Dual Cultivation

Chapter 598 Sect Master's Routine

Chapter 598 Sect Master's Routine

"Anyway, I have given you enough advice for now. Do you have any questions for me before I go back to Su Yang's room?" Tang Lingxi asked Qiuyue.

"Eh? Su Yang's room?" Qiuyue looked at her with questioning eyes.

"I will be staying in his room until I leave. But you don't have to worry, since I cannot do anything with this body even if my soul is craving for his embrace, and I can only wait until he returns to the Divine Heaven. I have my own hardships, you know?"

"Umm… before you leave, can you tell me more about… your experience… with that…?" Qiuyue asked her in a bashful tone.

A wide smile appeared on Tang Lingxi's face, and she spoke, "Very well. I will tell you everything you want to know about taking it in the butt!"

"I didn't mean…" Qiuyue looked at her with a gobsmacked expression.

"Don't be shy. This senior sister will teach you everything."

Thus, Tang Lingxi began giving Qiuyue lectures on her experience with Su Yang in anal sex.

Meanwhile, inside a female disciples' room, Su Yang just finished ejecting his Yang Qi into the disciple's body.

"Thank you for taking the time to cultivate with me, Sect Master." The disciple said to him afterward while rubbing her stomach that was filled with his hot Yang Qi.

"How can I not come when a beautiful woman such as yourself wants to cultivate? If you could endure it, I would cultivate with you all day." Su Yang said with a smile.

"You are teasing me again, Sect Master. I am only a disciple. I wouldn't dare to keep you for myself for so long even if I could."

"You may be a disciple,  but in my eyes, you are a woman before anything else — a beautiful one at that."

"Sect Master…" The disciple's face flushed with redness, and she spoke a moment later, "Then can I ask for another round of cultivation? I am no longer exhausted for some reason."

"With pleasure." Su Yang nodded his head before sticking his other head into the disciple's lower lips, entering her tight and wet cave that immediately gushed with Yin Qi.


The disciple moaned softly, and the two of them began another round of cultivation.

After exhausting the disciple until she could no longer even sit up, Su Yang left the disciple's house and proceeded to meet another disciple.

"Sect Master,   thank you for coming here today." The disciple greeted Su Yang at the door with her body already fully naked,  and she said, "I was just practicing with the doll you gave us…"

"Oh? Since you already have it out, why don't you let me see your progress?" Su Yang said to her.

The disciple nodded with a bashful smile,  and she led him into her room, where the practice doll was laying on her bed with the shaft between its legs dripping with the disciple's Yin Qi.

"I have been practicing every day with the practice doll ever since I received it from you, Sect Master." The disciple said as she climbed on the practice doll.

A few seconds later,  she sat directly on the practice doll's shaft with her front hole, and she began riding it fiercely.




The disciple moaned in pleasure as she demonstrated her techniques before Su Yang, who stood there and watched with a calm expression.

                             A few minutes later,  the disciple's body trembled, and her lower hole gushed with Yin Qi.

"Haa… haaa… haa… What do you think, Sect Master? Did I improve?" she asked him while panting heavily.

Su Yang nodded and said, "I see that you've fixed your posture exactly as I'd advised. However, you are still stiff with some of the movements. Let me show you."

Su Yang then removed his clothes, pushed the practice doll to the side, and laid on the bed.

"Do it one more time from the beginning, but allow my hands to guide your body while you do it." Su Yang said to her.

The disciple nodded, and after taking a deep breath, she began riding Su Yang's shaft the same way she did with the practice doll.

Meanwhile, Su Yang had his hands on her hips, and he would manipulate her movements with his spiritual energy when her movements started becoming stiff.



The disciple moaned louder than she did with the practice doll, her body trembled more violently, and Yin Qi was gushing from her pink cave constantly.

A few minutes later, the disciple collapsed onto Su Yang with her large breasts pressing directly against his chest.

"What do you think?" Su Yang asked her afterward.

"It was… amazing… Sect Master…" The disciple spoke in an exhausted voice.

"Not that, you silly girl. I am talking about your movements. Were you even paying attention at all?"

"I'm sorry, Sect Master… I was too indulged in the cultivation to focus…" The disciple said in an apologetic voice.

"It's fine. I will do it again, so pay attention this time."

The disciple nodded, and after resting for a few minutes, she began moving her hips again.

"I think I understand it this time, Sect Master." The disciple said to him after the second round.

"Then we'll do it again until you are confident you understand it." Su Yang said.

"Yes, Sect Master!" The disciple responded with enthusiasm.

After cultivating with this disciple for half an hour, Su Yang left her house and proceeded to the next disciple's house, and he would continue with this routine until he visited every female disciple that requested to cultivate with him.

By the time he finished satisfying and lecturing all of the disciples, it was already well into the night. However, he did not immediately return to his own room, as he still had one more individual who was waiting for him.

"Are you awake?" Su Yang knocked on Liu Lanzhi's door.

"I am awake. You can come inside." Liu Lanzhi responded a few seconds later.

When Su Yang opened the door, Liu Lanzhi was already on her bed and wearing very revealing and seductive nightwear.

"I have been waiting for you, Su Yang," she said to him with an alluring smile.

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