Dual Cultivation

Chapter 575 Soul Invading Pill

Chapter 575 Soul Invading Pill

After Su Yang's instructions, the remaining participants all gathered in the middle of the room and sat down in the lotus position before closing their eyes.

"This exam will only last one hour, but it might feel slightly longer depending on your mental strength. Good luck." Su Yang said to them before retrieving the Everlasting Time Pill and crushing it.

After smearing the powder into the air and over these participants, the entire room immediately turned silent.

"One hour… so they have to endure 10 years of solitude?" Wang Shuren asked him after seeing no response from the participants.

If she had experienced 100 years of solitude in 10 hours in the real world, it would make sense that one hour would mean 10 years of solitude.

However, Su Yang shook his head and said, "While it is true that they have to endure a minimum of 10 years of solitude, depending on their mental strength, it might increase for a few more years. For example, the pill is more effective on those who are weak-minded, and if you are terrified of being alone, those 10 years will become 11 years… 12 years… perhaps even longer."

Wang Shuren looked at the participants with a worried expression on her face, and she asked him, "What will you do if their mind really gets injured in the process? They are people with profound and powerful backgrounds. If they arrived here with a normal and healthy mind but return home retarded… I don't want to imagine what they might try to do…"

Su Yang chuckled and said, "Don't worry, I only said that to mess with their minds, increasing the effects of the pill on them. I will wake them up before they go crazy."

"This pill sure brings back some unpleasant memories…" Tang Lingxi suddenly spoke in a nostalgic voice, causing Wang Shuren to look at her with interest.

"Since you are also his disciple, you should know the Master's real identity, right?" she asked Tang Lingxi, who was still occupying Hong Yu'er's mortal body.

"Disciple? Since you aren't aware of the situation I won't blame you too much, but don't you dare lower my standing to a mere disciple. I am not his disciple. I am his wife." Tang Lingxi responded with a cold stare, sending chills down Wang Shuren's back.

"Oh… right… You are engaged with Su Yang. I nearly forgot. I apologize…" Wang Shuren said a moment later.


Seeing Tang Lingxi narrow her eyes, Wang Shuren quickly asked with a puzzled expression, "Am I wrong?"

"No, you are not wrong. I am his fiancee… but I am also not."

Hearing Tang Lingxi's confusing words, Wang Shuren tilted her head with raised eyebrows.

"Is she safe?" Tang Lingxi looked at Su Yang and asked him.

He nodded. "I have already told her about my real background."

"Listen well, Su Yang's disciple. You may be looking at Hong Yu'er right now, but I am not Hong Yu'er— at least not on the inside. My name is Tang Lingxi, and I am currently occupying Hong Yu'er's mortal body with the help of a Soul Invading Pill."

Hearing Tang Lingxi's seemingly crazy words, Wang Shuren's jaw dropped to the ground.

"Don't worry, I have Hong Yu'er's permission to use her body. Anyway, my real body is currently at the Four Divine Heavens, where Su Yang is originally from." Tang Lingxi continued to explain to her.

"Four Divine Heavens! So you are also an Immortal?!"

Tang Lingxi nodded and said, "But I am not just any Immortal. I am from the Asura God Clan, one of the most feared powers in the whole universe!"


Although Wang Shuren does not comprehend even slightly the full extent of the Asura God Clan's prowess and reputation, she could not help but admire the otherworldly aura emitting from Tang Lingxi's body.

"By the way, what's this Soul Invading Pill?" Wang Shuren asked a moment later, as she was more interested in Alchemy than anything else.

"The Soul Invading Pill is a priceless and forbidden pill that allows one to detach their soul from their own body and temporarily invade anyone with a weaker mental. There is only one person in this entire universe who can concoct such a pill — the Alchemy God." Su Yang said to her.

"The Alchemy God!" Wang Shuren's desire to meet this individual greatly increased after learning of the existence of the Soul Invading Pill. After all, what kind of person could possibly create such a heaven-defying pill that allows one to invade another's body?

However, when Tang Lingxi heard them mention the name 'Alchemy God', her expression soured.

"Is there something wrong?" Wang Shuren noticed Tang Lingxi's expression and asked her.

"No… it's just that she's a very controversial person, so whenever someone mentions her, you would more often than not see similar expressions." Tang Lingxi sighed.

"Does it have anything to do with the Soul Invading Pill— a forbidden pill?"

"That's only one of many crazy pills that she has invented. There are even worse pills out there that could easily put the Soul Invading Pill to shame. One can only wonder why she would create these kinds of pills." Tang Lingxi said.

She then looked at Su Yang and thought to herself, 'Though, it's even more mysterious how he managed to seduce her, who's renowned for not caring about everything that's not Alchemy related.'

A few minutes into the final test, one of the participants suddenly trembled.

When Su Yang saw this, he immediately approached that individual and slapped that person in the face, immediately waking them up.

"Haa… haa... haaa… Where am I...?" The participant began panting heavily after waking up.

"Calm down. You are still in the Assembly Hall." Su Yang said to the man.

"W-What?! I-Impossible! But I was… for an entire year…!" The man looked at him with a panicked face.

However, Su Yang did not say anything else, and he suddenly poked the man's forehead with his index finger, which was glowing with a golden light.

A few seconds later, the man's expression turned blank, and his eyes were void of light, almost as though he had lost his mind.

After a few more seconds, the light returned to the man's eyes.

"Huh? What was I doing just now?" The man looked around with a confused expression.

"You have failed the exam. You should leave now." Su Yang said to him.

"What?! That's impossible!" The man exclaimed in a shocked voice, as he doesn't even remember taking the exam!

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