Dual Cultivation

Chapter 492 Death by Heartbreak

Chapter 492 Death by Heartbreak

"You know... you have been blabbering about me being your woman for a while now, but I don't recall ever belonging to you." Sun Jingjing suddenly spoke.

"W-What?" Mu Shun looked at her with a dazed face and said, "B-But you accepted my marriage proposal!"

Sun Jingjing pretended to ponder for a moment before speaking, "Really? I don't remember accepting your marriage proposal, though. Do you have any proof that I'd agreed to marry you?"

"Of course! It's right here!" Mu Shun proceeded to show her the written agreement between Sun Ren and Mu Lan.

However, Sun Jingjing remained calm and spoke, "This is an agreement between my parents and your parents, but it has nothing to do with me. I have left the Sun Family for over a year now. Furthermore, I already belong to another family now."

Sun Jingjing then walked beside Su Yang and passionately embraced him and spoke, "Not only did I give my first time to Su Yang, but I have already joined his family. If I want, I can even change my name to Su Jingjing."

"Just because you used your family's business and partnership with the Burning Lotus Sect to pressure my family into agreeing to our engagement does not mean I agree to being your woman. In fact, my body, my heart, and my soul already belongs to Su Yang — and only him."

"N-No way…" Mu Shun staggered backwards after hearing Sun Jingjing's brutal words that pained him more than anything he'd experienced in life, feeling as though his body and heart was being punctured by a thousand swords.


When his heart felt like it was about to burst open, Mu Shun directly coughed up a mouthful of blood.

"Son! Are you okay?!"

Mu Lan suddenly rushed into the restaurant and caught Mu Shun before he collapsed onto the floor, and the Sun Family also entered the restaurant a few moments later.

"W-What did you do to my son, Su Yang?!" Mu Lan looked at him with red eyes.

If it weren't for his lack of cultivation base that was only at the True Spirit Realm, he would've already struck Su Yang with the intent to kill.

"I didn't even though him, though. The people that have been here since the beginning can be the witness." Su Yang casually shrugged.

"Bullshit! If you hadn't attacked him, why is he coughing up blood?!"

"Maybe because he couldn't withstand being rejected by my woman and is dying from heartbreak?"

"W-What…?" Mu Lan stared at him with a dazed face.

"Listen up, because I will only say this once. Sun Jingjing is my — Su Yang's woman, as I have already accepted her into my family! I don't care if you are engaged or married, if I say she's my woman — she's my woman!" Su Yang spoke with a domineering voice before turning around and giving Sun Jingjing a big, passionate kiss on the lips right before everyone there.


Sun Jingjing closed her eyes and kissed him back, even making sexy noises.

After kissing each other for a long minute, Su Yang looked at the pale-faced Mu Shun and said, "Do you still have any doubts who Sun Jingjing belongs to now, you damn pig?"

"Y-Y-Y-You… you… you… Agggh!"

Mu Shun suddenly coughed up another few mouthfuls of blood.

"Son!" Mu Lan's face was filled with panic as Mu Shun slowly closed his eyes, almost as though he was taking his last breath.

"N-No… no, no, no, no! Nooooo! Mu Shun! Open your eyes!" Mu Lan cried with despair when the light in Mu Shun's eyes disappeared.

At that moment, Mu Shun, eldest son of the Mu Family, died from heartbreak after receiving what is possibly one of the worst rejections one could receive from their sweetheart — and before so many people in public, no less.

"What…? Is he really dead?"

The spectators were in disbelief, as this is their first time witnessing someone die after being rejected.

"Being rejected is probably not the only reason for his death. He probably also had a weak heart since he was obese to begin with…"

"Y-Y-You killed my son!" Mu Lan turned to look at Sun Jingjing and blamed her for Mu Shun's death.

"I would've actually preferred killing him with my own hands, but he just had to die so pathetically..." Sun Jingjing sighed with a vicious feeling in her eyes as she stared at Mu Lan in the eyes.

"You bitch!"

As if he'd lost all reason from the death of his son, Mu Lan suddenly retrieved a Heaven-grade spiritual sword from his storage ring and quickly aimed for Sun Jingjing.


Her parents were instantly alerted by Mu Lan's actions, but alas, they were simply too far away and too slow to do anything.


Sun Jingjing coldly snorted and exploded with her entire cultivation base at the Earth Spirit Realm, and the shockwave from releasing her cultivation base was more than enough to send Mu Lan flying into the distance like a rag doll being hurled by an adult.

"I am not as patient and as kind as Su Yang! If you attack me even once, I will attack back!" Sun Jingjing spoke with a tyrannical aura around her.

After being hurled away by the shockwave caused by Sun Jingjing's cultivation base, Mu Lan coughed up a mouthful of blood and was having trouble even standing up afterward.

"S-So powerful…!" He stared at Sun Jingjing's domineering figure from afar, quickly losing his will to fight. It had taken only a single non-lethal blow from her to wipe away all his desire to fight.

"Since your son passed away not long ago, I will let you go with just this. However, if you dare to trouble me or my family ever again in the future, I will personally destroy the entire Mu Family! And I won't even need Su Yang to help me with that, because I alone am capable of doing it!" Sun Jingjing said to him with narrowed eyes.

"As for my engagement with the Mu Family — it never even happened, do you understand me?!"

"Now get your son and scram!"

A few moments later, Mu Lan went to pick up Mu Shun's lifeless body before disappearing from the restaurant.

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