Elite Mages’ Academy

Chapter 480: An Enigma

Chapter 480: An Enigma

Close to them were various griffin corpses, and the sizes looked relatively small. They looked like griffins who had yet to fully mature. Even so, just defeating those griffins had used up a lot of their strength. They had really experienced why griffins were called the kings of the sky.

They had learned before in their classes last semester that, of the countless wild beasts on Planet Norma, only a few could call themselves rulers of the sky. Basically, other than the dragons, there were only griffins and dragon-eagles.

No one talked at that moment. Everyone was thinking about just lying down and sleeping in the middle of the wastelands. Xiao Lin was exhausted as well, but thanks to not using Ruin, he still had enough to go on. Looking at the blue skies and the wastelands, he furrowed his eyebrows.

“My God, we’re so unlucky! Surely it’s not the griffins at the transport point that flew over!”

“Then we’d need compensation!”

“Whatever! However, I already said that sneaking was not a good idea. There’s no one in sight here. Our group would would naturally become a target.”


Everyone lying down there was powerlessly complaining. Only Xiao Lin was still standing, thinking for a long time before saying, “Who here did better in classes?”

“Li Jiayi? She goes to the library a lot more.”

Xiao Lin looked at the pretty monitor. “Then do you know about the griffins’ habits? Like, do griffins usually go out at night?”

Li Jiayi was panting. She had used a lot of her mental strength, but she managed to regain her composure and force herself to speak. “We’ve never learned that in class before. Zoology is only being taught this year. However, I’ve seen some books in the library that say that Planet Norma’s flight-based animals are similar to those of Earth, and like to move during the day. Even dragons don’t like moving around at night.”

Xiao Lin’s expression darkened, looking at the others. The rest of them seemed to realize something as their expressions changed as well. Cheng Ming let out a breath, saying suspiciously, “Xiao Lin, you think that this ambush was a scheme?”

Xiao Lin said, “I might not know much about the animals on Planet Norma, but I’ve heard Department Head Song mention before that the avians on Planet Norma rarely move about at night. Even if they did, they would not move at such a scale.”

“Could the griffins have gone crazy?” Class Four’s Han Manman questioned.

“Why don’t you just say the griffins are going through menopause?” Chen Dao, who did not get along with her, mocked.

“It’s not completely impossible for it to be something like that. After all, we don’t really know much about griffins. I think it’s more likely to be an accident. It’s not necessarily always a scheme.” Class Eight’s Zhang Shengguo was working hard to appear dignified. Unfortunately, the fatigue on his face was more serious than everyone else’s. That man was notorious for having very low stamina.

The other monitors could not help but furrow their eyebrows. Zhang Shengguo’s words were basically pointing at Xiao Lin for deliberately disrupting them. Even though no one wanted a single accident to disrupt their monthly examination assignment, the thought of someone potentially trying to bring them harm in the dark was terrifying.

“Those griffins were the ones we rode on the way here!” Just as the atmosphere was getting awkward and heavy, Ibeiya broke the silence.

Ever since the attack last night, Ibeiya had been obediently hiding in the middle of everyone, never crying or making a sound throughout. Everyone could not help but admire the obedient girl. Only Xiao Lin knew that the situation was nothing much to Ibeiya.

“Are you sure?” Xiao Lin asked.

Ibeiya knelt down next to the griffin carcass that Xiao Lin had brought over for a long time before she raised her head with a determined look. “I’m very sure. This griffin was the one he sat on.”

Ibeiya pointed at Zhang Shengguo, who had an incredulous look on his face. “How can you be sure? I can’t tell at all.”

Ibeiya was not willing to explain. She had a difficult look on her face, but she still confirmed it again.

Xiao Lin felt like the girl’s consternation might come from the fact that it was related to her status as a vampire. It could just be one of the talents of vampires. He waved his hand, changing the topic. “No matter what, we’ll need to be more careful after this. I know that everyone is exhausted, but I don’t think this is a good place to rest. Let’s get into the city first.”

Xiao Lin’s suggestion was agreed upon by most of them, so everyone supported each other as they continued forward, but their speed had greatly decreased.

Xiao Lin deliberately lagged behind. After a certain distance, he whispered to Ibeiya, who was next to him, “How could you tell that was Shengguo’s mount? Is that some skill your race has? This is quite important to us, so I hope we can get better proof.”

Ibeiya’s large eyes blinked. She laughed as she said, “That’s not it. That man vomited out a storm when he was riding his griffin, and I just happened to notice some residue on the griffin’s feathers. Unless this flock was also ridden by another team of rookies, that would be way too much of a coincidence. However, that guy really is interesting. He looked so serious, but thinking about how much he suffered in the air. It’s hilarious, hahaha...”

Xiao Lin’s face twitched. He looked at the happy little girl, and looked at Zhang Shengguo’s back, feeling that it really was quite funny...

But that was not the point.

Xiao Lin had confirmed his speculation with Ibeiya. That was definitely not good news. The flight points were opened by the Englishmen, but he did not think that he offended the two of them in any way, nor did they have any reason to make a move on Dawn Academy. They might be in the Rosa Kingdom, but there were still resurrection towers nearby. Even if they really were killed, the conflict between Dawn Academy and the British Royal Academy would have to fall on the two of them.

Xiao Lin could not think of a good reason at the moment, but flying was now obviously not a good choice. Of course, he did not discount the fact that it could be a challenge the academy had deliberately set for them. After all, within the resurrection tower’s radius, death was just a loss of 20 years. To those monitors, it was not an unimaginable loss.

With his suspicions, after over an hour, the monitors finally walked out of the wastelands.

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