Dual Cultivation

Chapter 531 Grand Formation

Chapter 531 Grand Formation

After giving Zhang Xiu Ying her new cultivation technique, Su Yang stayed behind for a few more hours teaching her about the technique before returning to the Yin Yang Pavilion.

Once he arrived, Su Yang knocked on the door that was right beside his own room.

A few moments later, Qiuyue appeared with raised eyebrows.

"I am going to create a Grand Formation around the Sect, but I will need your help," he said to her.


Qiuyue looked at him with wide eyes, and she spoke, "You want to create a Grand Formation for this place? Aren't you going a little bit overboard with that? A normal formation will be more than enough to protect this place for thousands of years. It's a waste of resources."

Grand Formations are advanced formations that combine three types of formations into a single grand formation, which usually consists of Offensive Formations, Defensive Formations, and Restriction Arrays.

"I know, but who knows what could happen when I am no longer in this place. I want to leave this place with my mind free of any worries," he said.

"You really care about this place, huh? Even though you don't really belong here."

"I wouldn't have cared as much if the other disciples never left the Sect and I didn't take the position of Sect Master. Although I will not be here forever, as the Sect Master, I have a responsibility to protect this place. Furthermore, this place is more than just another 'Sect' to me now, as I have personally invested too much into it. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call this my own Sect now."

"Even if you say that…" Qiuyue slightly frowned and continued, "The extent of my knowledge with formations are only the basics. Even if you want me to, I do not have the capabilities to create a Grand Formation, so how do you want me to help?"

"I only need your cultivation base to help me power the Grand Formation. As for the formation itself, I will personally deal with it."

Qiuyue nodded.

"By the way, where's Xiao Rong and Qin Liangyu? I haven't seen them in a while." Su Yang suddenly asked her.

"Who knows. Ever since that cat wanted to become more mature, Junior Sister Liangyu has been helping her. They are probably still going at it now."

"Junior Sister Liangyu…?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow at the way she addressed Qin Liangyu as though they were close friends. "When did the two of you become so friendly?"


Qiuyue suddenly recalled the time she secretly gave him a Fetallio after hearing his words, causing her face to redden.

"D-Does it matter when it happened?" she quickly responded.

Su Yang smiled after seeing her reaction, and he said, "If you don't want to share it, then I won't force you. Anyway, I am going to get started with the Grand Formation now."

After leaving Qiuyue alone, Su Yang went to visit Liu Lanzhi, who has been studying the techniques Su Yang gave her since she received them.

"You want to start creating the formation now?" Liu Lanzhi was surprised to hear it, and she asked him, "How long do you think it'll take? And do you need any help?"

"It should be done in time before I have to check on the Dual Cultivation Division in two weeks," he replied.

"That fast?!" Liu Lanzhi exclaimed in a shocked voice. "Don't formations normally take years, even decades to create? Especially if it's large enough to cover an entire Sect? Just how are you going to accomplish that in just two weeks?"

Su Yang shook his head and said, "Don't use your standards on me, and don't compare me with the Array Masters in this world. It's like comparing someone who only recently started Cultivation to a Cultivation expert that has thousands of years of experience."

"Y-You're right… I don't know why I still think the logic of this world applies to you…" Liu Lanzhi nearly facepalmed herself.

If she knew what Su Yang had in mind was not any ordinary Formation but a Grand Formation, something a hundred times more complicated, her reactions would've been more shocking. In fact, Grand Formations don't even exist in this world yet, as there are no Array Masters with that knowledge.

"T-Then do you need any help?" she then asked him.

"Yes, I will need you and the disciples to scatter spirit stones around the entire Sect while I make the Formation," he nodded.

"Oh? That's quite simple. How many spirit stones are we talking about?"

After a moment of silence, Su Yang responded with three fingers raised.

"Three million spirit stones?" she tilted her head.

"Three hundred million spirit stones," he said calmly.

"THREE HUNDRED MILLION?!" Liu Lanzhi cried out loud, her eyes and mouth wide open from shock.

While the Sect has over five hundred million Spirit Stones available, which is more than enough, she didn't expect that half of it would disappear so quickly. Three hundred million spirit stones could easily support the Sect for over 100 years, but to think that Su Yang would be willing to spend so many resources for a single Formation.

"A-Are you sure the Sect needs such an expensive Formation protecting it, Su Yang…? The Million Snakes Sect is already gone, and I don't think anyone else would dare to attack us..." Liu Lanzhi asked him in a trembling voice, as she was having second thoughts after learning of the astronomical amount of resources that are required for the formation.

"It's better safe than to be sorry. Although the Sect is safe for now, who's to say it will be safe a hundred — even ten years from now? And it's only 300 million spirit stones. We still have plenty left afterward." Su Yang spoke with a calm expression.

"Even if we still have a lot of spirit stones afterward, spending 300 million spirit stones in one go is unheard of…" Liu Lanzhi sighed, feeling a headache was quickly approaching her.

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