Dual Cultivation

Chapter 430 The Ten Families and Four Supreme Clan

Chapter 430 The Ten Families and Four Supreme Clan

"A few hundred years ago? That's quite long ago." Su Yang raised an eyebrow.

Qiuyue nodded and said, "At that time, I was still passionate about increasing my cultivation, so I traveled the world in search of resources and strong beasts. That's when I came across this place, where I encountered a mysterious beast at the Divine Spirit Realm, one of the strongest beings I have encountered so far."

"A Divine Spirit Realm beast?!" Su Yang's eyes widened. Forget about a few hundred years ago, where cultivation is not as advanced as today. He could easily imagine what would happen to this world if that kind of monster roamed this place now.

"The mysterious beast wreaked havoc in this place since nobody had the ability to stop it at that time, and it would remain that way even today if I did not slay it." Qiuyue continued. "Even though I was two entire realms above the mysterious beast, it was not an easy fight. If I didn't kill the beast at that time, I cannot imagine what would've happened to the people here. Perhaps there wouldn't even be anybody alive today."

"A mysterious beast, huh?" Su Yang pondered.

Sometime later, when there were no longer any more meat to serve, the feast ended, and Qin Liangyu approached Su Yang's group.

"How was the food, esteemed guests?" she asked them.

"It was amazing." Su Yang smiled at her and continued, "I can almost breakthrough after eating so much spiritual meat."

"That's great to hear! By the way, it's getting late. If you don't have anywhere to stay tonight, I will immediately arrange for it." Qin Liangyu said.

"Thank you for the hospitality, but I will be resting on my flying boat. There's also enough room for all three of us." Qiuyue said.

"I see…" Qin Liangyu nodded. "Then, if you need anything, just let one of us know and I'll immediately arrange for it."

"I want to visit a few tribes tomorrow and see if they have any information on the Mirror of Darkness." Su Yang suddenly said. "Will you be ready by then?"

"There's no problem, Senior Su! Even if you wish to leave now, I will be ready to be our envoy!"

"Great. Then I will see you tomorrow morning."

After the feast, Su Yang and his group returned to the enormous flying boat that was stationed above the Boar's Tribe, giving the natives a profound feeling of security, almost like they were being protected by Immortals.

In fact, before the natives went to sleep, they all kowtowed to the flying ship and prayed for their protection.



"I didn't get the chance to say this at the tournament, but… that is the first time I have ever defeated you in a match." Su Yang said as he laid on the top of the flying ship, staring at the bright moon with a relaxed expression.

"Hmph." Tang Lingxi snorted beside him and said, "You only won because my body is not as strong as yours, limiting my choices in techniques. If I had a few more months to cultivate, I would've tempered my body and be able to use some of my clan's technique."

"The Asura God Clan's princess is making excuses? You don't get to see that often." Su Yang chuckled.

"..." Tang Lingxi turned silent.

A few moments later, she turned to look at him and asked, "What do you plan on doing after you return to the Four Divine Heavens?"


After a moment of silence, Su Yang spoke, "To be completely honest, I don't have a clue what I am going to do once I return."

"Of course, I am going to have a deep discussion with the Moon God regarding Yuehai's death and Qiuyue's future, but I really don't know what I want to do afterward. Furthermore, I am a criminal that's supposed to be locked up inside the Eternal Retribution Cliff. The Heavenly Emperor won't like it if he learns that I am actually alive and well."

"A lot of people suffered after your death, Su Yang. Even now, there are still many people in sorrow. I know because I was one of them." Tang Lingxi said. "What are you going to do about them?"


"I don't know. There were times where I wondered if it would be better for the world if I was dead." Su Yang sighed. "You should know that I have a lot of enemies within the Four Divine Heavens, and many people I love have died because of me."

"I know… but you have also saved many people. I was one of these people, after all. If you didn't save me, who knows what would've happened to the Asura God Clan on that day." Tang Lingxi said and continued, "There's also your Su Family. They were in quite some trouble after your death became public."

Su Yang's eyes opened widely after hearing about his family and he spoke in an anxious voice, "What?! Did something happen to them?"

"Calm down," said Tang Lingxi. "Although they were in trouble at first with multiple families trying to destroy the Su Family entirely, an unknown master appeared to protect them."

"What! Who dared to attack my family after my death so shamelessly?! Once I return, I will personally repay this debt!" Su Yang's eyes flickered with anger.

"A few of the Ten Families and one of the Four Supreme Clans were in cahoots with each other. With such an overwhelming force, they could've easily destroyed the Su Family. I will tell you more about them later."

"The Ten Families and Four Supreme Clans?" Su Yang began sweating after hearing their names, as they are the strongest power in all four Divine Heavens. If even one of these powerhouses wanted to destroy a family or sect, they could do so with the snap of their fingers.

"Then who drove them away? Even the entire Asura God Clan would have trouble with them, much less a single individual." Su Yang then asked.

"That's the thing… nobody could identify this individual, since he concealed his identity. The only thing we know about him is that he wielded an enormous sword the size of a star. It only took a single swing with that sword to scare away the people trying to harm the Su Family."

"Afterward, this expert warned those who thought of harming the Su Family that he would destroy their entire family if they tried to harm them again before disappearing. Of course, one of the Ten Families ignored his warning and attacked the Su Family again — only to be destroyed by this mysterious master in a single night. The incident had caused such a commotion that even the Heavenly Emperor himself was forced to act."

'An enormous sword the size of a star…? Could it be…?' Su Yang had an idea about the identity of this mysterious master who saved his family.

"And ever since the incident, nobody dared to approach the Su Family, much less attack them. Do you know the identity of this mysterious master, Su Yang?" Tang Lingxi.

He nodded, "I have an idea, but I have promised this person that I would not reveal his identity to anyone."

"Eh?" Tang Lingxi showed a disappointed expression. "You can't even tell me, your fiance?"

"Don't worry, you are bound to meet this person sooner or later," he said with a smile.

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