Dual Cultivation

Chapter 75 I Want You to Touch Me Here...

Chapter 75 I Want You to Touch Me Here...

Inside the dimly lit room, the examiner slowly removed her robes in a seductive manner, revealing her jade-like skin and black undergarments.

"You have only an hour to showcase your techniques on me," she said.

She then laid on the bed with her back facing the ceiling, and she looked at Su Yang: "Well? What are you waiting for? There is a grade on your efficiency, too," she said.

Su Yang smiled at her words and slowly approached her. He rolled his sleeves and began feeling her soft skin that was smooth like tofu.

"I know my skin is very smooth and captivating, but can you hurry up and show me your techniques already?" said the examiner a few seconds later, sounding impatient.

Su Yang did not reply to her words and continued to caress her skin. A few moments later, he began applying pressure into his arms, and his fingers slowly dug into her skin.

He then began massaging her small shoulders, her slender arms, and her graceful back— all the way until he reached her feet.

Su Yang normally massaged the examiner without using any crazy techniques, which dumbfounded her when she realized it a few minutes into the examination.

"What the hell is he doing?" she wondered to herself.

She was aware of Su Yang's little massage parlor before becoming his examiner, but that only confused her even further. How could his techniques at this moment be so mediocre when everybody that has experienced his massage services praised him as some sort of massage god?

There was something wrong here, and he was definitely hiding his techniques.

"Is he purposefully holding back? But for what? Doesn't he want to become an Inner Court disciple?" she asked herself.

Unable to understand his thoughts, the examiner decided to wait a few more minutes.

But alas, ten minutes later, Su Yang still continued to massage her with mediocracy, and this angered the examiner who came here with high expectations.

"After all that ignorance you showed, you show me this crap?! This is no different than going to a normal massage parlor! What the hell are you doing?! If you think these trash techniques for yours will be enough to qualify you as an Inner Court disciple, then you might as well just get out now!" she angrily exclaimed.

Su Yang chuckled upon hearing her words, and he said in a calm voice: "There is no need to rush this examination, as I still have plenty of time left to make you regret being my examiner today. But if you are in such a rush to turn into an animal, then I wouldn't mind helping you fulfill your desires…"

The examiner's expression turned cold upon hearing his words. He was actually looking down on her? If he knew her real status, he wouldn't dare speak to her with such an arrogant tone!

"If you don't do it seriously from now on, then I will instantly fail you."

"...Very well."

Su Yang began stretching his body, looking like he was going for a run.

A few moments later, he stood before the examiner and gently pressed his fingers on her back with each of his ten fingers at a different spot, and he abruptly pushed it into her skin.


The examiner suddenly felt an intense feeling of pleasure spread throughout her body, causing her to unconsciously moan.

"What did he just do to me?!" she cried inside her heart.

The examiner was sure that his fingers were on her back, yet why did she feel pleasure all over her body? It felt as though Su Yang had more than a pair of hands touching her body at once!

"Hmm? You are already feeling it? When I've barely put any effort into it?" Su Yang teased, causing her face to redden.

"I don't need your commentary! Just continue doing—"

"Like this?"


Another wave of pleasure assaulted her mind, this time stronger than the last, forcing another sudden moan to escape her mouth.

Su Yang began pressing his fingers into particular spots on her body, each made with flawless precision along with the perfect pressure applied.

"Ahhhh~~ W-What is this?! I have never felt anything like this before!" The examiner continued to moan with delight, her body overwhelmed with tingling pleasure.

However, the feeling of her body being consumed by pleasure did not lessen as time passed— it only grew stronger.

A few minutes into the 'real' massage, the examiner suddenly said in a passionate voice: "T-Touch my other parts, too… it is burning from the desire to be touched..."

"Hm? Which part are you speaking of? I will not understand if you do not tell me clearly where you want to be touched…" Su Yang said with a smug face.

"Here… I want you to touch me here…" The examiner said as she pulled the black cloth between her legs aside, revealing her soaking wet pussy.

"Eh? But you said in the beginning that I am not allowed to touch any sexual parts…" Su Yang began acting innocent in order to stimulate her.

"And I am now saying that you can! Hurry up and do it already!" Feeling impatient and irritated by his attitude, the examiner grabbed Su Yang by his wrist and pulled it towards her bottom lips.

Su Yang chuckled at her actions and began moving his hands. He started by rubbing her slippery lips with one hand, and with his other hand, he was pinching her aroused nipple on one of her large breasts.

"Ahhhhh~!" The examiner screamed at the top of her lungs at the profound stimulation that assaulted her body.

Furthermore, the pleasure in her body was so strong that within only half a minute since Su Yang started touching her vagina, she could already feel an intense tingling feeling appear in her body.

This tingling feeling that was seemingly in her blood caused her body to tremble violently, and it quickly traveled across her entire body until it reached the area that was being rubbed by Su Yang.

"Aaahhhhhhhh~~~!" She suddenly moaned at the top of her lungs, and a stream of sparkling water gushed out from within her body, covering almost the entire wall.


Su Yang stood there silently with his gaze on the examiner's twitching body, and despite witnessing such a scene, his expression remained nonchalant.

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