Dual Cultivation

Chapter 484 What If Your Parents Walk in on Us?

Chapter 484 What If Your Parents Walk in on Us?

Sometime later, Sun Jingjing's parents returned to the room.

"Senior Su, although this may sound sudden, I have a request for you…" Sun Ren said to him.

However, before Su Yang could even open his mouth, Sun Jingjing spoke, "Mother, I have something to say first."

"It can wait until—"

"I cannot wait!" she quickly interrupted.

And then she continued, "This is regarding my engagement with the Mu Family. You can accept it."


Both her parents looked at her with a shocked face.

"W-What did you just say…? Repeat it for me!" Sun Ren couldn't believe her ears and asked.

"I said that you can go ahead and agree to the Mu Family's proposal." Sun Jingjing calmly responded.

"Are you out of your damn mind?! I thought you'd rather die than to marry into the Mu Family!" Sun Ren roared with a red face. "Do you have any idea how much effort I've spent to keep you away from him?! Now you want to throw away all of my efforts and accept their proposal?!"

She then turned to look at Su Yang and spoke, "Senior Su, you should say something to her! She's clearly not in the right mind!"

However, Su Yang merely smiled and said, "Why don't you listen to her? I'm sure that she's perfectly fine."

"Mother, trust me." Sun Jingjing spoke with a confident smile as she stepped forward. "All you need to do is accept their marriage proposal, and I will deal with everything else. I am no longer a child that needs to be protected by her parents all the time."

The place became dead silent, and her parents exchanged glances with each other.

A few moments later, Sun Ren released a long sigh, "I don't know what you are trying to achieve by accepting their marriage proposal, but I really hope you know what you are doing!"

"Thank you, mother."

"By the way, I will be staying here for a few days if you don't mind." Su Yang suddenly said.

���O-Of course! You can stay here for as long as you wish, Senior Su!"

"Drop the formalities. Just call me Su Yang."

"Then I will immediately arrange your room—"

"It's fine, mother. Su Yang will be staying in my room." Sun Jingjing said.

"Eh? Then where are you going to sleep?" Sun Ren looked at her with raised brows.

Sun Jingjing remained silent and merely smiled at her question.

"Do whatever you want… I am going to contact the Mu Family now."

Sometime later, Sun Ren left the room to send a message to the Mu Family, saying that the Sun Family had accepted their marriage proposal.

When the Mu Family received the news, they were overjoyed and wasted no time making preparations for the wedding, even announcing it to the public of Sun Jingjing and Mu Shun's engagement.

The news of their engagement easily spread throughout the entire city within hours, shocking the people that heard it.

"What? The Sun Family and the Mu Family will be coming together? Weren't they one of the biggest rivals here?"

"Times sure have changed…"

"I can't believe that that nasty Mu Shun will get to marry someone as fair as Sun Jingjing! The Heavens aren't just!"

"As long as you are rich and powerful like the Mu Family, you will get to marry a beautiful woman even if you look like a damn pig!"

"Watch your mouth! If the Mu Family heard such words coming out of your mouth, you can kill your life goodbye!"

"The engagement must have something to do with the Mu Family becoming business partners with the Burning Lotus Sect."

"I think so too. The Mu Family has been dominating the markets as of late, whilst the Sun Family has been in the decline. If the Sun Family didn't accept this proposal, they might get overwhelmed by the Mu Family in the near future."

By the end of the day, nearly everybody in the City of Yuan has heard of Sun Jingjing and Mu Shun's engagement, and hundreds of people have already visited the Mu Family to congratulate them.

"Hahaha! I knew the Sun Family would accept our marriage proposal sooner or later!" The head of the Mu Family, Mu Lan, laughed loudly in his room.

"Thank you, father. Now my dream to make Sun Jingjing my woman has finally come true!" Mu Shun, his son, also laughed.

"But father…" Mu Shun stopped laughing a little bit later, "What if the Sun Family — Sun Jingjing to be exact — goes to the Profound Blossom Sect for help? What if she cries to that number one genius, Su Yang? Wouldn't that be disastrous for us?"

"If that was the case, they wouldn't have accepted our proposal in the first place! Furthermore, even if Sun Jingjing goes to Su Yang for help, I doubt he would even care about her! Dual cultivators are usually selfish and heartless people like that! And he's definitely surrounded by beauties by now, so he wouldn't care less about someone like Sun Jingjing!"

"Is that so…" Mu Shun continued to laugh later, but he couldn't shake off the ominous feeling that was lingering in his stomach.

Meanwhile, back at the Sun Family, Sun Ren said to Sun Jingjing, "The entire city knows of your engagement with Mu Shun by now. There's no turning back anymore, and there are no pills for regrets in this world."

Sun Jingjing merely smiled at her words and said, "Don't worry, mother. Anyway, I am going to sleep now, since I will be busy tomorrow."

"Haaaa… I really hope she knows what she's doing…" Sun Ren sighed as she watched her daughter calmly disappear.

"How did it go?" Su Yang asked Sun Jingjing when she returned to her own room.

"The entire city knows of our engagement now," she said.

"I see… then let's get some rest. It'll be a busy day tomorrow." Su Yang said to her before he entered the bed.

"But I can't sleep if I'm not tired..." Sun Jingjing said to him as she blew out the candles that lit the room before she began loosening her robes.

"Your parents' room is only down the hall, you know. What if they walk in on us doing it?" Su Yang said to her with a smile.

"Then we'd better keep it as quiet as possible…" Sun Jingjing smiled back.

Su Yang chuckled after hearing her words, "Are you even capable of that? I won't seal this room with a concealment formation so your moaning might escape the room."

"That sounds exciting…" Sun Jingjing jiggled before entering the bed with Su Yang.

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