Dual Cultivation

Chapter 586 Golden Lion Academy's Invasion 6

Chapter 586 Golden Lion Academy's Invasion 6

After staring at Su Yang's handsome face for a good minute Xie Xingfang finally snapped out of her daze, and she spoke with a reddened face, "Thank you, Su Yang."

And afraid that she might continue staring at his face, Xie Xingfang returned to gazing at the stars.

Meanwhile, standing on the other side of the ship, Xie Wang sighed inwardly, 'If only she could accept Su Yang despite his flaws, our Xie Family will flourish to a level never seen before.'

Two days later, Xie Wang, who has been watching the Moonlight Blades' every movement for the past two days suddenly said, "Hey! Look over there! There's a new group of people approaching them, and they are all at the Earth Spirit Realm with one of them even at the Heavenly Spirit Realm! I am willing to bet that the person at the Heavenly Spirit Realm is the Moonlight Blades' Leader."

Su Yang and Xie Xingfang went to his side to see the situation below.

A group of 11 individuals, all wrapped in black clothes, approached the Moonlight Blades' camp.

"It's the Elders! The Elders are here!"

The guard standing watch in the camp suddenly alerted everyone there, and a few moments later, every person in the camp appeared before these 11 figures and lowered their heads to them.

"What's the situation?" One of the Elders suddenly spoke.

"Reporting to the Elders and the Leader! We received a message from the Holy Central Continent's reinforcements just a few hours ago! They are expecting to arrive at the Eastern Continent by tomorrow noon!"

"Good. Then has anything suspicious happened around here lately?" The Elder continued to ask.

"Nothing suspicious has—"

Just as the man was about to say nothing suspicious has happened to them, he recalled that time when everyone was mysteriously knocked unconscious without being able to remember anything just two days ago.

"Actually, something weird did happen. Although we don't know why or how it happened, we were all knocked unconscious for an unknown amount of time, and when we woke up, we couldn't remember the reason for our unconsciousness."

"What kind of nonsense is that?" The Elders looked at the man with frowns on their faces.

People don't just get knocked unconscious for no reason, after all.

"Wait a second… let me see your head." Leader Lai suddenly stepped forward and extended his hand, touching the man's forehead.

A few seconds later, he exclaimed, "Their memories have been altered! Someone manipulated their memories!"

"What?! Who would do such a thing?! And what for?!" The Elders exclaimed.

"Who's there?!" The Leader suddenly felt three presence appear out of thin air not too far away from them, causing him to turn to look in that direction.

In the air, Su Yang, Xie Xingfang, and Xie Wang were descending from the sky.

When the Moonlight Blades' members that had their memories wiped saw Su Yang, they felt an indescribable feeling of fear in their hearts. Although they do not remember him, their hearts could instinctively remember it.

"Xie Xingfang?!?!"

When Leader Lai saw her beautiful figure, he was immediately stunned.

"If you try to run away, I will kill you before you can even take one step." Xie Wang spoke in a cold voice while restricting their movements with pressure from his Sovereign Spirit Realm Cultivation base.

'That's Xie Wang! What the hell is the Ancestor of the Xie Family doing all the way out here?!' Leader Lai cried inwardly.

"You are the Moonlight Blades' Leader, right? Let me see your face!" Xie Wang waved his sleeves, causing the cover around Leader Lai's face to tear apart.

"You are General Lai!"

When Xie Xingfang saw the middle-aged man and the ugly scar on his face, she immediately recognized him.

"General Lai? That bastard who committed treason as the General of the Xie Family's army 100 years ago? You were alive this entire time?" Xie Wang also recognized him, as his treason had caused a massive uproar within the Eastern Continent when it happened.

"So the Xie Family still remembers me, huh? That's right, I am indeed General Lai who once led the Xie Family's elite army, but after barely escaping with my life, I have created the Moonlight Blades with only one purpose — to make the Xie Family pay for ruining my life and take over the Eastern Continent!"

"You created the Moonlight Blades just for the sake of revenge?! Are you insane! Furthermore, you were the one who ruined your own life! How dare you blame my family for your own mistakes! If you hadn't betrayed the Xie Family — the Eastern Continent with your ludicrous ambitions, you could've become one of the greatest Generals in history!" Xie Xingfang said in a loud voice, her tone filled with anger.

"What's wrong with having a grand ambition?! It is ambitions that drive all Cultivators to greater heights! Without ambitions, can you even be considered alive?!" Leader Lai roared back.

"There's nothing wrong with having ambitions, but there is also a limit! When your ambition is to rule over an entire Continent through manipulation and destruction, it has crossed that limit!"

"Nonsense! Hypocrite! I am merely doing what the Xie Family is currently doing!"

"My family's method of ruling is completely different from your term of 'ruling'! And we don't treat our own people as slaves! Don't you dare compare us to you!" Xie Xingfang said.

"You can stop wasting your breath on him, Xing'er. People who are blinded by their ambitions — people like him cannot be reasoned with." Su Yang said to her while shaking his head.

He then turned to look at Leader Lai and spoke, "Now, before we kill all of you, why don't you let me see the treasure that allowed you to send people to the Holy Central Continent? Although I don't personally need it, there are many people who would love to have their hands on that thing."

Leader Lai looked at Su Yang with narrowed eyes and spoke, "Su Yang, huh? I didn't expect the Eastern Continent's number one genius to show up in this place. Why don't we team up instead? I'll let you have half of the Eastern Continent and that woman beside you if you help me rule the place. With your talents, I'm sure you can't stand being ordered around by the Xie Family."

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