Dual Cultivation

Chapter 95 Chamber of Embrace 1

Chapter 95 Chamber of Embrace 1

When the guests noticed the group of disciples approaching them, their hearts throbbed profusely, as they will be embracing someone within that group today.

"As expected of the Profound Blossom Sect— their appearances are truly the best within the Eastern Continent!" One of the guests praised.

"I have never seen so many top-notch beauties in one place at once!" A young man within the group could already feel blood rushing towards his little brother.

As a matter of fact, the majority of the guests there were already feeling arousement just from looking at the group of disciples.

"I apologize for the late arrival," said Liu Lanzhi upon seeing the guests. "And since we are already behind schedule, I will be skipping the basic introductions."

"The disciples I have brought today are all masterful in the art of pleasure and the most experienced within their ranks. If you see one to your liking, you may go up to the individual and request for their time."

"However, keep in mind that I cannot force them accept your proposal and that there is a chance for refusal."

After saying her piece, Liu Lanzhi stepped back to allow the crowd for a better look at her disciples.

As for the disciples themselves, they began moving away from each other in order to distinguish themselves from one another.

The only one that didn't move was Su Yang. He just casually stood there, looking as though he was just a spectator.

The guests immediately began speaking to one another.

"Young Master, how about that beauty all the way to the right? I believe her to be fitting of your taste."

Of course, there were also guardians and Sect Elders within the guests as representatives just in case something happens.

"Senior apprentice-sister Mai, what do you think about that young man with the long black hair in the back? He's clearly the most handsome out of them all…"

The females within the guests immediately noticed Su Yang that stood out like a sore thumb due to his overwhelmingly superior appearance when compared the to rest.

"I would love to choose him as my partner… but there's something frightening about him…"

"Eh? You think so, too?"


While many within the guests wanted to pick Su Yang, there was something about him that prevented them from approaching him. It was as though there was an invisible barrier around him that warded off others.

A few minutes after the event started, the first person stepped forward.

He was a young man with a large figure and a slightly above average face, and unlike most of the males from the Profound Blossom Sect, his muscles were bulging with veins.

"A Body Refiner?" Su Yang instantly recognized the young man's cultivation technique.

Because of the rigorous and heavy training Body Refiners must go though, they are all usually built bigger than common Cultivators.

As for Su Yang, whose body was too slim and elegant for a Body Refiner, it was all because of his unique cultivation technique.

This young man with large muscles proceeded to approach the female disciple with the smallest physique within the group, dumbfounding many people there.

"I am a Body Refiner at the peak stages of the Elementary Spirit Realm. May I request this beauty for her time today?" The young man bowed elegantly despite his stiff-looking body.

The female disciple looked at him for a moment before nodding her head with a smile.

Seeing her approval, the young man's face bloomed with smiles.

Liu Lanzhi nodded at the two and said: "The two of you may enter any one of the chambers. You are allowed only one session inside, but there is no time limit for the session. Whether you last a minute, an hour, or an entire day, it is considered one session when the both of you release the Qi within your body once. Do you have any questions?"

"What if only one of the two manages to… uh… 'release'?"

"Then it will be continued until both of them releases their respective Qi," said Liu Lanzhi.

"And although I have already laid out the rules during the invitations, I will repeat it again here. You are not allowed to harm my disciples in any way, shape, or form. As for rough plays… that'll be at my disciples' discretion."

The guests nodded at her words, and the first two began making their way to one of the five available chambers.

After the first pair entered the Chamber of Embrace the other guests immediately approached the other Profound Blossom Sect disciples in fear that she may be snatched by another.

The second person to step forward was a young man with average appearances. Though, his average looks was rated by the outside world. If he was graded under the Profound Blossom Sect's standards, then he'd be way below average, even ugly.

"My name is Meng Lee, and I am at the second level of the Profound Spirit Realm—"

"No thank you."

The female disciple the young man was trying to court refused his offer before he could even finish his sentence, causing him to feel not only dumbfounded but embarrassed as well.

"For him to think that he could court our senior apprentice-sister Li with his trash looks, what a fool."

The Profound Blossom Sect disciples snorted coldly inside their heart at the young man's attempt.

After hearing Li Xiao Mo's refusal, the young man walked back with his head lowered in shame.

Although Liu Lanzhi did not mention it, there would naturally be a few guests that may not be able to find a cultivating partner today.

Meanwhile, Li Xiao Mo glanced at Su Yang with the corner of her eyes after refusing the young man.

"I may not be able to participate in this event with his presence here…" she inwardly sighed to herself.

Although it was common for disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect to cultivate with more than one individual throughout their life in the Sect, there are still individuals that did not like the idea of sharing their partners, with some even going as far as rejecting anyone that has already been taken.

Li Xiao Mo clearly felt some way towards Su Yang after their first encounter, and afraid that he may be one of those individuals that dislikes the idea of sharing, she decided to sit out on this event despite already showing up.

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