Dual Cultivation

Chapter 597 Renowned Courtesan

Chapter 597 Renowned Courtesan

"Before I tell you what I know about the Sacred Moon Palace and its people, I should let you know in advance that my knowledge was given to me by someone who used to be from the Sacred Moon Palace and I don't know if it's reliable." Tang Lingxi said to Qiuyue.

"Used to?" Qiuyue asked.

"I say 'used to' because just like you, she did not like the Sacred Moon Palace and its traditions, so she ran away from home and became a rogue Cultivator. Although it doesn't happen often, there are people who refuse to accept the Moon God's lunacy and choose to run away from home."

"This is the first time I've heard about this…" Qiuyue expressed surprise, as she believed that everybody from the Sacred Moon Palace was on the Moon God's side and that she was the only one who dared to run away from that place.

"I'm not surprised that they would suppress such information since it might give other people the same idea. And if I recall correctly, over a dozen people have escaped from the Moon God's incestuous paradise in the last ten thousand years."

"Anyway,  back to what that deserter told me about the Sacred Moon Palace,  apparently your people have these extreme sexual urges during certain days of the year where you'll crave for passion like animals. However, it only happens if you lose your virginity or after you remain a virgin for a very long time." Tang Lingxi said to her.

"How old are you right now?" she then asked Qiuyue.

"A little over 3,000 years old…" she replied in a low voice.

"Hmmm… that person said that it usually happens to those who remain a virgin even after turning 10, 000 years old,  but that time can shorten drastically depending on how pure your bloodline is. And since you are the Moon God's direct descendant, we can assume that your bloodline is very pure."

"If I have to take a guess,   it could happen to you a few thousand years from now,  or even a few hundred years from now. Hell, it might even happen to you in a few years."


Qiuyue began sweating profusely after hearing her words.

"Did that person say anything about suppressing these urges? Are there any methods to cope with it?" she asked.

"Well,   you can either have sex until your urges are subdued or try to resist your urges. And while I don't know exactly how bad those urges are,  that person said that it was strong enough to make one go crazy if they don't satisfy those urges immediately, and it would only worsen as time goes on."

"Those urges can also last anywhere between a week to an entire month depending on the purity of your bloodline, so I imagine it would last longer for someone like you."

"This is unbelievable! Just why do I have to suffer so much because of my bloodline?! Is it not enough that I cannot fully embrace the man I love? Now I have to deal with these urges!" Qiuyue's expression was filled with sorrow at this moment,  even self-hatred, thinking that it might've been better if she was never born.

"Calm down, junior sister. It might not be as hopeless as you think." Tang Lingxi suddenly said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, that person I told you about — she has managed to create a technique that could suppress those sexual urges to a level where it can be resisted with sheer willpower."

                             "Really?!" Qiuyue's eyes immediately lit up with hope and interest.

"Un." Tang Lingxi nodded,  and she continued, "If you are really interested in that technique, you can ask her for more information when you return to the Divine Heavens. I'll even let her know about you."

"Thank you, elder sister!" Qiuyue quickly said to her.

"Don't even mention it. It's only normal for family members to help each other out when needed." Tang Lingxi said with a smile.

"Anyway,  now that this topic is over, let's move onto the second one — the loophole for the curse." Tang Lingxi then spoke with a serious expression on her face.

"According to another person that had escaped from the Sacred Moon Palace, you are safe to have sex with someone that's not of your bloodline as long as you do it with your butt."

"H-How reliable is this person?" Qiuyue asked her with a weird expression on her face.

"Very." Tang Lingxi said.

"You might not believe me when I say this, but this individual… she's actually a very well known courtesan within the Divine Heavens with many years of experience in the field."

"A courtesan?!" Qiuyue's eyes widened with shock, as she cannot imagine someone with her bloodline working as a courtesan.

"If someone with the same bloodline as you can work as a courtesan without any problems and even become famous from it, I think we can say with confidence that you can take it in the butt without activating the curse. Of course, the real question is whether you are willing to do such a thing."


Qiuyue was speechless. Not even in her wildest imaginations would she have to make such a decision — whether she should take it in the butt or not.

"I...I don't know…" she mumbled with a flushed face a moment later.

"Don't worry about rushing to a decision. You have plenty of time to think. With that being said, you shouldn't delay it too much. Because like I'd said last time, you are extremely lucky to have so much time with Su Yang right now, and once you return to the Divine Heavens, you'll regret not spending more time with him. Even though I am a direct descendent from the Asura God Clan, one of the top powers in the Divine Heavens, compared to a few individuals within the Su Family, I might as well be an ordinary little girl."

"What?!" Qiuyue glared at Tang Lingxi with a baffled expression. "There are people with even more status than you in the family?!"

Tang Lingxi nodded with a bitter smile and said, "I don't want to spoil the fun for you so I won't mention them any more than I already did, but you'll understand what I mean once you see them."

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