely puzzled and couldn’t help but stare at Mochuan.

What would happen if they encounter any danger? She didn’t know martial arts and couldn’t protect Xiao Ru. Even if Zhuifeng was strong, he still only had two arms!

She wasn’t afraid that it would be dangerous, but she was reluctant to let Xiao Ru get into danger like her.

“Ning’er, it’s good to have an attentive person to take care of you on the road. Xiao Ru has been with you since childhood. She knows more than anyone whether you’re cold or you’re hot. If you leave her in the Palace, do you want me to look this girl crying every day?” Mochuan slightly teased.

Chen Ning couldn’t help but sigh. She finally nodded. “Okay, Xiao Ru. Come with me then.”

Xiao Ru jumped up from the ground in joy. “Nubi will immediately prepare the luggage.”

“No. You don’t have to bring anything. Everything is ready.” Chen Ning looked at Mochuan. She thought that the huge bundle of clothing was enough for her and Xiao Ru to wear for several autumns and winters.

“It’s almost dawn. You should start your journey. Remember what I said. No matter what, you have to come back!”

Mochuan held her hand. His eyes were filled with reluctance.

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