Dual Cultivation

Chapter 491 Who Are You?!

Chapter 491 Who Are You?!

When the patrons in the restaurant heard Su Yang's words, they all gasped in shock, as none of them have ever witnessed anyone brave enough to slap the Mu Family's Young Master's face so directly and cruelly.

"Oh my god… just who is that masked man? He has balls made of steel!"

"He called Young Master Mu a pig not only before his face but also right in front of his fiancee…"

Even Sun Jingjing couldn't help but giggle elegantly after hearing Su Yang's words.


Mu Shun's entire body was shaking at this moment, causing the fat on his body and face to tremble like jello in the middle of an earthquake.

But alas, despite his flustering, Su Yang continued to insult him, "I didn't know pigs could get engaged with humans, much less a Fairy. I guess anything is possible in the Cultivation World…"

"Calling you a toad trying to eat swan meat is an overstatement and an insult to frogs, as animals like you need to go back to eating waste in your cage."

"Hey, calm down, I am just joking with you. I'm afraid that if your face turns any redder, you'd turn into a roasted pig…"


A few of the patrons there were unable to hold their stomachs any longer and burst out laughing, filling the restaurant with hysterical laughter. Even though they knew that laughing at this moment could possibly cost them their lives, they were simply unable to resist it, like someone was forcefully tickling their weak spots.

"I-I-I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!" Mu Shun suddenly roaded, kicking the table before them and sending all the food on the table flying across the room.

He then retrieved a spiritual sword at the Earth-grade from his storage ring and pointed it at Su Yang.

"If I don't kill you today, my name is not Mu Shun, and I am not a man!"

However, Su Yang remained sitting there with a calm expression and spoke, "Even if you somehow manage to kill me today, you still won't be a man, as you were never human in the first place."


The laughter at the place became even louder with the amount of people laughing increasing.

"Die for me, you bastard!" Mu Shun suddenly swung his sword at Su Yang, causing the laughing to instantly disappear.

The people there held their breath as the sword in Mu Shun's grasp quickly fell towards Su Yang's face.

And when everybody there expected him to dodge the sword strike, Su Yang decided to remain sitting there without moving even a muscle, shocking everybody there.

"He's dead!"

However, when the sword finally landed on Su Yang's head, it did not even manage to cut a single hair on Su Yang, much less kill him.


The people there gasped in shock, their eyes wide with disbelief.

Mu Shun stared at his sword and Su Yang's head with a dazed face, but as though he could not comprehend the situation, he retrieved the sword and attacked again.

This time, he pushed the sword's tip directly between Su Yang's eyes.

A second later, Mu Shun felt his sword penetrate something hard, causing a grin to appear on his face.

But alas, when he realized that his sword had only managed to pierce the mask on Su Yang's face but not his skin, his entire body stood there as though it was frozen in time.

"You have now struck me twice with the intent to kill me. If I kill you now, nobody would complain, right?" Su Yang suddenly said in a calm voice, and his gaze flickered with killing intent.


As though his soul was forcibly awakened by something terrifying, Mu Shun immediately jumped back with a horrified expression.

"W-Who are you?!" he cried out loud.

Su Yang slowly stood up and removed the cracked mask on his face, revealing his handsome facial features to everyone there.

However, the people there did not immediately recognize him, as nobody there was at the Regional Tournament to see him fight, and he was not wearing his uniform from the Profound Blossom Sect.

As far as they were concerned, and in the eyes of these people, Su Yang was just some exceedingly handsome young man with an unknown background right now.

"My name is Su Yang…"

When he finally introduced his name, the people in the restaurant reacted as though they'd just seen a ghost.

"Heavens! He's actually Su Yang — the number one genius in the Eastern Continent with a Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivation base at the young age of 17!"

"No wonder why he dared to offend Mu Shun! With his background, he can even offend the entire Mu Family and still live to see his grandchildren!"

"Why is someone like him in this place?!"

"There is only one reason I can think of — Sun Jingjing! After all, Sun Jingjing is also a disciple at the Profound Blossom Sect! It must have something to do with her engagement with Mu Shun!"

"Mu Shun is done for! He actually dared to court Su Yang's woman! He's picked the wrong target this time! The predator has finally become the prey!"

The patrons there were filled with awe by Su Yang's presence, and they were excited to see how he handles Mu Shun, who was universally disliked within the city because of his nasty habits, using his status to pressure girls into giving up their body to him.

"S-Su Yang…?" Mu Shun nearly pissed his pants after he realized Su Yang's real identity.

His entire complexion was as white as sheets, and his body was trembling nonstop, looking like he was extremely sick.

However, he somehow managed to resolve himself to stop shaking and spoke loudly, "S-So what if you are Su Yang?! Sun Jingjing is still my woman! We are already engaged with one another, and our wedding is even tomorrow! Just because you are somewhat talented and handsome, do you think you can just steal another man's woman and get away with it?!"

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