Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4553: Astonishment

Chapter 4553: Astonishment

Meanwhile, Si Jingru walked next to Li Qiye and grabbed his arm, looking rather excited: “I didn’t expect to see you again, Young Noble, after saying goodbye in Bodhisattva City.”

Her natural smile put flowers to shame. It seeped into the soul just like a blooming flower.

Spectators who saw this became speechless. The goddess’ status commanded respect from both the young and old.

Normally, someone like her would have plenty of suitors. An example would be Godwhip Princess. Despite being unreachable, youths still harbored feelings for her.

In this case, no one dared to have these unrealistic fantasies. The geniuses couldn’t talk romance with Si Jingru for it would be a travesty.

Therefore, seeing her being so intimate and smiling with Li Qiye just like a young lady was unthinkable.

No one would believe that the priestess of Ancestral Divine Temple actually took the initiative to grab a man’s arm. Alas, they actually witnessed the act in person.

“Who the hell is he?” This became the question on everyone’s mind.

“How is he so lucky? To actually earn the goddess’ favor.” An expert became jealous.

“Which sect is he from?” An ancestor found this puzzling. Even the five conquerors couldn’t garner her attention, let alone prompt her to act in this manner.

“You’ve improved quickly.” Li Qiye glanced at her and said flatly.

“It is thanks to you, Young Noble.” She said softly.

Her attitude was surprising enough but so was Li Qiye’s.

“Who does he think he is? He should be rejoiced right now but look at him, acting all cool.” A youth found this annoying.

“He gotta be blind.” A young female cultivator felt the same way.

Some might faint with happiness after receiving so much favor from the saintess. However, this guy acted as if it was nothing.

Contrary to other opinions, Si Jingru was happy to receive praise from Li Qiye, looking as if she had just drank sweet honey.

The Improper Four saw this and exchanged glances.

“What is your young noble’s background?” A’han couldn’t help but quietly ask Jian Ming.

“One strong enough where you aren’t qualified to kneel before him.” Jian Ming glanced at them dismissively as if insulting their lack of discernment.

“Not just anyone in this world can make us kneel.” Xiao Yan stared at Li Qiye and didn’t buy it.

“Whatever, I’m telling you out of the goodness of my heart. Just know that It’s up to you whether to believe me or not. The young noble simply doesn’t care even if your father is the heaven itself.” Jian Ming shrugged.

Whenever Jian Ming spoke, others would get the urge to slap him a couple of times. He seemed masochistic in this regard.

“Really now?” Xiao Yan still didn’t buy it. Though no one knew who they were, they actually had a frightening background.

“Our knowledge is insufficient, forgive us.” Puresword hurriedly mediated.

Jian Ming went on: “Insufficient indeed, not as knowledgeable as a merchant like me who has traveled to all corners of the world. You need to learn more in order to not shame your ancestors.”

“You!” Xiao Yan was furious but Puresword pulled him back. The latter smiled wryly and took his time observing Li Qiye.

He knew that Jian Ming had a foul mouth. However, the masochistic guy didn’t seem to be ignorant and overly arrogant. This made the whole thing rather strange.

Li Qiye ignored their conversation. He glanced at the sect master of True Immortal then the sky before smiling: “Quite a few have arrived.”

With that, he asked Lin Mo: “What is Everlasting Monarch taking with him?”

Jian Ming and the others’ ears became larger as they tried to listen without being too obvious.

Lin Mo quietly stared at the cemetery and said: “Only one thing.”

“I see.” Li Qiye rubbed his chin and said: “If that’s the case, the title of everlasting is well-deserved.”

“Are you interested, Young Noble?” She looked back at him.

He smiled and said: “There’s nothing to see. If it was special, it wouldn’t be left behind like this. It might be decent but not something I need.”

“What is it?” Jian Ming finally joined, unable to contain his curiosity.

Li Qiye laughed and said: “You are so noisy. Just wait a bit and others will take action, you’ll find out then.”

“Many geezers from True Immortal are here, can they actually rob him?” Jian Ming glanced at the sky.

“That depends on the price they are willing to pay?” Li Qiye smiled: “Since the monarch brought it to the cemetery in the first place, it means that he doesn’t want to hand it over.”

“How many monarchs from True Immortal are here?” Jian Ming chuckled: “It might not matter either because if Everlasting Monarch gets serious, he’ll destroy this region. Can anyone from True Immortal take him on?”

“There might be a ceremonial method.” The daoist got involved as well.

Everlasting Monarch was obviously powerful since he was a being from the Era of the Blessed. He could absolutely be considered one of the strongest ancient ancestors from True Immortal.

Since he brought the item to the cemetery, he clearly wanted to take it with him to the Yin Wheel for the cycle.

He wouldn’t accept True Immortal’s demand. Though he was dead, his power still remained. A battle might result in the death of many experts from True Immortal.

“What type of ceremony?” Jian Ming asked.

“A spirit summon. If he can remember his descendants, then they have a chance. Otherwise, it’ll be a slaughter.” The daoist said.

“So we got a show then.” Jian Ming smiled, ready to see others suffer.

“From what I can see, Everlasting Monarch will truly show up this time.” The daoist calculated with his fingers and then whispered: “A really important figure in True Immortal is here this time.” He looked up at the sky afterward.

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