Dual Cultivation

Chapter 415 Their Secret Revealed

Chapter 415 Their Secret Revealed

"S-Senior apprentice-brother was from one of the Four Great Families all along…?"

The disciples from the Profound Blossom Sect were shocked to learn this news, as only Fang Zhelan knew about it after Liu Lanzhi told her the truth.

"Wait a moment! Su Yin, his junior sister is also from the Su Family! How could I have overlooked such a thing?!"

"You're right… I guess it never really registered in my mind that his junior sister was from the Su Family… What a blunder..."

Although it had been announced during the tournament that Su Yin was from the Su Family, nobody from the Profound Blossom Sect really thought about it, as for some unknown reason, it'd completely slipped through their minds.

Furthermore, the way Su Yin acts simply does not make her appear to be someone with an impressive background.

"Oh heavens! I have been sleeping with someone from one of the Four Great Families! Things just keep getting more unrealistic as the days pass!"

"So? What do you want from me?" Su Yang ignored the surrounding noises and asked him.


However, before Su Xun could even respond, another voice resounded, and it was in a tone filled with anger.

"Father! Where have you been lately?! And what are you doing here?!" Su Yin suddenly appeared behind Su Yang, and following behind her was Bai Lihua, who was looking at Su Yang was a slightly dazed expression.

"I have been here this entire time, silently watching the both of you." Su Xun spoke with a solemn voice.

"Well, do you have any idea how much I have been wanting to speak with you?! I have heard everything from Elder Brother! I know that you'd sealed his memories and abandoned him at the Profound Blossom Sect! I want explanations!" Su Yin shouted loudly, revealing everything to the people there.

"What…? Why would Senior Su abandon such a talented son?"

The people there were puzzled and baffled by the news.

"Ahem…" Su Xun loudly cleared his throat and spoke with a slightly red face, "I will answer all of your questions… but let's go somewhere else before I do, okay?"

Su Yin looked at Su Yang, who casually nodded.

"Since some important matter has come up, I will take my leave for now." Su Yang said to the people there, and unsurprisingly, nobody dared to stop him from leaving with the Su Family.

Once they were gone, the people there went into an uproar.

"Did you hear that?! Not only is Su Yang from one of the Four Great Families but he was even abandoned by them!"

"Does this mean he no longer has any connections with them?!"

"This is a huge opportunity for the smaller families! If he doesn't belong to the Su Family, he's basically up for grabs by anyone!"

News of Su Yang's real background began spreading throughout the city like wildfire, shocking every individual that heard it.

"What? That handsome young man was from the Su Family all along?��

"No wonder why he's so talented! Everything makes more sense now!"

"No matter the reason, to have abandoned such a talented son, I would be kicking myself right now!"

"I remember now! Although he rarely made any appearances, the Su Family indeed had a son named Su Yang, who was also considered missing! To think he wasn't actually missing but had been abandoned instead!"

As the news of Su Yang spread even outside of the city, the Su Family was having a private conversation within the Snow Crystal Hotel.

Inside a small room, both Su Yang and Su Yin stood before Su Xun, their father.

"Now that we are alone, explain yourself, father! If you don't give me a good explanation, I won't return to the family as well!" Su Yin spoke with a frown on her face.

Su Xun rubbed his temples and said, "Before I explain myself, why don't the two of you explain yourselves first?"

"What do you mean?" The frown on Su Yin's face deepened.

Su Xun turned to look at Su yang and spoke, "Since you have recovered your memories, I will assume that you remember everything."

"That's correct." Su Yang calmly nodded.

"Then why don't you explain to me your secret relationship with your sister, huh?! Do you think I am unaware of what you two had been doing behind closed doors?!" Su Xun roared, finally spewing the secret that he'd kept hidden in his heart for many years.

"T-That's!" Su Yin's face began turning red, immediately becoming speechless. She truly didn't expect him to find out about their secret.

Su Xun looked at Su Yin and continued, "Just because you close the doors does not mean it will transport the two of you into another world where only the two of you exist! Furthermore, even with the closed doors, your voice is freaking loud, Su Yin! There were a few times I heard your giggles from the hallway!"


As though someone had dumped a bucket of red paint on her head, Su Yin's head flushed with redness.

"I have believed for the longest time that you two were only playing some funny game, but when I finally decided to take a peek one day, do you have any idea the shock I received after seeing what the two of you were engaged in that day?! My stomach curls even as I am recalling what I'd witnessed! Good lord, are you not aware of your relationship as siblings?! If this had been revealed to the public, I cannot even imagine the consequences! The entire Su Family would become a laughing stock!"

"And in order to put a stop to it, I had decided to remove one of you from the house! Su Yin, you are a true genius — one that surpassed both your elder brothers, so I choose to remove you, Su Yang, who showed zero interest in cultivation and would only become a burden in the future!"

"No way… so that's why you���" Su Yin was truly speechless now.

To think the reason their father abandoned Su Yang was because he'd learned of their secret relationship.

"So?! What do you have to say for yourselves?!" Su Xun stood there with a domineering aura.

However, Su Yang remained calm and spoke in a clear voice, "It's complicated."

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