Dual Cultivation

Chapter 50 Extreme Yin Flower

Chapter 50 Extreme Yin Flower

After Su Yang showed the Divine Sword Sect the yellow jade slip Senior Zhong had given him earlier, everything went silent.

"Move aside, I have business with your seniors..." Su Yang said as he put on a profound and oppressive air, making others believe that he was a profound senior.

"R-Right away!" The disciples quickly cleared a path for Su Yang to walk through.

Su Yang nodded and began walking through the open path, and the disciples looked at the ground as he walked past them, seemingly afraid to look at him.

Once he got past the crowd, Su Yang continued to walk towards the center, the atmosphere growing heavier as he got closer.

"Who's there?!" A voice thundered the moment Su Yang reached the center of the Thunder Valley, the Thunder Core.

Su Yang looked at the situation ahead of him – there were four figures, each emitting the aura of an expert at the Earth Spirit Realm, standing around a small flower that was glowing a dark blue light in a breathing pattern.

This flower was the size of a human thumb, and electricity could be seen coiling around its stem like a small snake.

When Su Yang first saw the flower, he showed a slight smile that went away an instant later.

"I will not ask you again! How did you get past my disciples, and what happened to them?!" asked one of the four figures, an old lady in red robes with killing intent in her gaze.

However, she was not the only one looking at him with hostility, as the three figures beside her also looked prepared to attack him at any given moment.

These four figures knew very well that the Divine Sword Sect's disciples would not let anyone through under any circumstances – unless their hands were forced.

However, who in this small Eastern Continent could possibly force over a hundred disciples from the Divine Sword Sect to retreat? This was also why the four figures didn't immediately attack Su Yang – they were all wary of his mysterious presence.

"I walked past them, of course. As for their safety… I did not touch anyone." Su Yang said in a nonchalant voice, seemingly unfazed by the combined killing intent of four Earth Spirit Realm cultivators.

"You walked past them? How is that even possible?! I gave them strict orders to not let anyone through!"

"Can you still say that after seeing this?" Su Yang revealed the yellow jade slip again.

Although he did not know the jade slip's purpose when he first obtained it, the reactions from the Divine Sword Sect's disciples made it clear to him that it granted him some sort of special presence within the Divine Sword Sect.

And sure enough, when the four figures saw the yellow jade slip, their eyes nearly popped out from shock.

"Impossible! That's Senior Zhong's command medallion! Why does he have such a thing?!"

"You! How did you obtain that jade slip, and what is your relationship with Senior Zhong?!"

"How do we know that it's the real thing? Senior Zhong had left the sect to go to 'that' place since ten years ago!"

The four figures began throwing questions at Su Yang, who calmly answered them one by one.

"I met Senior Zhong by chance, and after helping him protect Lady Xie, we became best friends and he gave me this jade slip as a show of gratitude…"When Su Yang mentioned the surname 'Xie', the expressions on these four figures changed. They no longer looked at him with killing intent, but they still held their suspicions.

"As for the authenticity of this jade slip, why don't you check it yourself?" Su Yang then threw the jade slip towards their direction.

The one who caught it took a moment to examine the jade slip.

Moments later, he cried out: "It's real! This is really Senior Zhong's command medallion!"

"So what if it's real? What are you doing here? Senior Zhong shouldn't know of this operation since he hasn't been with us for over ten years..." The old lady in red robes continued to question him.

"Are you sure about that? I parted with Senior Zhong only recently at the entrance of this Thunder Valley."

"What? Senior Zhong was here?"

Su Yang nodded and said: "Along with Lady Xie."

He then approached them in a casual manner and continued: "Do you have any idea what that flower is?" he asked them.

The four looked at the flower and then back to Su Yang and shook their heads. Indeed, they have never seen such a flower before. Despite their profound knowledge, none of them have ever seen or heard of such a flower before.

However, they were certain that this flower was the cause of the phenomenon with the Lightning Cats in this Thunder Valley and that it was some sort of priceless treasure, hence why they planned to have this place secured until they figure out the identity of this small flower.

"That flower is called the Extreme Yin Flower, and it has the same effects as the Pure Yin Flower, as well as being ten times greater in its effectiveness."

"Ten times greater?!"

When the four figures learned about the identity of this flower, their jaws dropped from shock. The Pure Yin Flower was already considered an extremely strong medicine that could kill even Earth Spirit Realm cultivators, yet this Extreme Yin Flower was ten times stronger? Then wouldn't this Extreme Yin Flower kill even Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators?

"If consumed without a special technique, even cultivators above the Heavenly Spirit Realm would die instantly after using it," said Su Yang, increasing the shock in their hearts.

"Even those above the Heavenly Spirit Realm? T-Then what are we supposed to do with this thing? If nobody in this world could use it, then wouldn't that make it useless?" asked the old lady in red robes.

"That is why Lady Xie and Senior Zhong had sent me to this place," he replied.

"Although none of us here could use this Extreme Yin Flower, I'm fairly certain that Lady Xie's family would find some use in it."

Despite knowing nothing about Xie Xingfang's background, Su Yang knew that she was someone with an incomprehensible status in this world, so he used that to his advantage in hopes to convince these four figures.

"That does make sense… if someone has the ability to handle this Extreme Yin Flower, then it would be Lady Xie's family…"

"Then if you will excuse me. I will extract this Extreme Yin Flower and return to Lady Xie's side," said Su Yang as he stood in front of the Extreme Yin Flower.

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