Dual Cultivation

Chapter 74 Inner Court Disciple Assessmen

Chapter 74 Inner Court Disciple Assessmen

Once an Outer Court disciple advances to the Profound Spirit Realm, they earn the qualifications to enter the Examination Halls, where they will undergo many assessments to prove if they have what it takes to become an Inner Court disciple—or not. If they pass the exam, then they will leave the Examination Halls as a proud Inner Court disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect.

Not only do Inner Court disciples receive more and better treatments than Outer Court disciples, but they are also allowed to enter the Chamber of Embrace, a place where the Profound Qi that gathers there are extremely rich, and Inner Court disciples would rent the place with their partner for as long as they can afford.

The Chamber of Embrace, besides the extra support from the Sect, is one of the biggest reasons every Outer Court disciple are striving to become an Inner Court disciple.

Su Yang now stood in front of the Examination Halls.

The Examination Halls was a single floored octagonal building with seemingly nothing out of the ordinary for its appearance besides its shape that looked like a Bagua symbol.

When Su Yang walked inside, he was greeted by a large and spacious room with doors in every direction, and standing in the center of this octagon-shaped building was an elderly woman wearing the robes of a Sect Elder with some sort of jade stone in the shape of a ball on a stand right beside her.

The Sect Elder didn't say anything when Su Yang walked inside the place— she only looked at him silently.

"I am here to take the exam for the Inner Court," he said to her.

"Put your hands on the Stone of Evaluation, it will determine whether or not you have reached the Profound Spirit Realm," she said to him in a nonchalant voice.

Su Yang nodded and approached the rock-looking thingy on the stand beside her, and he casually placed his hands on it.

A few moments after he touched the Stone of Evaluation, the jade stone began glowing a green color brightly.

The Sect Elder nodded upon seeing the green light emitted from the Stone of Evaluation, and she said: "I have confirmed that your cultivation base is within the Profound Spirit Realm. Stand by for a moment until one of the examiners come to retrieve you for the exam."

Su Yang nodded and began standing around. He looked at the twenty doors that surrounded this place and pondered what kind of assessments was required to be recognized as an Inner Court disciple.

Was it an evaluation of strength? Perhaps it was a test of knowledge?

Because the previous 'Su Yang' never paid attention to these kinds of things, there were no memories in his head that could be of any help to him at this moment.

After standing around for many minutes, someone finally showed up inside the Examination Hall.

It was a charming lady wearing casual robes that did not belong to the Sect, and her gaze emitted a profound feeling when her eyes met with Su Yang.

However, when the Sect Elder noticed the face of the newcomer, her eyes widened with shock.

"W-What are you—"

"You must be Su Yang— I am one of the examiners for this place, and I will be the one to see whether you have the ability to become an Inner Court disciple or not," said the examiner without stopping her steps, quickly overwhelming whatever the elder lady was going to say.

Su Yang glanced at this charming examiner up and down, and he inwardly chuckled at his discovery.

"Elder Wu, which one of these rooms are free at this moment?" The examiner asked the dazed Sect Elder, who quickly responded after hearing her voice.

"They are all free to use right now…"

"Good, then we will use this one."

The examiner then walked to one of the doors randomly and beckoned Su Yang to follow her.


The Sect Elder named Elder Wu watched with astonished eyes as Su Yang entered the room with the charming examiner, her mind filled with many questions.

"W-What is she doing here at the Examination Halls— and as an examiner to the boot?" Elder Wu silently pondered as the door behind Su Yang closes.




Inside the room that Su Yang had entered for his examination, there was only a single object in sight, which was a small bed with seemingly comfortable materials— that looked more like a massage table than anything— placed in the center of this small room.

"This is…?" Su Yang looked at the charming beauty with a questioning look despite already having a pretty good idea what this examination signified.

"I'm sure you are aware that our Sect is slightly different from others. Unlike normal Sects, we do not care about your combat abilities, nor your raw strength as much as we care about your techniques when it comes to satisfying your partner. Thus, you will be using your techniques on me without touching any sexual body parts, and I will be grading you based on your techniques," explained the examiner.

"I will be grading everything from the way you move your arms and hands, the pressure of your fingers, your ability to spot your partners' weaknesses, and the overall pleasure I received from your techniques. And I will let you know in advance— my standards are extremely high and I am strict in my judgement— so if you suck, I WILL embarrass you," she continued, emphasizing on the 'will'.

Su Yang stood there silently while he listened to her words, his expression looking stumped.

"You don't look as confident now… do you want to leave before I make you lose your pride as a man?" said the examiner with a grin on her face.

"Hahaha!" Su Yang suddenly burst out laughing after hearing her words. "You think you have what it takes to embarrass me…? Then I shall say the same thing to you— are you sure you want to be my examiner today? I will give you a chance to leave through that door now before I turn you into an animal only capable of screaming in pleasure."


The examiner glared at him with narrowed eyes, her grin flipped upside-down.

"Good! Then let me experience for myself your techniques and see if they are as good as you believe, or if they are as lousy as your mouth!" she said in a cold voice, and she began approaching the bed that looked like a massage table.

Su Yang smiled and thought to himself in a laughing tone: "Who would've thought that becoming an Inner Court disciple would be so easy?!"

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