Dual Cultivation

Chapter 441 Asura God's Curse

Chapter 441 Asura God's Curse

Out of the seven people from the Lion Tribe that surrounded Tang Lingxi, five of them were only at the True Spirit Realm while the last two were at the Earth Spirit Realm.

As someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, Tang Lingxi could kill all of them in the blink of an eye even with her hands tied behind her back. However, because of the disparity in their strength, the guards were unable to see Tang Lingxi's true strength and therefore underestimated her, being completely oblivious of the danger they are currently in.

"Your boyfriend is quite the coward! He abandoned you without a thought! Hahaha!"

"Why don't you come with us? We won't leave you alone for a second!"

The guards laughed out loud after seeing Su Yang distance himself from Tang Lingxi, thinking that he was running away.

"First of all…"

In the midst of their laughter, Tang Lingxi took a single step forward and disappeared from the guards' views, almost like she'd turned into a ghost.

"He's not my boyfriend, but my husband."

Tang Lingxi suddenly appeared behind the Earth Spirit Realm expert and grabbed his arms.


By the time the guard even realized that he was caught by Tang Lingxi, his arms were violently ripped from his shoulders, causing his body to shudder from shock.

"Disgusting…" Tang Lingxi casually tossed the detached arms away with a disgusted expression.

After throwing the severed arms like they were trash, Tang Lingxi grabbed the guard by the head and also ripped it off his body with ease, instantly killing him.


Qin Liangyu felt the urge to puke after seeing the brutal scene before her. Although she has seen a fair share of blood and gore, she has never seen anyone as brutal and bloodthirsty as Tang Lingxi. Instead of a Goddess, she looked like someone being possessed by an Evil God.

As for the other six guards from the Lion Tribe, they all stared at Tang Lingxi with a terrified expression on their faces, looking like they were seeing a monster.

"What's wrong?" Tang Lingxi turned to look at the guards and slowly walked towards them.

However, every step Tang Lingxi took towards the guards, they also took a step back.

"Why are you distancing from me? I thought that you wanted to touch this body?" Tang Lingxi's eyes were as cold as ice, and her dreadful aura haunted them like a nightmare.

"W-W-W-Wait a moment… T-There must have been an understanding…" One of the guards suddenly spoke in a trembling voice.

"A misunderstanding? I don't think so."

Tang Lingxi continued to chase after them.

"Consider yourselves lucky, since you get to touch my skin when I rip all of your limbs out of that useless body…"

"R-Run! She's a fucking monster!"

The six guards immediately turned around and began running away in six different directions.

However, with her superior cultivation and movement technique, Tang Lingxi easily caught up with one of them and quickly grabbed his arms.

"P-Please spare me! I-I have a wife and children — Ahhhh!"

As though Tang Lingxi couldn't even hear his words, she tore his arms out of his body like the previous victim.

The guard quickly fell onto the ground, and that's when Tang Lingxi raised her legs before stomping his head, causing it to explode into a bloody mess.

Immediately after killing that guard, she chased after the next one.

A few moments later, Tang Lingxi's arm pierced a hole in the guard's chest, ripping his heart from his chest, before crushing the heart, causing it to explode like a tomato.

"It appears that the Asura God's Curse is active even though she's in a different body…" Su Yang mumbled to himself as he calmly watched Tang Lingxi tear her enemies apart like a beast.

"Asura God's Curse…?" Qin Liangyu, who heard his mumble, showed a puzzled look.

"She belongs to a family with a very unique and powerful bloodline that allows her to easily dominate anyone under the heavens. However, very little things in this world are actually perfect."

"Although she has a tremendous amount of strength due to her unique bloodline, that blood also curses her body with the Asura God's Curse, which will make the person uncontrollably bloodthirsty if they are provoked."

"This is why nobody is willing to provoke a person from the Asura God Clan, as it always leads to a blood bath."

However, Tang Lingxi is not actually in her own body, and Hong Yu'er's body does not contain even a single drop of Asura Blood, so it makes no sense for Tang Lingxi to be affected by the curse at this moment.

'Does the Asura God's Curse actually affect one's soul instead of their blood?' Su Yang silently pondered to himself as Tang Lingxi continued to slaughter the guards with extreme brutality.

Sometime later, the screaming in the area stopped, and Tang Lingxi returned to Su Yang's side.

However, her appearance was anything but graceful, as her face and robe was stained with blood, making her look like a sinister evil Cultivator.

"I'm sorry that you had to see something so unsightly, darling. It has been a very long time since anyone has dared to provoke me in such a manner, so I got a little angry. And I didn't think that the Asura God's Curse would affect me while I am in this body." Tang Lingxi said to him.

"By the way, before I killed the last guy, I asked him where their Chief was…" she continued.

"He said that the Chief is currently leading the Lion Tribe to the Boar Tribe for war, and that they left three days ago."

"What?!" Qin Liangyu exclaimed loudly.

"The Boar Tribe is in danger! I have to get back now…"

Qin Liangyu suddenly dropped to her knees with despair on her face.

"But even if we head back now, it will be too late. The Lion Tribe should have arrived at the Boar Tribe by now…"

"It's over… the Boar Tribe does not have the power to resist the Lion Tribe… They'll be completely wiped out!"

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