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Chapter 836 - It's Too Strange

Chapter 836: It’s Too Strange

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“Is that so? Is their psychological quality so poor?”

 “Yes, to be honest, for ordinary students, the pressure from studying here is quite heavy,” Su Xiaoxue said. “Think about it, before they arrived here, they were all elites from all over the country. All of them were top-notch students. After they arrived here, they realized they were surrounded by people who were the same as them. The advantage they had vanished, especially for those students who came in purely by putting in more effort than others. The gap is too big. They only knew how to study. The learning atmosphere here is changing, and some students are very vulnerable inside.”

 She was different. Her soul was strong because she had once laid in the hospital bed for more than two years, suffering from the agony of her disease. Her heart and spirit had been honed incomparably strong.

 “I hope he will be OK,” Su Xiaoxue said. She was still a kind-hearted girl.

 The story of how Student Li had pooped his pants again quickly spread all over the huge campus.

 “He pooped his pants again?”

 “Yes, just this afternoon.”

 “Ah, this is really strange. Other people would not be able to walk when they see a beautiful woman. What’s the matter with him pooping his pants when he sees the goddess?”

 “Who knows why? Maybe he was too agitated.”

 “Do you think he has any physical defects?”

 “I haven’t heard. Is it maybe a mental defect?”

 “Third Brother, are you alright?” Looking at Li Runhe, who was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling, some of his roommates were worried.

 According to reason, he should not have soiled himself at such an age, but it was nothing serious if it was just because he had an upset stomach. If one were to soil one’s pants two times in three days, and for the same reason, this matter was probably not nothing.

 Sigh! Li Runhe sighed while lying on the bed.

 This time, his reputation was tarnished. It had soured.

 He had pooped his pants two times in less than three days. No adult should to that. He even had thoughts of death now.

 He sighed again.

 “How can I face other people now?”

 On the way back from the teaching building to the dormitory, many people were pointing and gossiping about him. How soon had it been since his last accident?

 “Third Brother, the thing already happened, so don’t think too much about it. It’s just that this matter has a little impact on your reputation. After some time, everyone will forget about it.”

 “Yes, that’s right. There’s nothing to think about.”

 “It’s easy for you guys to say that. How would you feel if this had happened to you?” Li Runhe’s voice was a little hoarse from his sobbing.


 His roommates sympathized with him. No matter who it was, no one would be able to accept it if it had happened to them.

 “Well, Third Brother, look, we still have classes in the afternoon. Are you going? If you’re not going, please take leave early!”

 “Do you think I can go to class in this situation?”

 If he were to go to class now, wouldn’t he be laughed at by those students?

 “Alright, we’ll help you take leave this afternoon. As for tomorrow, we can’t always keep doing this, can we?”

 Yanjing University’s curriculum was packed full. They had several classes a day.

 Li Runhe suddenly sat up and said, “You don’t have to take leave for me. I’ll go in the afternoon!”

 “Third Brother, are you OK?”

 “Yes, I’m perfectly fine!”

 “Well, I know a psychiatrist. I heard that he’s quite good and reliable. Would you like me to take you there to meet him?”

 “Big Brother, I’m not sick. Really, I don’t know what’s going on. Since this morning, my stomach has been upset. It hurts quite a lot. It was the kind that I couldn’t control!”

 “Is it due to agitation?”

 “Yes, it should be.”

 “When you see the goddess in the future, just avoid her. There is no lack of pretty flowers in this world!”


 In the afternoon, Li Runhe was unsurprisingly the focus of attention.

 “See him? That’s Li Runhe.”

 “Is he the one who pooped his pants?”


 “People are either rooted to the floor or their eyes are shining when they see the goddess. Sometimes they have other physiological reactions. Why do you think he pooped his pants?”

 “Maybe it’s one of the physiological reactions you mentioned. It’s just that his was a little bit strange.”

 “That’s too bad. He will just soil his pants every time he sees her. It is unimaginable!”

 These voices were like countless flies constantly flying around Li Runhe and noisily buzzing.

 His face was red. His body was shaking, and his fists were tightly clenched.

