Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4554: Crossing Opening

Chapter 4554: Crossing Opening

“Boom!” The world shook violently with the epicenter located in the Yin Wheel.

Everyone immediately stared in that direction.

“The crossing is opening.” A big shot from the last generation murmured, aware of this phenomenon.

Sure enough, the floating foams started gathering towards the center of the Yin Wheel, summoned by an unknown force.

The wheel started changing during this process. As time passed, everyone felt as if it was rotating.

This was strange because the Yin Wheel was nothing more than a void expanse. How could it rotate or move?

Nonetheless, this wasn’t something felt by only one or two people. All the crowd had the same feeling.

Eventually, all the gray foams made it to the center. They became black, not completely devoid of light, but similar to nighttime.

By this point, it became apparent that the Yin Wheel was indeed moving. Once it became fast enough, gales started to form. During this rotation, it became independent, no longer a part of space. This meant that its rotation wouldn’t affect the surroundings nearby.

Loud detonations came next. Once the rotation reached a certain speed, a spatial maelstrom manifested into reality.

The foams in the center were experiencing immense compression and were reduced to black dots. The color of the expanse suddenly turned into the darkest shade possible as if it was emitting black rays.

“Rumble!” Cracks could be heard once the maelstrom gathered sufficient power. Space seemed to be sucked into its rotation. Even time itself couldn’t escape.

The temporal strings were visibly being dragged into the maelstrom as well. All of the affinities were crushed into nothingness.

Time lost its fundamental essences and turned into foams only to be devoured by the maelstrom.

“So the foams were temporal fragments.” A big shot murmured while watching.

Some noticed similarities when they first got here. This was finally proven to be true.

“Boom!” A special phenomenon occurred within the wheel. Everyone suddenly heard splashing noises.

This was unthinkable because everything was being destroyed in the maelstrom. How could there be running water?

But sure enough, it was actually happening. Everyone saw yellow and muddled water coursing within. It almost resembled yellow mud but without the sand and grain. It seemed to be the water symbolizing the end of life.

There was a particular odor to it, not foul and nauseating but something personal. It made people think that they were one step in the grave, on the verge of facing death.

“Yellow liquid! Is this from the Yellow River?!” One expert bellowed.

“Not sure.” A big shot shook her head: “No one has ever obtained this liquid but it is indeed speculated to be from the legendary river.”

At the same time, a different ancestor leaped upward and tossed out a treasure bowl. It flew towards the Yin Wheel with the intention of seizing the water for research.

“Crack!” The bowl was reduced to dust the moment it got close. The particles were then sucked in by the wheel and disappeared from sight.

“Incredible power.” An elder took a deep breath.

“Yes, this is insane.” The ancestor who tried became emotional.

His bowl was a top treasure, extremely mighty and tough. Alas, it didn’t last a single second and seemed to be as fragile as fried dough.

“Countless masters have tried to enter the Yin Wheel only to die a burial-less death. Only Calamity Dao Lord survived, at least according to the records.” An ancient ancestor shook his head.

Listeners took a deep breath and were amazed at Calamity Dao Lord’s unbreakable shell. Nonetheless, the tale said that it was heavily damaged afterward.

Therefore, taking this liquid seemed to be impossible. They were extremely curious but lacked the ability to do anything about it.

The ancestors from True Immortal and Skybreak Monarch didn’t take action either. Though they were strong, they didn’t think they were superior to the wise sages of the past.

“Buzz.” An image appeared in the yellow liquid. It seemed to be a great world with rotating yin and yang. Everything was upside-down - a world never seen before by spectators.

“Is that the reincarnation cycle?” They were captivated by this strange scene because it was different from their own world.

“Is it actually there or just an illusion?” Jian Ming and the daoist became immersed in this scene.

“Are we looking at the yellow river?” Si Jingru asked Li Qiye.

He stared at the image for a bit before shaking his head: “It is an incomplete picture, only one tiny corner.”

“It might not be the cycle at all.” Lin Mo who has been silent added.

“If it were so easy to reincarnate, everyone would be able to do it.” Li Qiye chuckled.

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