Dual Cultivation

Chapter 587 Golden Lion Academy's Invasion 7

Chapter 587 Golden Lion Academy's Invasion 7

"You want me to team up with you to conquer the Eastern Continent?" Su Yang raised his eyebrows, seemingly surprised that Leader Lai was shameless enough to ask him such a question right before the Xie Family.

"Don't listen to his nonsense…" Xie Wang shook his head.

However, Su Yang smiled and said, "What do I gain by teaming up with you?"

"You…" Xie Wang looked at him with wide eyes.

Leader Lai's eyes flickered with hope in this desperate situation, and he quickly spoke, "Everything! I can give you anything you want! If you do not have money, I will give you so much money that you cannot spend it all! If you want fame, I will make you the most famous person on the Eastern Continent! And if Xie Xingfang is not good enough for you, or you are simply bored of her, I can make all of the women in the Eastern Continent obey your every command!"

"Hoh? That's quite the tempting offer. However, what if I say that I am not content with just the Eastern Continent? What if I want to rule every Continent in this world?" Su Yang said.

"Y-You want to rule the world?" Leader Lai looked at him with wide eyes, as even he did not expect Su Yang to have such ambitions.

"What? Don't tell me that you cannot help me rule the world? Even though you said that you'd give me everything." Su Yang shook his head in disappointment.

"W-Wait! If that's what you want, I will arrange for it! Once we rule over the Eastern Continent, we can start working on the other Continents, and eventually, we will rule even the Holy Central Continent!" Leader Lai said without thinking.

"Hahaha!" Su Yang burst out laughing, before turning to look at Xie Wang and spoke, "Did you really make an idiot like him a general?"

He then returned to Leader Lai and continued, "There is nothing you offer me that I cannot already get myself. Fame? That means nothing to me. Wealth? All of the things I desire cannot be bought with money. Women? I already have enough beauties to keep me entertained for thousands of years. As for ruling the world… While that does sound interesting, I have more important matters in my life to worry about. And if I really decide to rule the world one day, I sure as hell wouldn't need any help!"

Not just Leader Lai but even Xie Wang and Xie Xingfang were dumbfounded by Su Yang's words, as he made it seem like there was nothing in this world that he cannot obtain.

"Now that the negotiations are over, what are you going to do?" Su Yang looked at Leader Lai with a nonchalant expression.

"W-Wait! You want the spiritual treasure that can transfer people to the Holy Central Continent, right?! If you let me go, I will give it to you!" He quickly said.

"Or I can just kill you right now and take it off your dead body without any hassle."

"Good luck with that, because I did not bring the treasure with me, and I hid it in a place you'll never find!" Leader Lai laughed arrogantly.

"Is that so?" Su Yang then turned to look in the sky at the invisible flying ship.

"Xiao Rong, come down here for a moment." He said to her.

A second later, Xiao Rong's small figure appeared beside him like a ghost, shocking everybody there.

"If I recall correctly, Phantom Cats are especially good at finding treasures. See if you can find this guy's treasures. It should emit the same spiritual energy as him since he'd used it before." Su Yang pointed at Leader Lai, who held a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Xiao Rong nodded and turned to look at Leader Lai with a narrowed gaze.


Leader Lai felt as though all of his clothes and even his skin were stripped before Xiao Rong's sharp gaze.

After staring at Leader Lai for a moment, Xiao Rong released her Ancient Realm cultivation base, sweeping the entire Eastern Continent within just a few seconds.

"Xiao Rong found it. Be right back."

Xiao Rong suddenly disappeared from the scene.




After a few moments of silence, Xiao Rong's figure reappeared beside Su Yang, and in her hands was an ordinary-looking yellow talisman.

When Leader Lai saw this yellow talisman, his eyes widened with shock, and his jaw dropped to the ground.

"What?! Impossible! H-How?!" he exclaimed in a terrified voice, almost as though he was staring at a ghost.

Seeing Leader Lai's reaction, Su Yang knew that Xiao Rong had found the right thing, and he spoke with a smile on his face, "What's the matter? Judging by your reaction, I am pretty confident that this yellow talisman is exactly what I'm looking for."


Leader Lai remained silent, as he was still shocked speechless by what had just happened.

Even Xie Wang and Xie Xingfang looked at Xiao Rong with a dazed expression, as they cannot even comprehend what had just happened.

Due to their high innate mental strength, Ghost Cats are able to use their spiritual sense for an insanely wide range, not to mention Xiao Rong's Ancient Realm cultivation base. Furthermore, Xiao Rong is a Phantom Cat with superior talents and abilities than Ghost Cats, and in a small place like the Eastern Continent, she can easily search the entire continent with her spiritual sense.

This is another reason why Ghost Cats are often sought after, as their abilities to find spiritual treasures were the best even within the Divine Heavens.

"Now that I have what I need, there is no longer any reason to keep you alive, right?" Su Yang said, and he turned to look at Xie Wang.

"You can do whatever you want to them. I'll return to the ship." After saying that, he created a restriction array and trapped the Moonlight Blades again, before returning to the ship with Xiao Rong.

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