Dual Cultivation

Chapter 44 Heavenly Constitution

Chapter 44 Heavenly Constitution

Inside the carriage, Senior Zhong sat in front of a female figure, her face covered by a veil.

"The Moonlight Blades are really relentless…" sighed the veiled figure.

The sigh was so heartfelt that Senior Zhong could feel the exhaustion in her heart.

"The Young Lady does not have to worry. We will find their hideout soon and wipe them from this earth," said Senior Zhong.

His voice was clear and filled with confidence, yet his eyes were dim. The Moonlight Blades could be considered the most secretive and deadly underground organization to have ever existed in this world, they are so well-hidden that even after 100 years of active operations, nobody has been able to unveil their main hideout, only minor branches.

"I'm sure you will…" said the young lady in a tender voice, and she continued: "Thank you, Senior Zhong."

"I did not do anything to be deserving of your praises…" he shook his head, refusing her gratitude.

"But you protected me just now."

Senior Zhong chuckled slightly and said: "I would naturally protect the young lady, however, I really did not do anything just now. The one who dealt with the assassin was a young man."

"A young man?"

The young lady sounded intrigued, and Senior Zhong began recalling to her what had happened.

"The assassin came here to deliver the message knowing that he will die afterward, and he had intended to deal some damage to us. But at the last second, he decided to surprise attack this young man instead."

"Why was he attacked? Is he okay?"

When Senior Zhong recalled what the assassin had said, he couldn't help but smile bitterly. "Because his face was annoying…"

The young lady covered her mouth from surprise after hearing his words. A bystander was attacked solely for the reason that he had an annoying face? What kind of development was this?

"As for his well-being… Not only did he manage to escape unharmed, but he also turned the situation around and killed the assassin with sword intent."

"Sword intent? That terrifying sword intent I felt just now didn't belong to Senior Zhong?" she asked in a puzzled tone.

Senior Zhong shook his head in regret and said: "I wouldn't be able to emit such powerful sword intent even if I tried."

The young lady was truly in shock now. She knew Senior Zhong's demeanor very well, and his capabilities as a swordmaster could be considered top-notch even amongst masters. But for him to sound so disheartened and inferior when speaking about himself was a first.

"This young man, who is he?"

"I don't know his background, only his name – Xiao Yang. Although he looks like a teenager, his demeanor says otherwise. If I had to guess, then he must be some revered swordmaster in disguise."

"Xiao Yang… is he still out there right now? Why don't you invite him inside to have a talk?"

The young lady's words surprised Senior Zhong. "But we don't know his background. While I can't sense any threat from him, I don't think it would be a good idea to have him so close to the young lady!"

"I am interested in this swordmaster who even our esteemed Senior Zhong cannot comprehend. And since he's strong enough to kill someone from the Moonlight Blades, I'd like to at least create some kind of connection between us."

"..." After a moment of silence, Senior Zhong nodded and left the carriage.

Outside the carriage, Su Yang was still trying to recall the name 'Hundred Poisons Body' mentioned by the assassin.

"Ah! I remember now. It is a Royal-grade Heavenly Constitution! Anyone with the Hundred Poisons Body would be immune to all poisons at the mortal rank." Su Yang finally recalled why he found the name so familiar.

Heavenly Constitutions are special bodies that grant the person with it unique and sometimes heaven-defying talents, such as the Hundred Poison Body that allows the person to be immune to all poison and even cultivate with it.

Those with Heavenly Constitutions are all considered heaven-sent prodigies and are usually cultivated at a young age with all sorts of valuable resources and miracle medicines.

Heavenly Constitutions, like techniques and weapons, have their own levels of rarity and quality. The Hundred Poisons Body, for example, was at the Royal-grade, the lowest grade in the Heavenly Constitution rankings, whilst the superior Thousand Poisons Body, would be an Imperial-grade Heavenly Constitution.

"A Royal-grade Heavenly Constitution, huh…" Su Yang gaze narrowed at the carriage.

Suddenly, Senior Zhong came out of the carriage and approached Su Yang again.

"Young man, my young lady would like to invite you into the carriage for a little talk. She wants to personally thank you for dealing with the assassin." Senior Zhong said to him in a different tone than previously.

Su Yang looked at Senor Zhong's serious face and took another quick glance at the carriage.

"Very well." He accepted their offer.

When the guards noticed Su Yang follow Senior Zhong into the carriage, their jaws dropped from shock. How could Senior Zhong let some stranger into the carriage when their young lady was also inside?!

However, as much as they wanted to complain and block Su Yang, none of them dared to open their mouth when they recalled the prowess he showed, not to mention Senior Zhong being beside him.

Once Su Yang entered the carriage, he was greeted by a elegant figure clad in red robes sitting on one side of the carriage. Although he couldn't see her face, his vast experience told him that she was definitely a great beauty.

On the other hand, when the young lady saw Su Yang's handsome face for the first time, she was greatly surprised by his appearance, even fascinated.

When Senior Zhong talked about him, he didn't mention anything about Su Yang being this handsome of a young man, which dumbfounded the young lady for a second when she saw him, as she wasn't expecting someone this handsome.

Su Yang sat on the other side of the carriage beside Senior Zhong with a nonchalant expression on his face, seemingly unfazed by the situation.

"You must be the great swordmaster, Xiao Yang. My surname is Xie, Xie Xingfang. I have heard about you from Senior Zhong, and I'd like to personally thank you for dealing with that assassin from the Moonlight Blades," said the young lady with her fair hand extended for a handshake.

Su Yang chuckled inside when she called him a swordmaster. "You don't have to thank me. I did what I did only to protect myself," he said as he shook her hands that were soft and smooth.

"?!" Senior Zhong was secretly shocked when he saw Xie Xingfang extend her hands out for a handshake, as it was something unthinkable for someone of her status. He wanted to say something, but alas, Su Yang's quick movements allowed him to touch her hands before he could even open his mouth.

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