Dual Cultivation

Chapter 43 Shadowy Figure

Chapter 43 Shadowy Figure

After walking for a few more hours without any hurdles, the golden carriage suddenly came to a stop. The guard narrowed their gazes at the shadowy figure in the front, and the old man slowly stood up.

Seeing this sudden development, Su Yang also halted his steps. The shadowy figure was clad in full black robes with only his two black eyeballs exposed, looking like an assassin. However, a real assassin wouldn't reveal himself this openly and obviously.

"Is this some kind of joke?" The old man opened his mouth to ask the shadowy figure. "The Moonlight Blades had sent you, a single Earth Spirit Realm expert here, despite being aware of my presence?"

The shadowy figure chuckled and said in a hoarse-sounding voice: "I am only here to pass on a message to the young lady inside that carriage on the behalf of my king."

"If you do not obediently hand over the Hundred Poisons Body by the time the next full moon is present, then we will have no choice but to take it by force," said the shadowy figure.

When the soldiers on the horses heard the message, their eyes radiated with anger.

"How imprudent! Have you forgotten who we are?! Even if the Moonlight Blades were to attack us with full force, you wouldn't even get past the front gate!" One of the guards shouted loudly.

"How dare you threaten the young lady! It will only be a matter of time before we find your hideout and wipe you out!" said another guard.

"Hahaha!" The shadowy figure burst out laughing. "Of course, if we were to fight you head-on, our Moonlight Blades would stand no chance. However, who do you think we are? You should know better than anyone else that we will never fight fists with fists!"

Su Yang silently listened to the conversation being held by the two parties, both of them with a seemingly profound background. Although he has never heard of the Moonlight Blades before, they seemed to be some sort of faction that lives in the shadow.

"The Hundred Poisons Body, huh…" Su Yang pondered the name.

"Is that all you have to say?" said the old man, who has been silent this whole time. "If that's all, then you may die now…"

The old man suddenly retrieved a paper fan from inside his robe and gently waved it at the direction of the shadowy figure.

A powerful ripple appeared from the paper fan the moment the old man waved it, causing it to fly towards the shadowy figure. However, before the ripple could touch him, the shadowy figure disappeared from where he stood like a ghost, and where he just stood exploded an instant later.

The old man suddenly turned to look at Su Yang and shouted: "Watch out!"

"Knowing that I would die today, I had planned to take a few of your guards with me before I die. However, this kid's face is very annoying to look at, so be gracious that I will take his life instead!"

The shadowy figure suddenly appeared behind Su Yang with a black dagger in his grasp raised and ready to strike.

However, unfortunately for the shadowy figure, Su Yang's grasp was already on the sword handle by his side before the shadowy figure even disappeared.

A profound and fierce light flashed within Su Yang's eyes, and an overwhelming amount of sword intent exploded from within his body, causing the shadowy figure to freeze for an instant from the sudden pressure.

The instant the shadowy figure was frozen from shock, Su Yang swiftly turned around and unsheathed his sword, sending a powerful wave of sword intent towards the shadowy figure.

The shadowy figure couldn't even scream in pain before the sword intent effortlessly sliced his body in half like a sword cutting a piece of paper.

After cutting the shadowy figure in half, Su Yang coldly snorted at the corpse on the floor: "Did you think that I wouldn't notice your obnoxious gaze staring at me? This is not the first time something like this has happened before."


The guards and the old man watched Su Yang return his sword into its scabbard with shocked expressions. What just happened? At one moment the shadowy figure disappeared from their views and an instant later he became a corpse with his body cleanly sliced in half, laying beside that young man who has been suspiciously following them?

"Sword intent!" When the guards finally returned from their astonishment, they realized that it was sword intent that the young man had used to kill the shadowy figure.

"What terrifying sword intent!" Even the Heavenly Spirit Realm old man was shocked by the destructive power and pressure shown by the sword intent! It was something even a Heavenly Spirit Realm expert like him would not be able to replicate!

The old man jumped off the carriage and approached Su Yang. "Young man, what is your name?" he asked.

"Xiao Yang."

"If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?"

Su Yang did not instantly answer and instead silently looked at the old man, seemingly in deep thoughts.

When the old man saw his calm expression, he smiled and said: "I was immensely impressed by your sword intent, but your appearance makes it difficult for me to see you as a mere junior."

"What does my age matter? The only thing that matters in a fight is one's strength and wisdom. Anything else is irrelevant."

Su Yang's words left the old man speechless.

"Senior Zhong… is everything fine out there?" A sweet feminine voice resounded from inside the golden carriage, causing the old man to turn around.

"Young lady, the threat is no longer here," said the old man named Senior Zhong.

"Then let's continue our journey. We don't have much time to spare here…"

Senior Zhong looked at Su Yang with a bitter smile. "Although I wish to talk more to you about your sword intent, we are in a hurry. I am Senior Zhong from the Divine Sword Temple. If you ever happen to have the chance to visit, you can show anyone there this and they will bring you to me."

Senior Zhong handed Su Yang a yellow jade slip.

"If I get the chance…" Su Yang casually accepted the jade slip.

When Su Yang showed no reactions after he mentioned the Divine Sword Temple, Senior Zhong was slightly surprised. Was it ignorance, or was the name 'Divine Sword Temple' not enough to even lift his brows?

Senior Zhong became more interested in Su Yang's background, but alas, he did not have the time to stay around to learn more about him.

After their short interaction, Senior Zhong went into the carriage before they began moving again.

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