Dual Cultivation

Chapter 96 Chamber of Embrace 2

Chapter 96 Chamber of Embrace 2

Many minutes have passed since the event started, and all five entrances to the Chamber of Embrace were closed at this moment.

While everybody there waited, a few disciples from the Profound Blossom Sect side decided to introduce themselves in order to attract more attention.

They talked about their backgrounds and what they hoped to achieve in the Cultivation world, quickly gathering the attention of the guests.

"Young Lady, what do you think about him? He seems like a pretty decent guy," whispered an old man from the crowd, his gaze at a beautiful young lady with short black hair.

The young lady coldly snorted at the old man's words. "This is my third time here— if the last two didn't work, what makes you think things will be any different this time?"

The old man sighed at her words, and he replied: "Aiya! Do not blame this old man… I am only here as an escort… If the Young Lady wishes to make a complaint, please go directly to the head of our family…"

The young lady's mood seemingly worsened after hearing the old man mention their family.

"I cannot comprehend Father's thoughts. Why would he send me to this vulgar place to find a husband? This is not only great humiliation to me but also to the entire family!"

The old man shook his head at her words. Even he, one of the most trustworthy servants within the family, does not know of her father's intention for sending his daughter to a shameful place like this.

"Telling me to find a husband from this vulgar place is no different than telling me to pick a husband from some expensive brothel! If this is not humiliation, then there is nothing in this world that could be considered as humiliating, and I will no longer stand for this! Once we are finished here, I will give a piece of my mind to my Father!"

The old man only smiled bitterly at the young lady's endless grumbling.

"No matter how stubborn the young lady is, her father will always be more stubborn…" he sighed inwardly, and he began paying attention to the Profound Blossom Sect again.

His job was to find a suitable partner for the young lady with him today. If he fails again like he'd for the last two times, then he would be at risk for a beating by the head of the family, who was also the young lady's father.

Every young man at the Profound Blossom Sect was more than qualified to be the Young Lady's partner in terms of look, but one would be required more than just appearances in order to be accepted by her family.

After taking a few minutes to analyze all the disciples from the Profound Blossom Sect, the old man realized that he couldn't find anything unique about these young men besides their appearances.

Though, there was one young man within the group that gave off a completely different atmosphere than the others, setting himself apart from them.

"His appearances are definitely something to be envied of, even by this place's standards, but…" The old man scratched his head, feeling perplexed.

"But he has this dangerous feeling around him… and I don't have a clue as to his character or demeanor…"

Suddenly, the Young Lady asked him: "Old Lu, can we go home already? At this rate, we will be standing here until this festival meant for perverts ends…"

"You Father strictly ordered us to not return until this is all over."

"Che…" The Young Lady sucked her teeth in disappointment, and then she began looking at the Profound Blossom Sect disciples out of boredom.




Meanwhile, Su Yang stood there with an irritated expression, feeling as though he was a puppet on display from just standing there and being watched.

He turned to look at Liu Lanzhi and spoke: "How long do we have to be here?"

"Two days," she calmly replied.

Su Yang narrowed his eyes at her before turning to look at the crowd of guests.

There were still at least 40 people there, with only around 10 females amongst the entire group.

Out of these ten females, only half of them had decent faces.

And among these five young ladies, only three of them could be considered average by the Profound Blossom Sect's standards, meaning that they were definitely beautiful ladies in the world outside of this weird place.

A few minutes later, just as Su Yang was prepared to move, one of the female guests stepped forward, becoming the first from the ten there.

When the disciples saw this, they instinctively straightened their backs to look even taller.

Although the benefits these disciples would receive from today's event was nothing really worthy for Inner Court disciples like them, they are doing this mainly for bragging rights and to boost their pride and ego.

If they truly wished to advance their cultivation base, they wouldn't be here standing around and wasting time and would instead be cultivating with fellow disciples that are clearly more pleasant to cultivate with.

In other words, these Inner Court disciples are only here to show one another that they are the superior one when it comes to their charm, something all the disciples from the Profound Blossom Sect took pride in!

As for the female disciples, their reason for joining was much more simple— they wanted more resource from the Sect!

Unlike Core disciples that have an almost unlimited resource for cultivation, they still have to earn the majority of their resources. And although it may sound bad to others, the female disciples actually liked how they get to obtain both resource and Yang Essence from talented individuals at the same time, something extremely rare in a Sect such as this place, as virgin males are even more scarce than pure maidens in this place.

After standing there for a few moments, looking hesitant, the young lady began approaching the Profound Blossom Sect disciples.

When she arrived in front of the disciple surnamed Gu, the smile on his face widened.


However, before he could even open his mouth halfway, the young lady walked right past him and continued walking straight towards Su Yang, who was standing not far away behind him.

"Hello, I am Zhu Da, Inner Court disciple of the Blue Wind Valley… May I ask for this brother's time whenever there is an open room?"

The young lady asked Su Yang with a shy expression on her face.

The smile on Disciple Gu's face immediately froze, and his head began burning from embarrassment a moment later. "Su Yang!!!" he growled inwardly, feeling anger as though his family was just murdered right in front of him.

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