Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 1027.1 - You Have to Come Back Part 1

Chapter 1027 You Have to Come Back Part 1

The door was suddenly pushed open when sunlight dyed the white paper windows.

“Xiaojie,* no matter where you’re going, Nubi* will go with you!” Xiao Ru knelt at the door and looked stubbornly at Chen Ning.

[Xiaojie = young lady, miss

Nubi = literally: “this slave servant,” how female slaves or servants refer to themselves]

“Xiao Ru, why are you here?” Chen Ning was slightly surprised. She walked over to pull her, but Xiao Ru knelt on the ground and refused to get up.

“Xiaojie, you said that you would bring Nubi no matter where you go. You said that you won’t leave Nubi. If you leave without bringing Nubi with you, then Nubi will kneel here for a lifetime and not get up,” Xiao Ru said tearfully.

Chen Ning hesitated for a moment. “I’m going to do something. It’s not convenient to take you with me. Be good and wait for me to come back. Be good.”

“Nubi knows. You disdain Nubi for being stupid, right?” Xiao Ru blinked and tears fell down from her eyes.

“Silly girl. I’m not saying that you’re stupid. It’s just that it will be a hard trip……”

“Nubi isn’t afraid of suffering. Xiaojie, Nubi isn’t afraid of danger. Nubi wants to be with you. Please take Nubi with you. Nubi can take care of your food and daily living. Although Nubi is clumsy, Nubi will massage your legs, shoulders, and back. Xiaojie, you said that you won’t leave Nubi behind no matter where you go. Did you forget?”

Xiao Ru knelt on the ground and sobbed.

Chen Ning felt a big headache. Her plans didn’t include Xiao Ru. If this girl came along, she would certainly cause some trouble. But she did say that she wouldn’t separate from her no matter where she would go.

If she broke her word, wouldn’t she break Xiao Ru’s heart?

“……” She looked up at Mochuan and winked at him. She wanted him to reject Xiao Ru.

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