Elite Mages’ Academy

Chapter 479: Attackers From The Skies

Chapter 479: Attackers From The Skies

The moment Xiao Lin spoke, they seemed to realize they had been discovered, and the assault from the skies started. Xiao Lin could feel the sound of the winds charging toward him quickly. The winds were as sharp as swords, and he immediately converted his attributes to Strength as he raised his Holy Sword to block.


Following the loud impact, Xiao Lin helt a large force colliding with his sword. However, the Holy Sword’s durability was proven there, and thanks to him putting up his defenses, he was not hit by the sudden attack. Yet, when Xiao Lin prepared to counter, the sound was retreating rapidly.

How fast!

The rest of them immediately started their counter attack as a few flame balls shot toward the sky. Class Nine’s Wang Wanzhu also chose to focus on flame magic, and was more familiar with it than Xiao Lin. Her focus had led to her already mastering the higher level Grand Fireball.

A large flaming ball was sent up to the sky. In that brief moment of light, their silhouettes were revealed in the sky.

The high basic attributes of the monitors really shined here; if the regular students had been met with such an ambush, they would have been wiped instantly.

The first attack was by Class Five’s An Luo; he was the only person who specialized in archery among the monitors, and Xiao Lin vaguely remembered that he had boasted that his talent was increased accuracy when it came to archery. That allowed him to show a high level of archery despite the lack of vision.

An Luo drew his bow, and with a few shots, a low and sharp cry could be heard, but it looked like the ambusher only sustained minor injuries.

However, An Luo’s attacks revealed their opponent’s location. Chen Dao managed to complete his spell; the kid, whose talent in magic was only second to Gu Xiaoyue’s, shot out an intense red light from his staff, causing the few of them who specialized in magic to do a double take.

“Flame Dragon!”

A large flaming dragon shot out of Chen Dao’s staff. That was a Bronze-ranked spell, and the difficulty of learning it as well as the requirements were both very high. It was also much higher ranked than anything anyone else had.

The Flame Dragon’s power was immense, and thanks to An Luo’s arrows that had slowed down the attackers, the dragon managed to swallow the targets whole. After a sharp cry, the sound of an object dropping to the ground could be heard.

“Everyone, keep defending. Cheng Ming and I will go look!” Xiao Lin immediately said; he had wanted to make a move, but it seemed like the other monitors had high combat ability as well. Their defenses were sufficient, so he brought along the highly defensive Cheng Ming. The most important thing was for them to find out the identity of their attacker.

With Miracle active and Intelligence pumped to the maximum, Xiao Lin had the highest perception out of everyone. Following the direction of the sound, Cheng Ming walked in front with his tower shield and Xiao Lin carefully walked behind with his sword in hand.

A few hundred meters away from the sound, Xiao Lin pointed his finger and shot out a few flame bullets, temporarily lighting up the night. Looking at the bodies on the ground, Xiao Lin and Cheng Ming gasped.

Xiao Lin slung a carcass on his shoulder and turned back. He threw the body in front of the other monitors. “Griffins! The ones in the skies are griffins. We need to be careful. Griffins might not be that famous on Planet Norma for their combat abilities, but not many creatures can challenge them in the air.”


“The ones we rode earlier?”

The expressions of the monitors all changed. They had done their homework as well, and naturally understood that griffins were hard to handle while they were flying, especially for those who did not have the ability to hit them. Other than defending passively, there was not much of a better way.

In the next few hours, they focused completely on keeping their defenses up. Even though An Luo’s archery and Chen Dao’s large-scale magical attacks, coupled with Xiao Lin’s perception, let them kill off the occasional griffin, it did not really damage much of the entire flock of griffins.

The griffins had immense speed and reactions, after Xiao Lin and the others made their preparations, they could defend themselves quite well. After all, the monitors were all talent holders, and their combat abilities were not bad. However, the cover of the night gave the griffins natural protection. The griffin’s attacks had all been countered by then, but after each attack, the griffins would slyly pull away at a high speed, not giving them many chances to counter-attack.

Following Chen Dao’s mental exhaustion as well as An Luo’s physical exhaustion, Xiao Lin’s Miracle state had run out as well, which made them even more passive. Xiao Lin actually had the ability to fight back if he activated Ruin, even if he did not have vision or the ability to fly; he could rely on the devastating power of Ruin to clear out the field with large-scale attacks.

However, after some hesitation, Xiao Lin chose not to do so. Even with the increase in attributes and him being more familiar with Miracle, Xiao Lin had yet to see much improvement in his Ruin state. He would be powerless for a long time after using it.

The griffins’ earlier attacks had all just been used to check on their abilities, and Xiao Lin was filled with suspicion on the attack as well, so he chose not to use his trump card.

The truth was like he had thought. From the cries in the sky, they could tell that there were at least a dozen griffins in the skies, but the griffins did not use any formations, nor were the attacks as intense as they anticipated. However, the defending monitors did not dare let their guards down, their minds tensed up, not allowing themselves to relax.

It continued for an hour, all the way until the first ray of sunlight shot out over the horizon. The night-time attackers made a final round around them before slowly flying away in the distance. Everyone could finally see with their own eyes, and it really was a flock of griffins. They could not mistake that after having ridden those beasts.

After half an hour, the skies were completely bright, and the night sky could no longer be used as cover. Seeing as the griffins showed no signs of returning, everyone let out a sigh of relief, collectively collapsing on the ground.

The fight they had gone through most of the night might not have been that intense, only resulting in some light injuries on three who specialized in magic, the rest of them were fine. It had taken a toll on them mentally, and they were completely exhausted.

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