Dual Cultivation

Chapter 483 Playing Dumb

Chapter 483 Playing Dumb

"The Mu Family again? Why don't you just refuse?" Sun Jingjing asked with a calm face. "Even if they are slightly more influential than us, they shouldn't have the power to threaten us."

"That's the thing… The Mu Family somehow managed to seal a partnership with the Burning Lotus Sect a few weeks ago, allowing them to sell their Burning Lotus Sects at their pill markets!"

"You should know how popular those pills are within the business. Anyone with the license to sell them will automatically become one of the largest distributors in the medicine market! And because of this, they have completely taken over the market! Ever since they began selling Burning Lotus Pills, our own medicine business has been going downhills! Our revenue is already down by 90% within just a few weeks!"

"And it's not just with pills! Ever since they became business partners with the Burning Lotus Sect, many of our customers have switched sides in order to give faces to the Mu Family! Almost all of our businesses are down by 10%! At this rate, they'll completely run us out of business!"

"Just a few days ago, they'd even threaten to chase us out of the city if we don't accept their engagement proposal!"

"So that's why you are so worried and so desperate…" Sun Jingjing sighed after realizing the situation.

"If you become Su Yang's concubine, even the Mu Family wouldn't dare to offend him! You like him, don't you?" Sun Ren asked her.

"Well… I don't know about that…" Sun Jingjing began playing dumb.

"What?! You are acting completely different than before — when you were adamant about joining his family! Did something happen between you and Su Yang?"

"I guess you can say that." Sun Jingjing nodded with a mysterious smile.

"I don't care what happened, whether you were in the right or wrong, but if you don't want to marry that fatso from the Mu Family, then you need to apologize to Su Yang and get him to accept you!" Sun Ren spoke with a serious expression.

"I will think about it," she said with a nonchalant expression, almost as though she wasn't concerned by the Mu Family at all. "If there's nothing else, then I will return to the living room with Su Yang and father."

"Y-Y-You…! Forget it! You can go ahead and continue being stubborn! Don't come crying to me when you have to marry that fatso!" Sun Ren stomped the floor in anger before returning to the room.

Meanwhile, Sun Quan said to Su Yang after the two women left the room, "Thank you for always taking care of our daughter, Senior Su. If she ever bothers you, just let me know and I will immediately punish her."

"You can toss away the formality." Su Yang said to him.

"But that would be inappropriate to someone of your stature…" Sun Quan hesitated.

Even if the Sun Family has plenty of influence, their resources are only limited within the business circle in the mortal world. If they compare themselves to Su Yang, a genius from the cultivation world, it would be akin to comparing a merchant to a prince.

"Why would it be inappropriate? Although we don't have any documents to prove it, nor did we have a ceremony yet, I have already accepted your daughter into my family." Su Yang said to him with a calm expression. "If you want, I can even call you father-in-law, you know?"

Sun Quan stared at Su Yang with a shocked face, looking like a stupid chicken.

"W-What did you just say? Me? Your father-in-law?" Sun Quan's entire body trembled.

Su Yang nodded with a nonchalant face.

However, Sun Quan remained standing there in silence with a dazed face even after many minutes, almost as though he'd turned into a statue.

It was only when Sun Jingjing and Sun Ren returned did he finally snap out of it.

"Why are you standing there with that weird face, father?" Sun Jingjing raised an eyebrow after seeing his odd behavior.


Before Sun Quan could even speak, Sun Ren pulled him outside.

"W-What's the matter, honey?" he asked her after being dragged outside.

"T-That disobedient daughter of ours! She…" Sun Ren proceeded to explain to Sun Quan her conversation with Sun Jingjing, which only further puzzled Sun Quan.


With his mind overwhelmed, Sun Quan was unable to explain to his wife what Su Yang had told him, so he just stood there and listened to Sun Ren talk in silence.

"Anyway, if our daughter is too stubborn to fix her problem with Su Yang, I will do it for her! Even if she hates me afterward, it's better than giving her to the Mu Family!" Sun Ren spoke with a resolute face.


Before Sun Quan could even fully open his mouth to speak, Sun Ren had already left his side and returned to the living room.

"These two women… haaa..." Sun Quan shook his head while sighing before returning to the room with Sun Ren.

Meanwhile, after her parents left the room, Sun Jingjing explained the situation to Su Yang.

"What do you think, Su Yang? How should we deal with them? Although I don't particularly care about my family's business, I don't want to see the Mu Family bullying my family."

"The Mu Family and the Burning Lotus Sect, huh…" Su Yang remained nonchalant, and he continued, "There are many ways we can go about dealing with the situation, but I'll leave it up to you to decide. What do you want to do with the Mu Family?"

"The Mu Family thinks they can bully my family and force me to marry their son, so they deserve death. However, we can't just kill all of them…" Sun Jingjing pondered with a serious face.

A few moments later, Sun Jingjing's eyes flickered with a vicious light.

"I know exactly how we should deal with the Mu Family! Give me your ears for a second, Su Yang!" Sun Jingjing chuckled as she explained her plans to him.

After listening to Sun Jingjing's idea, Su Yang burst out laughing. "You sure are something, to think of such an idea."

"Is it not good?" Sun Jingjing showed a worried expression.

"No, it's perfect. Let's go with that idea."

"Great!" Sun Jingjing nodded with a smile.

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