Dual Cultivation

Chapter 429 The Great Calamity

Chapter 429 The Great Calamity

"How many tribes are around this area?" Su Yang asked her.

"There are 18 major tribes in this area and over 100 smaller tribes within 1,000 miles," said Qin Liangyu.

"And what position is the Boar Tribe standing in?"

"Although we've taken a hit to our numbers recently, we are no pushovers. The Boar Tribe is currently the 3rd strongest tribe among the 18 major tribes with only the Spider Tribe standing above us and the current overlords, the Dragon Tribe," said Qin Liangyu. "By the way, the Tiger Tribe is ranked fourth — directly below us."

Su Yang nodded and said, "Perhaps we should visit these other tribes… to see if they have any more information on the Mirror of Darkness."

"I-If you plan to visit the other tribes, I can personally guide you there as an envoy. The Boar Tribe has a good relationship with half of the major tribes and many of the smaller ones," said Qin Liangyu.

Su Yang nodded, "That'd be very helpful if you can."

"Just let me know when and where and I will immediately come with you. For now, just relax until the food is ready. The hunters are already cooking it, and it will be ready in a few hours."

"I can't wait." Su Yang smiled, causing Qin Liangyu to blush.

Meanwhile, a few hundred miles away, in the Dragon Tribe's territory, the Tiger Tribe's Chief, Chief Li, and the Dragon Tribe's Chief, Chief Long, are engaged in a serious conversation with each other.

"Are you serious?" Chief Long looked at Chief Li with a serious expression. "How certain are you about this?"

"I am certain what I — we saw when we tried to raid the Boar Tribe. Her silver hair and moon-like eyes — the Goddess from the Legend was there, and she's the reason why we returned!" Chief Li spoke loudly.

"The Goddess from the Legend…" Chief Long closed his eyes and pondered for a good moment before continuing, "According to the Legend, the Goddess first appeared a little over 1,000 years ago, and she protected the Boar Tribe from total destruction during the Great Calamity, before disappearing into thin air and never to be seen again. Although her appearance was short, the influence and impact she left behind was massive."

"Of course. What she did on that day had shaken every tribe in this area." Chief Li said.

"If this person is really the same as the Goddess from the Legend, we are no match for her even if both of our tribes attack together. In fact, she can probably defeat all of the tribes here by herself…" Chief Long rubbed his temples.

"Then what should we do? If she's really the Goddess, we won't be able to continue with our plans to conquer every tribe, and our years of efforts will be worthless!" Chief Li sighed.

"Calm down. Although she may have a similar appearance, we don't know if she's really the Goddess that appeared 1,000 years ago. Perhaps she only looks similar." Chief Long said, and continued, "Anyway, we need to confirm her identity before we continue with our plans, or we're simply digging our own graves."

"What do you suggest?" Chief Li asked.

"The Dragon Tribe can send a few envoys to improve our relationships, but it's only an excuse for us to buy us some time to verify this silver-haired girl's identity." Chief Long said.

"That sounds great. What should the Tiger Tribe do in the meantime?"

"Because your raid had failed, the Boar Tribe will be extremely cautious of your every movement, so I advise you to remain lowkey until I figure everything out."

"What if she turns out to be the real deal — the Goddess that shook heaven and earth with a single fist?" Chief Li asked.

"Then… we will halt our plans, unless you want your entire tribe to disappear — at least until she leaves. Maybe she will disappear quietly again like previously."

Chief Li nodded.

"Very well, then I will now prepare for our visit."

Chief Long then left Chief Li alone and began gathering the envoys and a few other things.

By the time the Dragon Tribe was prepared to leave for the Boar Tribe, the sky had long turned dark.

"You're going to give the Boar Tribe 20 servants and 500 pounds of spirit meat? That's quite generous for a mere visit." Chief Li spoke as he watched the Dragon Tribe's envoy and 20 young ladies and men leave for the Boar Tribe.

"We cannot risk offending the Boar Tribe if she turns out to be the real Goddess. Furthermore, this is the Dragon Tribe's first time visiting them. We can't half-ass this." Chief Long said. 

At this moment, inside the Boar Tribe's settlement, the natives just finished cooking.

"Savior and Esteemed Guests, the food is ready." Qin Liangyu led them to the fire, where over a hundred pounds of meat were cooked.

"We have cooked three different spiritual beasts for the feast tonight. Earth Spirit Elephant, Iron Claw Leopard, and Two-headed Fierce Tiger." Qin Liangyu said. "All of them are powerful beasts at the Heavenly Spirit Realm. Their meat is extremely tender and filled with spiritual energy, and their bones can be used in baths to temper one's body. Which one would you like to feast on first? We have enough for all, so you don't need to be humble."

"I will trust your taste, so pick for me, Chief Qin." Su Yang said with a smile.

"I-I understand." Qin Liangyu nodded.

"What about the Savior and…?" she looked at Qiuyue and Tang Lingxi.

"Give me whatever he's having." Qiuyue casually said.

"Me, too." Tang Lingxi followed.

A few moments later, Su Yang sat by a large campfire with his food and began eating.

"As expected of the meat from a Heavenly Spirit Realm beast. Just one bite and I can feel my cultivation base increase slightly." Su Yang said.

"Although it cannot be compared to the food I am used to eating, it is definitely impressive for this world's standard." Tang Lingxi nodded with approval.

"This is some of the best food I've had in years…" Qiuyue said with an impressed expression. "I should have stayed a little longer the last time I was here."

"You have been to this place before?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow.

Qiuyue nodded and said, "It was only briefly, but I passed through this place a few hundred years ago…"

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