Dual Cultivation

Chapter 576 End of the Alchemy Exam

576 End of the Alchemy Exam

"Impossible, you say? Look around you. You are the only one here who has opened his eyes." Su Yang said to him, and he continued. "However, if you are not satisfied with the results, we can have a little contest in Alchemy. If you win, I will pass you, how about it?"

"I... I agree with the results…" Not daring to offend Su Yang, the participant mumbled with a disheartened face before leaving the place.

"Did you… did you just erase that man's memories?" Wang Shuren asked him afterward, her eyes filled with shock.

He nodded and said, "That's right. If I didn't erase his memories, his mind would've suffered some internal injuries."

"To think you can even erase one's memories, as expected for an Immortal. Is there anything that you can't do, Su Yang?" she asked him.

"Because I am always traveling, I have experienced many things in my previous life, so there is very little that I don't know. With that being said, I am not perfect, so there are obviously things that even I cannot do."

"Is that so…" Wang Shuren's eyes flickered with interest, but alas, knowing Su Yang, he definitely wouldn't tell her about his weaknesses.

Meanwhile, inside the participants' minds, the majority of them were still trying to figure out the situation despite spending many months inside the illusion.

"Just where did the Senior bring me? I am going crazy!"

"Ahhhh! Is there anybody here?! Hello?!"

"Please! I cannot stay here for much longer! There are places I have to be!"

Thirty minutes into the final test, over half of the participants were forced to wake up by Su Yang, as they were unable to endure the burden on their minds any longer.

After waking up, Su Yang proceeded to remove their memories before letting them leave.


Su Xun woke up at the forty-minute mark, even coughing up a mouthful of blood afterward.

"W-What happened to me?" Su Xun looked around with a confused look on his face.

"You have failed the exam." Su Yang said to him.

"Is that so… That's a pity." Su Xun sighed.

"Well, since you are Su Yang's father, I shall bestow you a gift before you leave…"

Su Yang said to him before taking out a Heaven Transcendence Pill and handing it to him.

"Although this pill may not have any effect on you, I'm sure you'll find some use for it."

"T-Thank you, Senior Alchemist!" Su Xun quickly bowed to him.

With the Heaven Transcendence Pill in hand, Su Xun no longer felt as dispirited for failing the exam, even feeling quite elevated.

After leaving the Assembly Hall, Su Xun looked at the pill and thought to himself, 'Since Su Yang has already reached the Heavenly Spirit Realm, I should give this pill to Su Yin, who is still at the Earth Spirit Realm. Despite their revolting behavior, they are still my children — and very talented ones at that.'

A few minutes after Su Xun left the Assembly Hall, a few more participants woke up.

By the time there were only 5 minutes left in the exam, there were only four individuals left in the exam — Senior Zeng, Luo Yixiao, Cai Yan, and surprisingly, Bai Lihua.

"This is truly unexpected. I didn't expect Sect Leader Bai to last this long." Wang Shuren suddenly said.

Su Yang nodded, "Even I did not expect this."

"Who do you think will win in the end? I have my money on Senior Zeng, Sect Leader Bai, and Luo Yixiao." Wang Shuren said.

"That old man's no good." Tang Lingxi suddenly said.

"Huh? What makes you think that?" Wang Shuren asked her.

"Just a hunch," she casually said.

"A hunch, you say…?"

When there was only 1 minute left in the exam, Su Yang stood before Senior Zeng with a pondering gaze.

A few seconds later, Su Yang shook his head and slapped Senior Zeng awake.

"Huh?! What happened?! Where am I?!"

Senior Zeng quickly began panicking.

However, Su Yang gave him a few more slaps and said, "Calm down, old man. You are in the Assembly Hall."

"A-Assembly Hall…? Oh, right! The exam! I was taking the exam when I was suddenly thrown into this mysterious place, where I spent ten years in solitude!" Senior Zeng's memories quickly returned.

"What you experienced was merely an illusion — a dream, so to speak. I have erased the memories of the other participants that have failed, but I will let you keep yours, as it will be beneficial for you."

"Thank you, Senior." Senior Zeng bowed to him.

He then turned to look at Luo Yixiao, who was sitting there with a peaceful face.

'Thank heavens she hasn't failed yet…' he sighed with relief inwardly.

"Senior, do you think my disciple will pass the exam?" he asked Su Yang.

"We will know in a few seconds…" he responded.

Ten seconds later, Su Yang waved his sleeves, causing a gentle wind to brush past the participants' faces, and they began to wake up a few more seconds later.


"What is going on?"

"Where is this?"

The three ladies woke up with a confused expression on their faces, but they did not panic as the others had.

"Congratulations on passing the exam, you three. Do you remember me?" Su Yang's voice caused the three of them to turn and look at him simultaneously.

"You are… Senior Alchemist!"

"Senior! What happened to me? Before I knew it, I was transported to this endless mountain range, where I was stuck for many years!" Bai Lihua asked him.

Su Yang smiled behind his mask, and he proceeded to explain to them the situation.

"Everlasting Time Pill? To think such a profound pill could exist in this world…" Senior Zeng expressed great shock after learning of the pill's existence.

"So everything we've experienced in that place was only in our minds? It wasn't real?" Bai Lihua asked him.

"That's right. Though, you can also say that it was real because whatever insight you've gained while in that state will remain inside your head forever." Su Yang nodded.

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