Dual Cultivation

Chapter 51 Unfortunate

Chapter 51 Unfortunate

"Let me see your jade box," said Su Yang without needing to ask if they had one.

"Here you go…" The old lady in red robes retrieved a red box and handed it to Su Yang, who was kneeling in front of the blue flower.

The jade box in his hands was similar to the one the White Pearl Treasury handed him his Pure Yang Flower in. When herbs or medicine with Profound Qi are uprooted from where they grew, their quality would degrade as time goes, so cultivators would use these jade box for storage to slow down the decaying process. The more expensive jade boxes could even perfectly preserve medicines and allow their quality to remain the same even after hundreds of years.

"Although I was doubtful at first, this is indeed the Extreme Yin Flower. They normally grow in the coldest of cold places, yet one managed to appear in this Thunder Valley…" Su Yang pondered as he casually reached for Extreme Yin Flower, which greatly shocked the four figures watching.

These four figures had been trying to figure out a way to pluck this flower since many days ago, however, because the Extreme Yin Flower would retaliate with its Profound Qi, none of them have been able to touch it.

Sometimes, when a herb has enough Profound Qi, it could give birth to its own conscious. Albeit rather little, this Extreme Yin Flower has enough awareness to protect itself when it senses danger.

"Wait! That's–"

However, just as the four figures expected to witness the Extreme Yin Flower attack Su Yang with Profound Qi, Su Yang casually plucked the flower as though he was plucking a normal flower; it was effortless and smooth.

"Extreme Yin Flowers emits this profound aura that will easily chase away all beasts, leaving only beasts with a naturally strong Yin body like the Lightning Cats to nourish itself. This Thunder Valley should return to normal within a few weeks." Su Yang explained to them why the Thunder Valley only has Lightning Cats as he placed the Extreme Yin Flower inside the jade box.

"...How? How did you pluck it without it attacking you? When we tried, it would shoot out Profound Qi equivalent to a cultivator at the Heavenly Spirit Realm," asked one of the four figures with a baffled expression on his face.

Su Yang looked at them with a calm expression and said: "It is the same as courting a girl – If she doesn't like you, then she will obviously shoo you away. However, if you approach her properly, then she will obediently follow you home."

Su Yang's explanation nearly caused the four to choke on air from the sheer ridiculousness. How could he compare plucking a divine medicine to courting girls? However, as crazy as his words sounded, it sounded sane when it came out of his mouth.

Perhaps it was his handsome face or his graceful appearance, but the four did not continue to question him.

"Very well. Now I will deliver this to Lady Xie."

"Wait a moment!"

Just as Su Yang began to walk away, one of the four stopped him.

"I will be sure to mention your Divine Sword Sect when I pass this to Lady Xie." Su Yang suddenly said without even turning around.


"Thank you, senior!"

Although dumbfounded at first, the one who called for him bowed to his disappearing back with respect, and the other three soon followed.

Although Su Yang looked young enough to be their grandchildren, there was a certain feeling he was emitting that made him feel more ancient than his actual appearance, which made the four feel as though they were in the presence of some profound expert.

"Lady Xie's family is profound and unfathomably deep. To think they have an expert who could pluck divine medicines with a Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivation base as though he was plucking weed…" The four sighed with reverence as Su Yang disappeared from the Thunder Core.


When the Divine Sword Sect's disciples noticed Su Yang's figure appearing from behind the treelines, they all cleared the way for him without saying a single word.

"I have heard good things about the Divine Sword Sect from Senior Zhong, but I thought he was only patting himself in the back. I'm sure Senior Zhong will be exhilarated once I mention to him how respectful his disciples are." Su Yang laughed as he walked the clear path.

His words caused the disciples there to feel elevated. Senior Zhong was a figure with an extensive background within the sect and was hailed basically as a hero. To have their presence mentioned in front of such a hero was something to be proud of.

However, little did these disciples know that if Senior Zhong really found out what Su Yang did today with his command jade slip, he would surely puke blood due to anger!

While Su Yang was not the type to hold grudges, if he has the chance to return a favor, he will not be humble.

After Su Yang left the place, the Divine Sword Sect also left soon after, and over a hundred figures could be seen standing on swords while soaring across the Thunder Valley into the horizon.

"Flying swords, huh… I should also get myself a flying sword once I sell these monster cores…" Su Yang thought to himself as he returned to hunting Lightning Cats.

As for the Extreme Yin Flower that could be considered a divine medicine in this mortal world, he doesn't have a single clue as to how he should use it.

As a man, Su Yang couldn't use the Extreme Yin Flower for himself, as he would only be courting death. However, he also has very little hope that he could find a female in this mortal world, where the Heavenly Spirit Realm is considered the apex, to be powerful enough to consume this Extreme Yin Flower without exploding into a thousand pieces from the tyrannical Yin Qi within the flower.

"Even if I give someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm the method to consume this Extreme Yin Flower, their cultivation base would not be enough to fully resist it… Aiyaaa… To think I'd be fortunate enough to come across this Extreme Yin Flower in this lacking world, yet the chances of finding someone worthy and able to consume it is near nonexistent… How unlucky! Truly unfortunate!"

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