Dual Cultivation

Chapter 442 Lion Tribe's Invasion

Chapter 442 Lion Tribe's Invasion

"Calm down, Chief Qin." Su Yang said to her, whose face was filled with tears at this moment.

He then retrieved the flying boat from his storage ring and continued, "If we travel with this flying boat, we can return to the Boar Tribe within minutes, so don't give up hope just yet."

"R-Really?!" Qin Liangyu looked at him with red eyes and spoke, "Please, save my Boar Tribe! I am willing to do anything in exchange for your help!"

Su Yang nodded and hopped onto the flying ship with the two of them, before they rushed back to the Boar Tribe.

Meanwhile, a few hours ago at the Dragon Tribe, Qiuyue had finished reading all of the scrolls in the hut and was prepared to return to the Boar Tribe.

"I hope you found whatever information that you were looking for, Goddess." Chief Long was standing outside when she left, almost like he was waiting for Qiuyue to be finished this entire time.

"I have everything that I need. Thank you for the information."

"Are you leaving now, Goddess? If I may ask, where will you be going?" Chief Long asked her.

"I'm returning to the Boar Tribe. Do you have any problems with that?" Qiuyue looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"I wouldn't dare." Chief Long quickly shook his head, and he continued, "However, this humble one would like to escort the Goddess back to the Boar Tribe."

"Why would you want to do something like that? I don't need your escort." Qiuyue refused his offer.

"I happen to have some business with the Boar Tribe, so I will need to visit them sooner or later," said Chief Long.

Of course, his reason for following her to the Boar Tribe was only an excuse. Chief Long actually wanted to be there to see if Qiuyue would be intervening with the Lion Tribe's invasion.

"Do whatever you want, but I won't be waiting for you," Qiuyue said as she jumped into the air before soaring towards the Boar Tribe.

Meanwhile, on Su Yang's flying boat, Tang Lingxi casually began removing her blood-stained robes, revealing her sublime body and perfect skin.

"Are you sure that doesn't break your promise with Hong Yu'er?" Su Yang asked her with a smile on his face. Of course, his eyes did not look away and stared directly at her slim figure.

"I only promised her that I would not jeopardize her purity. Showing a little skin to her fiance won't do such a thing. Unless you are going to pounce at me right now, it will be fine." Tang Lingxi smiled back at him.

A few minutes later, right before the flying boat reached the Boar Tribe, Su Yang and his group noticed a red light shooting into the sky before exploding with brightness.

"What's that?" Su Yang asked.

"T-That's the Boar Tribe's emergency signal! They are in danger! It must be the Lion Tribe!" Qin Liangyu exclaimed after seeing the signal, her face filled with worry.

Meanwhile, inside the Boar Tribe, it was a chaotic scene with the people from the Boar Tribe desperately defending themselves against the Lion Tribe.

There was blood splatter everywhere, and corpses from both tribes littered the ground.

"Have you gone crazy, Chief Shi?! We have the Goddess's protection! How dare you attack us while the Goddess is here!" Lebao shouted as he fought against the Chief of the Lion Tribe.

"If your Goddess was here, why hasn't she intervened yet?! The answer is as clear as day — she doesn't care about protecting the Boar Tribe!" Chief Shi roared with laughter as he stuck Lebao with his strength at the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm.


Lebao cried out in pain after being struck, feeling some of the bone in his body shattered from the impact.

"You are a fine warrior, Lebao! One of the best in the Boar Tribe! It makes me wonder why haven't you already made Chief Qin your woman and become the new Chief of the Boar Tribe yet." Chief Shi spoke.

"If I were in your shoes, I would have long conquered her and made her my woman!"

Chief Shi suddenly stretched his hands and continued, "I know that you like her, Lebao. Abandon the Boar Tribe and join my Lion Tribe! If you do, I will make Qin Liangyu your woman!"

"W-What…?" Lebao looked at him with a dazed look. "You want me to betray the Boar Tribe…? You are truly out of your mind!"

"Of course, you can refuse. However, just remember that if you refuse, I will kill you here and take Qin Liangyu for myself instead. It is hard to find a woman of her quality around this area, after all."

"You will never get away with this!" Lebao roared as he rushed at Chief Shi while ignoring the pain in his body.

"By the way, I have been wondering, where is your Chief, Qin Liangyu? I haven't seen her since I got here. Did she, by any chance, run away by herself, leaving the rest of the Boar Tribe to fend us off while she escapes?"

"Hahaha! Unlike you cowards that can only borrow the strength of others, Chief Qin won't do something like that!"

"It doesn't matter if she's hiding or running away, because as long as she's in the Southern Region, I will find her." Chief Shi spoke in a grim voice as he slowly retrieved the large axe behind his back.

"W-Where did you get that Spiritual Weapon?!" Lebao trembled in fear after sensing the sinister aura emitting from the black axe in Chief Shi's grasp.

"You like it? It's a little gift from our friends, the Dragon Tribe. It's called the Black Dragon Axe — a Heaven-grade Spiritual Weapon."

"Bastard…" Lebao growled with red veins in his eyes.

"You should be proud, since you will be the first person I kill with this Black Dragon Axe!" Chief Shi slowly raised the axe into the air.

"Don't worry, I will take care of Qin Liangyu for you. I will also enjoy her body in your stead. Goodbye, Lebao."

Chief Shi gazed down at Lebao with a malicious grin on his face.

"I'm sorry, Chief Qin… I won't be able to keep my promise…" Lebao mumbled and closed his eyes.

"Die for me!"

Chief Shi shouted as he swung the axe with great force.

It was at this moment a sharp voice resounded from the sky—


Upon hearing this familiar voice, Lebao opened his eyes and looked up, expecting to see Qin Liangyu's face.

However, what he saw was not Qin Liangyu, but the back of a tall figure, who was standing between him and Chief Shi, almost like a mountain.

"W-Who the hell are you, you bastard?" Chief Shi's eyes widened with shock when some random young man blocked his Black Dragon Axe with a small black dagger.

"That's a decent weapon you got there. You won't mind if I take it after I kill you, right?" Su Yang spoke with a calm smile on his face.

"You will kill me…? Hahaha!"

Chief Shi jumped back and created some distance between them as he laughed.

"You are only at the third level of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, while I am at the ninth level. What can a pipsqueak like you do to me?! Don't get cocky just because you blocked my weakest attack by surprise!"

"Then why don't you hurry up and show me your strongest move?" Su Yang responded with a nonchalant voice.

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