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Chapter 837 - Settled

Chapter 837: Settled

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“What’s the matter? The goddess has the ability to clear out your bowels. If anyone gets constipated in the future, they’ll just have to go and express their love at close range. Their problem will be solved immediately!”

 “Your mouth is foul! It’s their own fault. So many people already confessed to the goddess. Why are they the only ones who soiled their pants?”

 “That is right, they were not in a good state of mind. It has nothing to do with the goddess!”

 “This goddess is quite unattainable by normal people!”

 “Isn’t that right? Let’s observe three minutes of silence for those two.”

 “Ah, what are the names of those two? I want to get to know them!”

 “You are just trying to sprinkle salt on other people’s wounds. Are you looking for a fight?”

 “How can you take it that way?”

 “Comrades, I know what you guys are thinking. Just wait, you guys will be asked to have a talk tomorrow!”


 In the afternoon, Su Xiaoxue felt that some of her classmates were looking at her strangely.

 “What’s the matter?”

 “Do you not know about it yet?” her good friend asked in surprise.

 “I don’t know. What has happened?”

 “You are incredibly famous now,” her friend said. “Take a look at our school’s online forum. Everyone is talking about you.”

 After class, Su Xiaoxue went to take a look. Only then did she understand why everyone was looking at her the strange way they were.

 It’s all Sir’s fault! Her small mouth pouted.

 “See? The goddess is not happy.”

 “I’ll ask a friend to delete that post later.”

 “Yes, that will do.”

 By the time it was lunchtime, the post with an incredibly high click rate had magically disappeared.

 It seemed to be the end of the matter.

 Wang Yao brewed some medicine and accompanied Xiaoxue to class. This time, no one dared to come over to find trouble again.

 “I’m going back tomorrow.”

 “So soon?”

 “Yes, I want to tell your parents about us,” Wang Yao said.

 “Alright.” Su Xiaoxue’s heart felt warm and happy.

 Wang Yao had taken the initiative to formally tell her parents about their affairs.

 “Shall we go home for dinner tonight? My father is back as well.”


 In the evening, at the Su family residence…

 Su Xianghua, Song Ruiping, Su Xiaoxue, and Wang Yao were all there. It was a heart-warming family banquet.

 After dinner, Wang Yao put his and Su Xiaoxue’s affairs on the table with the two elders. He was going to marry Su Xiaoxue. The time was set for after she had graduated from university. Neither Su Xianghua nor Song Ruiping had any objections. They just told Wang Yao to treat Xiaoxue well. Just like that, the matter was set.

 Phew! After leaving the Su family house, Wang Yao heaved a sigh of relief. He had actually been quite nervous. He was afraid that Su Xiaoxue’s parents would have objections, but the two elders were very reasonable. Perhaps it was because they thought their daughter’s happiness was the most important thing.

 After Wang Yao left, Su Xianghua and Song Ruiping returned to their rooms.

 “Is it settled just like that?” Song Ruiping asked.

 “Yes, didn’t they just mention it? Xiaoxue likes him, and I think that this Wang Yao is very good,” Su Xianghua replied.

 “Alright,” Song Ruiping said.

 “Why? Don’t they look right together?”

 “No,” Song Ruiping said.

 In her heart, she felt that it was not very agreeable. In the beginning, she had thought that as long as her daughter liked him, it would be alright. When it was time for her to make a decision, she still hoped that her daughter would find someone with a compatible family background. Moreover, when she thought that her daughter might be married and living in the mountain village thousands of miles away from her, she didn’t feel so satisfied with their marriage.

 “You’re talking insincerely. Aren’t you going to speak the truth to me?”

 “A little bit. Do you think if Xiaoxue marries him she will have to follow him back to Haiqu, that small mountain village?”

 “What’s wrong with the small mountain village?” Su Xianghua asked. “The air is fresh, natural, and healthy. I’ll go and have a look when I’m free.”

 “Alright, I just don’t think it’s all perfect,” Song Ruiping said. “As long as Xiaoxue is willing to do it, I have no problems with it.”

 “It’s already quite late. Shall we go to bed?”


 After Wang Yao stayed one more night, he flew to Haiqu the next morning and returned to Lianshan County in the late afternoon. When he got home, it was just in time for dinner.