 “Li Runhe, you have to bear it. They are not alone. They are just mad dogs and flies. What they say is all bullsh*t!”

 “Third Brother, endure it!” The dorm’s big brother, who was beside him, patted him on the shoulder.

 “Don’t worry, Big Brother. I got this.”

 “That’s good.”

 One class was akin to agony for him. It was a very painful agony.

 He managed to survive it.

 “Let’s go out and have a smoke!”

 A classmate came over to Li Runhe’s side and said with a smile, “Hey, let’s get to know each other!”

 “Wait, what is there to get to know?” Li Runhe did not talk. His roommates next to him were not happy about it.

 What did he mean by that? Wasn’t his actions just sprinkling salt on someone else’s wound? It was too much.

 When the student saw the situation, he immediately explained, “Oh, no, don’t get me wrong!”

 “What do you mean?”

 “That is, I like Su Xiaoxue as well. I want to confess to her face to face. I am just afraid that an accident would happen as well. I just want to ask what the situation was so I can prevent it in advance.” This male student was quite frank.

 “My stomach was just feeling upset at that time,” Li Runhe said. “Really, there was nothing special. If you like her, you should express your love. Don’t worry, it will be fine.”


 “Yes, more real than pure gold,” Li Runhe said with a smile.

 “Ah, then I’ll rest assured. Thank you, man. I’ll treat you to dinner another day.” The classmate left with a smile.

 “Wait a minute, Third Brother, is what you just said true?”

 “Of course, it’s true. Besides, didn’t many people express their love to her before? We haven’t seen anyone poop their pants before, right?”

 “That is true.”

 Somewhere in Yanjing University…

 “How is it? Have you thought it through?”

 “Hi, no problem. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ve bought all the antidiarrhea medicine.”

 “Nice, you’re indeed my friend. I’ll treat you for a month.”

 “Ah, I love hearing that!”

 The next morning, in the courtyard…

 Feng Jiahe and Liu Zhengfeng arrived at the courtyard just a little past 8 a.m. Feng Jiahe was in a much better condition than Wang Yao had expected. In two days, her face had some color, and her mental state was much better. From her pulse, her body had substantially stabilized. The child within her was fine for the time being.

 “I’m brewing a set of medicine now,” Wang Yao said. “You can come back to get it tomorrow.”

 “Alright, thank you, Dr. Wang,” Liu Zhengfeng hurriedly replied.

 “You’re welcome.”

 “Are you free this noon? I’d like to treat you to a meal.”

 “No need. I have already made plans with Xiaoxue to go eat at the school.”

 “Another day then.”

 “We will see about that.”

 When the couple left the courtyard, their mentality had changed. They were more relaxed than when they had come the last time.

 After they left, Wang Yao went to Yanjing University and met Su Xiaoxue. When class was over, the two of them walked on the road of Yanjing University hand in hand.

 “Su Xiaoxue, I love you!”

 With a whoosh, someone jumped up from the bushes.

 Get lost!

 Wang Yao instantly kicked the person back.

 Oh! A cry sounded out.


 “It’s OK, I did it on purpose,” Wang Yao said as he smiled and patted Su Xiaoxue’s hand.

 “What’s the matter? Why are you hitting other people?”

 The man jumped out from the back of a tree. There was some grass in his hair.

 “I’m sorry about that, but I thought I had encountered a psychopath. Are you OK?” Wang Yao replied with a smile.

 “You… What do you mean by that? I’m just expressing my love to the goddess. Was that necessary?”

 “I didn’t see it. I thought you were a bad guy!”

 “Goddess, I am truly…”

 Oh no, my stomach hurts badly!

 Before he could finish saying that sentence, his stomach began to gurgle and hurt.

 “Oh no, I have to go to the toilet!”

 He ran hurriedly to the nearest building.

 “This can’t be!”

 The people waiting to see how the situation played out were all stunned.

 Pfft! With a loud sound, a life tragedy happened. Poop followed the fart, and the man soiled himself.

 Another one!

 It was great gossip fodder. It was big news at Yanjing University. Within three days, two people had confessed to the goddess Su Xiaoxue in a row. In the end, both of them had pooped their pants. The university’s online forum was erupting.


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