Dual Cultivation

Chapter 532 Squandering Spirit Stones

Chapter 532 Squandering Spirit Stones

After pondering for a few more moments, Liu Lanzhi rubbed her temples and sighed out loud, "If you truly believe that we need to spend that many spirit stones, then I have no objection. In the first place, all of those spirit stones belong to you, so you can spend them as you please."

Su Yang nodded, and he handed her a map of the entire Sect that showed all of the areas that needed to be covered in spirit stones.

Sometime later, Liu Lanzhi summoned all of the Sect Elders and Disciples — even the Junior Disciples — in the Sect.

"Did something happen, Sect Master?" Elder Sun asked her after everyone gathered.

She nodded and spoke, "I know that most of if not all of you are busy with your own cultivation, but I need all of your help with something, as it's not something a few people can achieve, and this is a personal request from Sect Master Su."

"Whatever the Sect Master needs, we will definitely help him to the best of our abilities!" The Junior Disciples quickly said.

"Su Yang needs our help? Now this is something you don't see often…" Elder Sun mumbled, as he was used to Su Yang doing everything by himself.

And he continued, "What do the Sect Masters have in mind?"

"I'm glad you asked." A weird smile appeared on Liu Lanzhi's face before she tossed a few hundred storage pouches before them.


The disciples stared at the pile of storage pouches with puzzled expressions. Are they going shopping or something?

"What's with all these storage pouches? Do you need us to buy something, Sect Master?" Sun Jingjing asked her.

"Not exactly," she quickly responded.

"There are a grand total of 300 million spirit stones in these storage pouches."


When Liu Lanzhi revealed to them their hidden wealth, the Sect Elders and Disciples all jumped back in a shocked manner.

"A-Are you teasing us, Sect Master? Just where on earth did we suddenly obtain such massive wealth? Even if we sell this entire Sect, it wouldn't be worth half of this, much less 300 million spirit stones!" Elder Sun said to her with a dazed expression on his face, clearly in disbelief.

"You can check the storage pouches yourself, Elder Sun. I have no reason to lie to you. In fact, these spirit stones don't even belong to me. It was Su Yang who obtained them."

"Su Yang…?"

Elder Sun remained dazed. Although it made more sense with Su Yang being behind this wealth, it still didn't explain how he obtained them.

'Compared to his wealth, even the Sun Family, one of the richest families within the Eastern Continent, is not worth mentioning!' Elder Sun cried inwardly.

Liu Lanzhi smiled after seeing the disciples reaction.

'How would they react if they knew that these 300 million spirit stones is only half of what we currently have, I wonder?' she asked herself.

A few moments later, once their shock subdued, Fang Zhelan asked, "What are we going to do with so many spirit stones, Sect Master?"

"Don't die of shock when you hear this, but with these 300 million spirit stones, we are going to scatter them around the Sect." Liu Lanzhi said.

"S-Scatter them around the Sect…? I am not following…" Fang Zhelan raised her eyebrows with a confused face.

It was not just Fang Zhelan, as everyone there was puzzled as to why they would do such a thing.

"Su Yang is going to build a formation around the Sect, and it requires a massive amount of spirit stones. But I have no experience regarding formations, so this is the extent of my knowledge." Liu Lanzhi said.

"Even though it's for the Sect's safety, to spend three hundred million spirit stones on a formation… I cannot say I agree with squandering this many spirit stones…" Elder Sun sighed, feeling as though he'd aged a few years within the last few moments.

"Can I try persuading him to change his mind?" he then asked.

"I have already tried, but he appeared determined to build this formation."

"Save your breath, grandfather. Once Su Yang decides on something, he won't give up. And if he believes this formation is worth 300 million spirit stones, then I shall also believe in him."

"Haaaaa…" Elder Sun sighed again, but he could not refute Sun Jingjing's words, as he has never seen him change his mind after deciding on something.

Sometime later, Elder Sun spoke, "I understand the situation, but how do we scatter them around the Sect?"

Hearing his question, Liu Lanzhi picked up a storage pouch and grabbed a handful of spirit stones before scattering it on the floor as though it was bird food.


The disciples there watched with wide eyes, as this is the most ridiculous thing they have ever seen. The word 'wasteful' cannot even fully describe this situation.

"Just toss it around the Sect as though you are feeding birds in a park, but focus on these areas more." Liu Lanzhi then showed them the map and the locations that were marked.

"It needs to be done in two weeks, before Su Yang completes his preparations for the formation."

Sometime later, each of the disciples picked up a storage pouch and began tossing the spirit stones everywhere.

Although the disciples felt reluctant to scatter spirit stones around the Sect as though it was trash, they couldn't disobey the Sect Master's request. As for those from a poor background before entering the Sect, they were literally crying as the spirit stones left their hands and littered the floor.

However, a few of the disciples actually enjoyed it, as it made them feel as though they were flaunting their wealth.

Very quickly, spirit stones littered the Sect, making it look like a treasure trove, and it was almost impossible to take a step inside the Sect without stepping on some spirit stones.

Two weeks later, three hundred million spirit stones were completely scattered around the entire Sect, causing the place to emit a massive amount of Profound Qi.

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