 “Why did you not tell me in advance when you were coming back?” Zhang Xiuying asked. “I could have prepared a few more dishes.”

 “I’m not a guest. Besides, I have ready-made dishes with me,” Wang Yao said with a smile. When he left, he had taken some small luggage with several sets of clothes in it. It was a different story when he returned. Su Xiaoxue had gotten him a big suitcase with food and gifts for Wang Yao’s parents.

 “Roast duck?”

 “Yes, Xiaoxue bought it,” Wang Yao said. “She bought everything in the luggage and special gifts for you two.”

 “Look how thoughtful the girl is!”

 “Mom and Dad, this time, I met Xiaoxue’s parents when I was there,” Wang Yao said. “I told them that I was going to marry Xiaoxue.”

 “Well, what did Xiaoxue’s parents say?”

 “Did they agree?”

 “They have agreed,” Wang Yao replied.

 “That’s great! When are you guys going to get married?”

 “Well, I have discussed it with Xiaoxue,” Wang Yao said. “When she graduates from college, I will marry her. It will take another two years.”

 “So long!”


 “Alright, as long as you guys are settled,” Wang Fenghua said.

 Now that their daughter was married off, their thoughts were on their son. Since their son was quite skilled, they didn’t think there would be a problem getting her as a daughter-in-law. It was mainly because Xiaoxue was so lovable. She was wonderful, so they were afraid to lose her.

 “Come on, let’s eat.”

 “Let’s eat.”

 After eating, Wang Yao went to Nanshan Hill.

 It was quiet on the hill. The dog met him at the foot of the mountain with its tail wagging.

 “San Xian, if I come up late in the future, you don’t have to come down the mountain to pick me up. Just lie in your kennel.”

 Woof! Woof! Woof!

 “Why can’t you sleep? Do I have to find you a companion?”

 Woof! Woof!

 “Xiao Hei, what’s wrong with that?”



 Wang Yao quickened his pace and followed the dog up the hill. He only felt relieved after seeing the black snake, which was shedding its skin in the grass.

 “It’s molting. It’s growing normally.”


 “Alright, it’s nothing. He will be fine tomorrow. Go back to sleep,” Wang Yao said with a smile.

 The night passed peacefully. The next day, Xiao Hei was curled up in front of the dog’s kennel early in the morning. It seemed as if it was communicating with the dog. Its body had grown thicker.

 Wang Yao got up and looked at Xiao Hei. He said, “Well, it has grown a little more.”

 The black snake slithered over to Wang Yao’s feet and turned twice.

 “I’m going to practice on the hill,” he said as he headed up the hill.

 The dog and black snake followed behind him. On top of the hill, the autumn wind was cold. Wang Yao was alone. He practiced a set of ancient boxing techniques, weaving his hands around and between.


 It was also early in the morning thousands of miles away in Singing Sand County. There was a vast yellow spread across the sky because the wind was very strong. It swept sand up into the air.

 In an ordinary house, a thin man sat at the window and looked out at the sand.

 “It’s windy again!” he exclaimed.

 In his opinion, the sandstorm that many hated had a different aesthetic feel and charm for him.

 Ring! Ring! The mobile phone on the table suddenly rang out. He picked it up and saw that it was a strange number. He didn’t plan to answer it, but the phone kept ringing.


 “Have you thought it through?”

 “I like to watch the sandstorm here.”

 “Well, they have already come out.”

 There was silence. The phone was hung up.

 “Such a stubborn person. I wonder what crazy things he will do this time.”

 Downstairs, there was a car with two people inside.


 “Yes, in this building. I am sure.”

 “Ah, this is troublesome. That’s the Poison Master,” the man reclining in the backseat said as he yawned.

 “Thank you.”

 “You’re welcome. I have another piece of information to tell you. Yesterday, I dug up the monitoring footage near here and saw a person you would never expect.”

 “Who was it?”

 “The chairman.”

 “F*ck, are you serious?” The man in the backseat instantly sat up. “He’s still alive.”

 “See for yourself.” The man in the driver’s seat threw the cell phone in his hand toward the back. There was a picture on it.

 “Delete it immediately.”

 “It’s really him!” The man in the back knitted his brows tightly.


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